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Published on July 13, 2016

Author: harsh429101


Slide1: You May Be A Accountant Author Baker Carpenter Teacher Dentist Designer Doctor Electrician Engineer Gardener Journalist Actor Florist Businessman Judge Lawyer Painter Photographer Employee Politician Real estate agent Architect Receptionist Tailor Slide2: How did you get that position ? Slide3: I know You Worked Really hard To Achieve that P osition Right? Slide4: So It’s Time to Share your life story with the whole world! Slide5: INTRODUCING Slide6: Get Inspire, Let Inspire Slide7: For the very first time Slide8: A highly Innovative platform that w ill turn your life story from Zero to Hero. Slide9: O ur Mission is to bring your story from Offline to Online. Slide10: How will help you ? Slide11: Your Story will be worldwide Publish. 1 Slide12: You will get #fame 2 Slide13: 3 Slide14: 4 Slide15: Your Story will be an I nspiration O r M otivation for Someone 5 Slide16: 6 Get Your Story On Google Your name Slide17: MARKET BUSINESS Here, You can M arket your business. 7 Slide18: MARKET BUSINESS Here, You can Show the S pecialty of your business 8 Slide19: You can learn from Other people’s Story 9 Slide20: 10 Slide21: Your Story will be Immortal So that Your Future Generations Can Learn from you! 11 Slide22: So, What are you waiting for? Slide23: Register Today! Slide24: Share Your Story With Slide25: Thank You For your time! Slide26: nodikkatpage nodikkat nodikkat / nodikkat /

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