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Published on December 17, 2013

Author: andrewbackhouse5



The powerpoint presentation used on 11th December 2013 in a pitch for a music magazine by Andrew Backhouse.

THE BRIEF “You have been commissioned by the Northern Echo to produce a new magazine or newspaper product. Your product could be in any style or genre but it must be self-financed through sales or advertising. You must also produce your magazine for a specified audience segment within the 16 to 25 age group.”

MEETING THE BRIEF To meet the brief, the magazine will achieve the following - Cater for an ABC1 audience - 16-24yrs audience - Be self-financing through advertising - Maintain TNE‟s reputation and avoid brand damage - It can do this by: - not interfering with the law - maintaining high quality content by employing talented journalists - maintaining high ethical standards that represent, promote and benefit the local community

WHY MUSIC? - Music is a popular interest for 16-24yrs - Gap in the market - Audience dependence on outlets to find new music - I‟m passionate and have good subject-specific knowledge in music. This will come across in my articles. - I read a range of music magazines so know what makes them good and what‟s missing - Same needs and interests as my target audience

AUDIENCE PROFILE - Hybrid of Indie Scenester and Creatives tribes - 16-24yrs - ABC1 socioeconomic group - A levels/Uni student Not audience of The Northern Echo = redesign

INFLUENCES - NME Magazine - This is Fake DIY - Zero Core - Clash Magazine - Uber

GENRE RESEARCH NME Magazine - Conjunction and blends created - Sardonic tone – spoken language features This is Fake DIY - Hyperbole and enthusiasm for music - “Chatty”/colloquial interviews - Frequent Breakout boxes with fun features Zero Core - Non-corperate - First person account – experience of the writer/reader Clash - Journal/DIY layout - A lot of small images - Cut-and-paste style boxes for lines in kicker Uber - „Typewriter‟ font

TECHNICAL RESEARCH Hierarchical structure Imperative sub sell line Adaptation of the Intriguing hierarchial character – main character structure – positioned at the front Graphic splashes Interpellation – invitational look Main sell line: rhyme and/or pun Big breakout box?

COMPETITION - NME Magazine - Q Magazine - Music blogs/websites BBC Radio 1: - Huw Stephens - Zane Lowe - Rob da Bank

What makes my magazine different?

AUDIENCE RESEARCH Indie Scenester - hunger to discover new bands - See them at gigs + festivals - Lose interest when mainstream Creatives - DIY ethic - more than just follow latest trends – invent them - Need for being part of musical community

AUDIENCE RESEARCH 50:50 gender split because… - My client‟s magazine is gender split - Already niche-specific – can‟t be more narrow - Avoid discrimination – NE‟s first supplement for young audience

FREE TO VIEW - Indie scenester/creatives audience - Will be shared by „word-of-mouth‟ quicker and easier = increase ad sales - A gift to benefit the local community - DIY ethic – high quality of retail risks looking manufactured – „off-putting‟ to audience - Don‟t want to follow crowd - Couldn‟t be supplement – they don‟t want to follow their parents!

However – they likely live with their parents!

SECONDARY AUDIENCE Therefore… No taboo language No nudity No inappropriate content (consider religion, gender, age and disability) - Standard spelling - Free to view – reduces likelihood of brand damage to the main paper

CLIENT CONSTRAINTS - Defamation - Libel - Contempt of Court - Trespass - Photography - Copyright - Discrimination

MAGAZINE ETHOS AND AIMS - Share‟s The Northern Echo‟s accountability in the local area - Must benefit local community: - Inspire creativity - Provide job opportunities for young people in this industry

ISSUES - Small and niche tribe - Only North East - Therefore: must engage all of this audience

CONTENTS Wide range of article types: Street Style Bigmouth Strikes Again Label of Love: 10 Steps to Your Own DIY Label Future 10

ARTICLE 1: BIGMOUTH STRIKES AGAIN - Opinion piece Balanced argument Help inform – create own opinions Topics that affect the music industry and my audience

ARTICLE 2: HOW TO START YOUR OWN DIY LABEL - how-to article - Generate young businesses and opportunities in North East - Stories from existing labels of bands they admire - Focus on inspiring audience

ARTICLE 3: FUTURE 10 - Round-up - Indie scenesters want „the next big thing‟ - Inspire creative-side - Promote leading lights of NE scene to wider audience

FONTS AND COLOURS - Blue - White - Red

POTENTIAL ADVERTISERS Classifieds (equipment hire) Music tech courses Music tuition Local venues Local blogs Local bands Local radio


DISTRIBUTION - Potential stockists: - Carmel College - Queen Elizabeth Sixth Form College - Stockton Georgian Theatre - Inside Out - Seen - The Forum

EDITORIAL PERSONNEL NEEDS - Journalists - Photographers - Sub-editors - Researchers - Lighting assistants - Make-up Assistants £1925




PROFIT LOSS Total= 13296.7

RESOLUTION - Creatives audience encouraged to contribute – will boost their portfolio – lower sub-editor/journalist costs over time - Work published + free to view = more likely to be shared by ‘word-of-mouth’ - As magazine increases in popularity: increase advertising space costs - Events to launch each issue


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