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Published on June 19, 2007

Author: Arundel0


Nordic Networks:  Nordic Networks Peter Villemoes NORDUnet A/S NORDUnet 2003 August 2003 Reykjavik NORDUnet’s Mission and Activities:  NORDUnet’s Mission and Activities Mission International service provider for the Nordic national networks for research and education Nordic platform for International research networking Network development Activities Research networking Network development Provision of General Internet connectivity NORDUnet organisation:  NORDUnet organisation Danish limited company Shareholders are the Nordic states or state institutions DK - Ministry of Science FI - Ministry of Education IS - University of Iceland NO - UNINETT SE - National Agency for Higher Education Board members are managers of the Nordic national networks for research and education Financed by the Nordic national networks with GNP based cost sharing NORDUnet network in 2003:  NORDUnet network in 2003 155M RUNNet 622M NASK 12M GÉANT 10G (Oct ’03) NETNOD 3.5G General Internet 5G General Internet 2.5G General Internet traffic:  General Internet traffic Cost History:  Cost History Cost Distribution 2003:  Cost Distribution 2003 Income Distribution 2003:  Income Distribution 2003 General Internet Service:  General Internet Service The General Internet Service is the connectivity between the Nordic research networks and the General Internet. NORDUnet provides it in two ways Peering with IP providers, mainly in Stockholm (20% of traffic) Purchase of IP Transit from IP providers (80% of traffic) Earlier, NORDUnet connected to IP providers in USA and used its own transatlantic links, but in 2001 it was changed to a local connection in Stockholm to KPNQwest’s IP network, because it was cheaper, being at the beginning of a dramatic price decrease of IP transit services it was technically safer, because of more physical redundancy in the networks but …….:  but ……. it turned out to be extremely unsafe because of the lack of viability of the provider On 31 May 2002 KPNQwest filed for bankruptcy and the fate of the 2Gbit/s service became uncertain However, NORDUnet was lucky because a 2.5G backup connection under implementation to KPNQwest in Copenhagen could be connected to Sprint International in Copenhagen within a few days and became operational on 30 May 2002 as the KPNQwest troubles were anticipated some time before the bankruptcy and on 6 June another 2.5G connection was set up to Telia in Stockholm with the local loop delivered in 7 days As a result continuity of service was assured, and NORDUnet could use the rest of the year to normalise the service situation by issuing a new call for tender and today …..:  and today ….. NORDUnet has learned the lesson and has two providers of IP transit service, each connected over two 2.5G ports (3 ports in Stockholm and 1 port in Copenhagen) The arrangement gives local and global physical redundancy, as well as fall-back options in case of commercial trouble Connection to USA research :  Connection to USA research October 1988: 56 Kbit/s satellite link to Princeton 1991-1997: NSF ICM programme From 128K to 50M 1999-2003: NSF HPIIS programme Separate commercial and research connectivity Connect to Startap August 2003: Terminate NORDUnet’s own 622M link to USA and use GÉANT for the services, because GÉANT has become well connected to USA networks Abilene provides intercontinental transit service is embedded in GÉANT subscription fee A big Thank You from NORDUnet to NSF, Abilene, ESnet, vBNS, Canarie and SINET, for this long-lasting direct connection Forskningsnet:  Forskningsnet Upgrading from 622Mbit/s to a 2.5 Gbit/s ring structure: Copenhagen-Odense-Århus-Aalborg- and back via Göteborg to Copenhagen Network research setting up a Danish national IPv6 activity dark fibre through the country GE channels experimental equipment for 10GE channels No central funding in 2003 FUNET:  FUNET Business as usual (upgraded to 2.5G already at previous conference begin 2002) Accesses upgraded form 155M to 622M and GE Upgrading backbone routers to 10G capability RHnet:  RHnet GE ring in the Reykjavik area and 10-100M links to outside NORDUnet connection over CANTAT-3 sea cable upgraded to 155M in Jan 2003 No back up of NORDUnet connection RHnet back as Iceland member of Terena No central funding UNINETT:  UNINETT Network upgraded to 2.5G between major universities, based on a 15 year IRU with cost based further upgrades FEIDE middleware project progress towards a common electronic identity towards different services. Collaborate with the Nordic GNOMIS initiative UNINETT is expanding to more services and organisations: UNINETT and NTNU collaborate in centre of excellence: 'Centre for Quantifiable Quality of Service in Communications Systems' (Q2S). 35 scientists for next 10 years. A subsidiary, UNINETT ABC, has been tasked by government to define strategy and architecture and operational solutions for networking schools in Norway UNINETT and SINTEF will set up a national centre for Information Security SUNET:  SUNET 10G resilient nationwide network since Nov 2002 all 32 universities have 2.5G access End-to-end performance between GE ports over production IP networks : 960Mbit/s over 1000 km SUNET in Sweden 970Mbit/s over 14600 km SUNET-Sprintlink between SUNET and Sprint at San Jose Production type support for netbased meetings Active participation in SweGrid, Swedish Grid Initiative Launched extensive study of actual usages of SUNET user interviews technical measurements IPv6 - 6NET:  IPv6 - 6NET Europe 6NET backbone 155 Mbit/s Upgrade to 10 Gbit/s:  Upgrade to 10 Gbit/s Why 10G now? SUNET backbone is 10G Other Nordic networks are upgrading GÉANT is 10G NORDUnet must not be a bottleneck GRIDs are coming But ….. 10G equipment is expensive Cost includes one time investment that puts high demands on NORDUnet’s cash flow So ….. Spread the upgrade over 2 years to alleviate effect on cash flow Backup at 5G only to reduce new equipment cost Current 2.5Gbit/s system:  UiO Oslo Copenhagen Espoo Helsinki KTH Östra Vasa Cent Oslo SUNET Current 2.5Gbit/s system 10 Gbit/s upgrade in October:  UiO Oslo Copenhagen Espoo Helsinki KTH Östra Vasa Cent Oslo SUNET 10 Gbit/s upgrade in October Final system :  Final system NORDUnet “lambda” actions:  NORDUnet 'lambda' actions Events StarLight and NetherLight developments with European participation by SURFnet, CERN, CSnet, UKERNA GARDEN project proposal GRID users’ demands NORDUnet (alias Nordic network research) wants to participate in developing this technology, and NORDUnet will build a Nordic 'lambda' infrastructure connect it to NetherLight in Amsterdam use it for 6NET and GARDEN, too TransLight (Tom DeFanti):  TransLight (Tom DeFanti) NetherLight 2003 (Erik Radius):  10G T-Systems 10G Global Crossing 2.5G Amsterdam1 (SARA) Amsterdam4 (DANTE) 10G (end of aug 03) Abilene router Geneva CA*net 4 10G 10G {NSF} Global Crossing StarLight, Chicago Prague Stockholm 2.5G {CESNET} Telia 2.5G {NORDUnet} Telia Dante router StarLight switch NetherLight 2003 (Erik Radius) NorthernLight:  NorthernLight Helsinki Oslo Stockholm Copenhagen NetherLight Amsterdam 2.5G links connected to 'ONS boxes' giving 2 GE channels between endpoints Dec 2003 Aug 2003 PDC-NCMIR “lambda” connection:  PDC-NCMIR 'lambda' connection Switch ONS ONS Router ONS Router Abilene NetherLight Amsterdam NorthernLight Stockholm StarLight Chicago NCMIR San Diego PDC Participants:  Participants Resources:  Resources Cisco ONS15454 box NCMIR, National Center for Microscopy and Imaging Research Electron microscope SURFnet Transatlantic 'lambda' connection TeliaSonera International European bandwidth Trends:  Trends Research networking: build for peak load use GÉANT for intercontinental connectivity Network development: increase activities act as Nordic platform General Internet connectivity: beware of provision stability traffic growth flattening out? Prepare for the GRID

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