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Published on July 1, 2009

Author: marcginsberg


The Meaning

African Americans Africans have been criticized Africans Americans are generally every sense before slavery and even some part of Africa. Nigeria is where though times have changed that blacks 1st started showing up. In does not mean all people have Africa the biggest word was and is changed. And I think the NOOSE is a still is based on respect. blacks very fine way of showing how. were the most respectful people ever, whatever they were told to do they did. And if they didn’t they where punished to beatings or deaths. Being an African American has a very horrible history behind it. The fact that Africans were stolen from their ancestors and brought into slavery by thousands of different kind of people, mostly European. Into the states they had stolen from natives. When here they were put to labor just as in Africa but way different. Europeans decided to make blacks top of the food chain and for that it caused many problems. Many deaths and many painful beatings but most of all there was nothing to live for in America.

Who it affects • When you talk about nooses you talk about the millions of lives that have been destroyed and taken away by a gang of racial people who do not like a certain race of people either because of the way they handled situations, who/or what they worshiped and many obstacles of what they could not succeed in. For thos reasons people decided that if things were not going their way or they did not like some kind of person that was what had been planted into someone’s head, to let every one know. “oh this is the way things use to be and that’s not going to stop, and will not stop for no one.” when you see noose you automatically think of “NIGGERS” that’s what everyone thinks right? The message also went out to witches, gypsies, and people who did not believe the majority of what society said. That’s why blacks feel affined by it as well as Jews.

• As everyone may know about some of the • The memorial I had in mind I thought would fit things that went on with nooses we do not know well into the state of Virginia where the land all and I think that because of that reason we conservation foundation is located. should have a memorial celebrating nooses so • I picked this place because of the millions of maybe people will know. trees and the open space. • I figured that for the memorial we could plant seeds in the impression that we are restoring every life that’s been taken away and maybe teach it in some schools to encourage students to come out and listen too and read the stories of what nooses represent and some of the killings that also happened. • They could be gathered around this one big tree it would have a stool that use to be under a hanging noose but it would be cut to symbolize no more damage that can be done the only thing to do is step on the stool and be taller then everyone else it would only symbolize power and strength. • This event would take place every year on July 3rd to symbolize the rights of freedom. (July the third is also the day the declaration of independence was signed)

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