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Published on January 9, 2009

Author: vinaydhage5


Slide 2: Group Number - 02 Group Members Name Roll Number Harish Mandal 7501 Deviprasad Moolya 7504 Neeraj Pimple 7513 Rohan Sawant 7524 Ayyappan Pillai 7552 Slide 3: NOKIA Nokia Corporation is a Finnish multinational communications corporation, headquartered in Keilaniemi, Espoo, a city neighboring Finland's capital Helsinki. Nokia produces mobile phones for every major market segment and protocol, including GSM, CDMA, and W-CDMA (UMTS). Nokia has sites for research and development, manufacturing and sales in many continents throughout the world. Slide 4: Nokia Nseries On 27 April 2005, Nokia announced a new brand of multimedia devices at the press conference of mobile phone manufacturer in Amsterdam. The first three Nseries devices introduced at the conference consists of N70, N90 and N91. Nokia Nseries is a product family consisting of multimedia smart phones. With Nokia Nseries products, consumers can use a single device to enjoy entertainment, access information and to capture and share pictures and videos, whenever and wherever they want. The first Nseries device, the N90, utilized the older Symbian 8.1 OS, as did the N70. Subsequently Nokia switched to using SymbianOS 9 for all later Nseries devices (except the N72, which was based on the N70). Slide 5: Industry Analysis As per the latest reports, number of mobile subscribers in India has crossed the 250 million mark. Mobile phone production in India was expected to grow from 31 million units in 2006 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 28.3 per cent to reach 107 million units in 2011. Handset Market Share Nokia: 59.5% Sony: 8.1% Samsung: 7% Motorola: 5.9% Slide 6: Lifecycle : Globally Nokia’s market is at maturity, where as in India it is still in the Growth stage. Slide 7: Competitive Analysis Nokia and Sony Ericsson are two leading mobile manufacturing companies operating worldwide. The high performance Nokia N-Series has got several members like Nokia N70, N71, N72, N73, N75, N76, N77, N80, N90, N91, N91 8GB, N92, N93, N93i, N95. N-Series mobile handsets incorporate fun features like high resolution cameras (2-3.2 mega pixel cameras), impressive music players, 3G connectivity, Bluetooth, EDGE, GPRS, Symbian operating system, ample memory space (internal + external through memory cards) and much more. Slide 8: On the other hand, the entire image of Sony Ericsson as a quality mobile phone maker has been revamped by the W-Series mobile phones. The Walkman music phones like W330i, W550i, W700i, W710i, W800i, W810i, W830i, W850i, W880i etc. have got standard onboard memories. Most of the models support external memory cards also. Other features like camera, connectivity, games etc. also come with the W-Series mobile phones. And the recent entry of iPhone in India has increased the competition for Nokia. Commenting on Apple’s new product offering, Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, president and CEO, Nokia Corporation, said: “iPhone is going to have an impact on Nokia’s business in India. Slide 9: Apple, Nokia and Sony Ericsson's 2007 phone models have revolutionized how people would use and look at mobile phones. Apple: The revolutionary iPhone The first ever phone model that Apple has created is the IPhone. It's not just an Ipod; it is also a phone equipped with a 2.0-mega-pixel camera. All you need is your fingers to navigate the phone. Apple iPhone is definitely a pure digital real estate. Plus factors: iPod capabilities 2.0 mega pixel camera 4/8 gigabyte memory 3.5 inch screen Touch screen The glass protector. Drop it and it will still be in tact Eye-catching technology. It has the “look” Headphone Jack iTunes Slide 10: Nokia: N95 8 gigabyte edition Nokia's so called “big daddy”, the Nokia N95 even gets bigger with the new Nokia N95 8 gigabyte Edition with a massive 8 gigabyte memory. It has a larger screen which is originally from 2.6 inches to 2.8 inches. Plus factors: 5.0 mega pixel camera Black cover 8 gb memory 2.8 inches N-gage GPS navigation Bluetooth stereo Headphone Jack - TV output Slide 11: Sony Ericsson: SE W960i Walkman Phone Sony Ericsson with their W (Walkman) Series phones has come up with something big such as the Sony Ericsson W960i. It has a massive 8-gigabyte phone memory, 3.2 mega pixel camera and Bluetooth capabilities. Plus factors: 3.2 mega pixel camera Bluetooth Stereo A2dp Handwriting Recognition Shake control - just shake it to move to the next track Television quality videos Wi-fi capabilities Touch screen with stylus Slide 12: Product Mix Product Variety : Nokia N70, Nokia N70 Music Edition, Nokia N71, Nokia N73, Nokia N73 Music Edition , Nokia N80, Nokia N81 8GB, Nokia N90, Nokia N93, Nokia N95 8GB. Slide 13: Quality : Quality is at the heart of Nokia’s brand promise, very human technology. Nokia’s key quality targets are: For Nokia to be number one in customer and consumer loyalty. For Nokia to be number one in product leadership. For Nokia to be number one in operational excellence. Slide 14: Designs : Nokia Nseries devices share similar design traits as mobile phones, but they are actually powerful pocket able computers with a comprehensive set of multimedia features. Design’s of some of the N-series Mobiles Phone’s: Nokia N75 Flip phone design Nokia N76 Sleek flip phone design Nokia N80ie Slider-phone design Nokia N93i Dual-hinge swivel design Nokia N95 Two-way slider design Nokia N800 Internet Sleeker design than Tablet Nokia 770. Slide 15: Features : The Nokia Nseries is aimed at users looking to pack as many features as possible into one device. In all recently launched devices GPS, MP3 player and WLAN functionality also have been present. Nokia N-Series encompasses many features like MP3, 3G, Wi-Fi (WLAN) and many other features and every device under N-Series has some unique feature in it, and hence customers have many choices as per their needs. Slide 16: These are some of the N-Series mobiles with their features. Nokia N95 8GB Features: Slider Phone 3G Wi-Fi (WLAN) Radio MP3 Player Video Record Loudspeaker/Speakerphone Bluetooth Camera 5 Mega pixel Video Record. Slide 17: Nokia N73 Features: Bluetooth Radio Camera 3 Mega pixel 3G Video Record Loudspeaker/Speakerphone MP3 Player Slide 18: Nokia N82 Features: Camera 5 Mega pixel Video Record Wi-Fi (WLAN) Bluetooth Radio. Slide 19: Nokia N81 8GB Features: Slider Phone 3G Wi-Fi (WLAN) MP3 Player Radio Loudspeaker/Speakerphone Bluetooth Video Record Camera 2 Mega pixel. Slide 20: Branding : Nokia built its brand at both ends of the market, with high-end multimedia handsets for upscale buyers and low-priced phones for emerging countries. Branding Decisions : Nokia follows Umbrella as well as Company brand name strategy. Example for Umbrella branding- N Series and E Series Example for Company brand name – Nokia **** Slide 21: Packaging : During 2007, 15,000 tons of packaging material has been saved by using smaller packaging. Not having to produce this amount of paper also saved 100,000 m3 of water. The “letterbox” pack introduced in 2006 in co-operation with the operator O2 was introduced for Nokia’s online sales in 2007. In 2007 Nokia adopted a new policy of using two pack sizes per product. Nokia have reduced the amount of printed material inside the box, which also permits smaller sales packages. In 2007 Nokia began to increase the level of recycled content, beginning with the Evolve 3110 pack in Europe, which has 60% recycled content. Slide 22: Sizes : Nokia N71- Internal Display Colors (256k Colors), Internal Display Size (240 x 320 Pixels). External Display Colors (65k Colors), External Display Size (96 x 68 Pixels)- Dimensions : Length - 98.6mm, Width - 51.4mm, Thickness - 25.8mm- Weight - 135g. Nokia N80 - Internal Display Colors (256k Colors), Internal Display Size (352 x 416 Pixels).- Dimensions : Length - 95mm, Width - 50mm, Thickness - 26mm- Weight - 134g Nokia N93 - Internal Display Colors (256k Colors), Internal Display Size (240 x 320 Pixels). External Display Colors (65k Colors), External Display Size (128 x 36 Pixels)- Dimensions : Length - 118mm, Width - 55.5mm, Thickness - 28.2mm- Weight - 180g Slide 23: Warranty Period : The warranty period starts at the time of Product’s original purchase by the first end-user. The Product may consist of several different parts and different parts may be covered by a different warranty period (hereinafter “Warranty Period”). The different Warranty Periods are: twelve (12) months for the mobile device and accessories (whether included in the mobile device sales package or sold separately) other than the consumable parts and accessories listed in (b) and (c) below; six (6) months for the following consumable parts and accessories: batteries, chargers, desk stands, headsets, cables and covers; and Ninety (90) days for the media on which any software is provided, e.g. CD-rom , memory card. Slide 24: Price Mix Nokia uses a pricing strategy that best suits the product. Market Penetration- Nokia 1100. Market Skimming- N-95. Hence, The Strategy which was used for N-Series was Market Skimming. Slide 25: Pricing Policy : Objective. Demand Estimation. Price Elasticity. Slide 26: Estimating cost – Experience Curve Theory : Slide 27: Analyzing competitors’ cost price and offers. Pricing Methods :-- Initially it was VALUE PRICING and now it is GOING RATE PRICING. Selecting final price. Slide 28: List Price : Model Price Nokia N95 8GB Rs.28000 Nokia N82 Rs.19400 Nokia N78 Rs.19000 Nokia N81 8GB Rs.15600 Nokia N77 Rs.15000 Nokia N76 Rs.13500 Nokia N73 Music Edition Rs.12850 Nokia N73 Rs.11250 Slide 29: Discounts are provided to online Nokia purchasers through Nokia discount coupons or coupon codes. Commission is also provided to retailers like Subhiksha stores on the sale of every Nokia cell phones and accessories. Slide 30: Promotion Mix AIDA in Nokia – N Series : A – Attention : attract the attention of the customer. I – Interest : raise customer interest by demonstrating features, advantages, and benefits. D – Desire : convince customers that they want and desire the product or service and that it will satisfy their needs. A – Action : lead customers towards taking action and/or purchasing. Slide 31: Advertising : One of the strongest aspects of Nokia is its advertising strategy. Nokia’s ad campaigns are have a short shelf life. Sales Promotion : Nokia does not stress much on Sales Promotion. Slide 32: Public Relations ( PR ) : Nokia has strong PR. They keep on doing some or the other new events, programmes and publicity, so as to keep up with the brilliant image of the company and also to enhance the brand equity. Direct Marketing : Nokia does not perform Direct Sales activities on its official website Nokia does use DEMO style of Direct Marketing. Nokia does not use Direct Mail or Telemarketing styles of Direct Marketing. Slide 33: Place Mix Nokia has opened its retail outlet ‘Nokia Priority’ as well has many authorized dealers at various places. Consumer Manufacturer Dealer Slide 34: Dealer Principle Relations – Whether you are considering sales through independent sales channels, Operators, or device embedding with Nokia, Nokia can help you to find the right ways to sell your application. Transport : Rural – Small Vehicles are used. Urban – Large Vehicles are used. Inventory – The Product which has maximum demand is kept. Slide 35: Production Unit : Networks Technology ChinaFinlandIndia Mobile Devices and Enhancements   BrazilChinaFinlandGreat BritainHungaryIndiaMexicoRomaniaSouth Korea

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