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Published on October 9, 2007

Author: funnyside


NTCA Seminar on Japan Winter 06:  NTCA Seminar on Japan Winter 06 Mari Noda The Ohio State University January 24, 2006 Sources:  Sources Wikipedia (free encyclopedia)メインページ What’s What in Japan’s Diet, Government, and Public Agencies (1989, The Japan Times, ISBN4-7890-0444-9) Significant Days of the Year:  Significant Days of the Year National Holidays Cultural days Historical days (related to WW II) Commercial days (Giving & receiving culture) Valentines Day White Day Mid-year/Year-end gift giving (Otyûgen / Oseibo) National Holidays:  National Holidays Established in 1948 to celebrate, express gratitude, or to commemorate together to nurture beautiful traditions, better society, and prosperous lives. 14 National Holidays :  14 National Holidays New Year’s Day (January 1) Coming of the Age Day (2nd Monday in Jan.) National Foundation Day (February 11) Spring Equinox (~March 21) Greenery Day (April 29) Constitution Day (May 3) Children’s Day (May 4) Ocean Day (3rd Monday in July) Respect for the Aged Day (3rd Monday in Sept.) Autumn Equinox Day (~Sept. 23) Health and Sports Day (2nd Monday in Oct.) Culture Day (November 3) Labor Thanksgiving Day (November 23) Emperor’s Birthday (December 23) New Year’s Day (o)shôgatsu:  New Year’s Day (o)shôgatsu Beginning of the year Religious, imperial holiday --> a family-community-based celebration --> commercialized holiday? Gantan (1/1) --- XX-zome (1/2) ---Sanganiti (3 days, 1-3rd) --- Nanakusa (1/7) --- Kagami-biraki (~1/11) --- Matsu-no-uti (~1/15) --- New Year’s Day activities:  New Year’s Day activities New Year’s Tradition:  New Year’s Tradition Coming of the Age Day Seijin no Hi:  Coming of the Age Day Seijin no Hi Established in 1948 (Jan 15h), amended in 2000 (Happy Monday Act) Celebrate the attainment of full rights and responsibilities as a member of society Age=20 Consumption of alcoholic beverages and tobacco Rights to vote Concept of maturity? National Foundation Day Kenkoku Kinen no Hi:  National Foundation Day Kenkoku Kinen no Hi Established in 1966 Not the day of national foundation, but the day to celebrate the national foundation. Cf. Kigensetsu (celebrated 1873-1948) Spring Equinox Shunbun no Hi:  Spring Equinox Shunbun no Hi Celebrate nature and cherish all living beings. Golden Week:  Golden Week Multiple holidays (4/29-5/3-5/5) + pleasant weather = travel boom The 2005 change in the holiday law: (Substitute holiday+In-between day) --> 4/29-5/3-5/4-5/5 Greenery Day Midori no Hi:  Greenery Day Midori no Hi Established in 1948 as the (Showa) emperor’s birthday. Renamed after his death in 1989. To consider environmental issues, nature preservation, and community greening. The Kyoto Protocol Recycling Energy conservation 2005 law to make 4/29 the Showa Day and May 4th the Greenery Day, effective, 2007. Kyoto Protocol:  Kyoto Protocol Constitution Day Kenpo Kinenbi:  Constitution Day Kenpo Kinenbi Current Constitution, came into effect on May 3, 1947. 2005 Survey by the Asahi Shimbun: 51% opposed to Article 9. Constitution of Japan:  Constitution of Japan The constitution guarantees equality before the law and outlaws discrimination based on "political, economic or social relations" or "race, creed, sex, social status or family origin" (Article 14). The right to vote cannot be denied on the grounds of "race, creed, sex, social status, family origin, education, property or income" (Article 44). Equality between the sexes is explicitly guaranteed in relation to marriage (Article 24) and childhood education (Article 26). Slide17:  Emperor: Symbol of State Supreme Court Appoint Chief Justice The Diet Election Citizen Audit Prime Minister The Cabinet Children’s Day Kodomo no Hi:  Children’s Day Kodomo no Hi To respect children’s personalities, wish for their happiness, and to thank mothers. Ocean Day Umi no Hi:  Ocean Day Umi no Hi Established in 1996 as July 20, changed in 2003 to the 3rd Monday in July. To thank the gifts of the ocean and to hope for the prosperity of Japan, a seafaring nation. Respect for the Aged Day Keiro no Hi:  Respect for the Aged Day Keiro no Hi Established in 1966 Aging nation Baby boomers Declining birth rate Autumn Equinox Day Shûbun no Hi:  Autumn Equinox Day Shûbun no Hi To worship/honor the ancestors and remember the deceased. Health and Sports Day Taiiku no Hi:  Health and Sports Day Taiiku no Hi Established in 1966, October 10th Amended in 2000, 2nd Monday in October. Culture Day Bunka no Hi:  Culture Day Bunka no Hi To love freedom and peace and encourage cultural activities. Based on the proclamation of the Japanese Constitution (11/3/1946) Labor Thanksgiving Day Kinrokansya no HI:  Labor Thanksgiving Day Kinrokansya no HI To respect labor, celebrate productivity and express gratitude to each other Based on celebration of harvest in the Imperial Household. Emperor’s Birthday Tennô Tanjôbi:  Emperor’s Birthday Tennô Tanjôbi Birthdays of recent emperors Meiji = November 3 Taisho=August 31 Showa = April 29 Heisei = December 23 The Imperial Household:  The Imperial Household Cultural Days:  Cultural Days Setsubun (around February 3rd) Doll’s Festival Hinamatsuri (March 3rd) Star Festival Tanabata (July 7th) Obon (July/August 15th) Moon Festival Jûgo-ya (~9/15) Seven-Five-Three Shiti-Go-San (November 15th) Auspicious numbers New Year’s Eve Ômisoka (12/31) Historical Days:  Historical Days the days Atomic Bomb was dropped in Hiroshima (8/6/45), Nagasaki (8/9/45) End of WW II (8/15/45) Commercial Holidays/Events:  Commercial Holidays/Events Valentine’s Day White Day Mother’s Day Father’s Day Christmas Ochugen / Oseibo

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