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Published on July 23, 2014

Author: davegentle



Fujitsu World Tour 2014 Non Linear Business – a Look into the Future David Gentle

Image credits to: FLICKR C.Regina, flickinerbrad, Jody Roberts

Accelerometer Gyroscope Magnetometer Barometer Proximity sensor Light sensor Touchscreen WiFiGPS NFC Bluetooth GSM Camera Microphone Heart rateBrain activity Nutrients Temperature Sweat / skin conductivity Blood oxygen Blood glucose Sleep Hydration Smart pill monitoring Body fat Movement

Home Energy use Appliance control & use Smart metering Intrusion detection Environment Earthquake warning Water quality & flow Flood detection Air pollution Cities Structural health Traffic & Parking Waste management Noise & light Health Equipment location Smart drugs Patient monitoring Fall detection Agriculture Meteorological Water management Greenhouse climate Hydroponics Animal tracking Industrial Temperature Indoor air quality Liquid detection Telemetry Stock weight Retail & Logistics Shipment conditions Item tracking Smart stock rotation Customer interaction Customer payment Supply chain tracking

We can track:  Where people go  Where people look  What people touch  Emotional response

Quality Service Efficiency Collaboration Core ExternalInternal Supporting

Quality Service Efficiency Collaboration Core ExternalInternal Supporting Scope Shift New interfaces

Value of digital companies per employee at IPO or acquisition

$ & Privacy Value

Tailor-made c. 1960-1995 Specialised and high cost 1st Wave Industrialised c. 1995-2015 Standardised and low cost 2nd Wave Digital Ecosystem c. 2015- Specialised and low cost 3rd Wave

Everything matters  (Not just) Efficiency  Quality  Reliability  Security  Time Complex technologies  New platforms  Analytics  Digital/physical  Hybrid mix Business engagement  Growth  Value and IP New challenges…

 Technologyis thebusiness  Delivery characteristics  Scale-up  Agile  Rapid innovation  Cloud-based  Integrated data  Valuecharacteristics  Connected  Embedded  IP focused  Trusted

Shaping Tomorrow with You

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