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Published on October 9, 2014

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Compensation Plan

1. ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! THE NOAH DIRECT COMPENSATION PLAN When you build your Noah Direct business, you profit from the most lucrative compensation plan* in the industry. It is so simple, even a young student can understand it. It is equally as rewarding for those who have been in the industry for quite some time. It offers immediate income for someone who just joined, and a stable income for those who desire to build a long-term business. It offers you seven (7) simple ways to earn towards a long-term, sustainable income. OUR PACKAGES $200! !$200 Worth of Products! 10 Product Brochures! $200 BV equivalent! One (1) Business Center! Six Percent (6%) Pairing Bonus Level! Back Office Assistant! Personal Replicated Website $500! !$550 Worth of Products! 25 Product Brochures! $500 BV Equivalent! 10% more Products! Two (2) Business Centers! Twelve Percent (12%) Pairing Bonus Level! Back Office Assistant! Personal Replicated Website! $1,000! !$1,200 Worth of Products! 50 Product Brochures! $1,000 BV Equivalent! 20% more Products! Three (3) Business Centers! Twenty Percent (20%) Pairing Bonus Level! Back Office Assistant! Personal Replicated Website! TM *Compensation Plan: NOAH DIRECT reserves the right to change, alter, or modify the Compensation Plan at anytime as stated in the Policies and Procedures of NOAH DIRECT. All incomes vary depending on the actual sales volume produced or generated.

2. ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! You can earn Retail Profit and Bonuses simply by enrolling as a Distributor and staying active every month. Additionally, you can progress through the Noah Direct career path by building teams, achieving monthly sales volumes, and helping others do the same. In total, the plan has 7 unique and exciting ways for you to get paid. Here is a summary of the 7 Ways to Earn: 1. Retail Profit 2. Fast Start Bonus 3. Pairing Bonus 4. Unilevel Bonus 5. Generational Bonus 6. Car & Travel Bonus 7. Leadership Pool Bonus 7WAYS TO EARN 7WaystoEarn RETAIL PROFIT The first way to earn is by sharing the products. By doing so, you immediately earn a Retail Profit of up to seventy percent (70%). Your Retail Profit is the difference between the Suggested Retail Price and the Distributor Price. You can also register Preferred Customers using your replicated website. Preferred Customers are customers who choose to buy products on a recurring basis using Auto- ship. Your Personal Volume (PV) requirement can be achieved from the orders placed by your Preferred Customers. ShareNoahProductsandEarnupto70%onRetailProfit PRODUCT NAME DISTRIBUTOR’S PRICE CUSTOMER’S PRICE RETAIL PROFIT NOAH PURE $18 $28 $10 NOAH SL $24.95 $34.95 $10

3. ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! PAIRING BONUS QualifybyPersonallyEnrollingTwo(2)Distributors!Oneontheleft&Oneontheright! PAIR/S PAY LEG PERCENTAGE (%) 0 - 5 6% 6-10 12% 11 - UP 20% First things first, qualify for the Pairing Bonus by personally enrolling two (2) Distributors in your Pairing Tree, one on your left and one on your right. Do not rely on spill-overs (distributor/s being spilled over to you from your upline). Spill-overs are not considered your personally enrolled Distributors. This bonus is paid weekly. ! All Pairing Bonuses are based on entry packages only and not on re- orders. You get paid 6% or 12% or 20% of your pay leg (lesser leg volume) depending on how many pairs you have achieved and what package you enrolled in. If you enroll with a Basic Package, your first five (5) pairs pay you six percent (6%) of your pay leg (lesser leg) volume. If you enroll with an Elite Package, you automatically start with twelve percent (12%) of your pay leg. Refer to the chart on the right. Note: You can earn up to 12 pairs/day/business center. Weekly Commission Cycles end on a Monday at 12 midnight (HKT). If you have someone join with a Basic Package on the left and right, that is equivalent to 1 pair. At 20%, you can earn up to $40/pair. ! Imagine someone joining with a Premium Package ($1,000) on your left and right team; that is equal to 5 pairs, giving you $40 X 5 = $200 (Pairing Bonus)! FAST START BONUS GetgoingwhenyouPersonallySponsorPeopleintoyourTeam! Earn immediate Fast Start Bonuses by personally enrolling new Distributors into your team. This Bonus is equivalent to five percent (5%) Cash of the Business Volume (BV) and approximately fifteen percent (approx. 15%) worth of Products. This is paid weekly.

4. ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! GROUP BUSINESS VOLUME (GBV) PERCENTAGE LEVEL (%) RANK LEVEL $100 - $250 6% $251-$350 8% $351 - $500 10% $501 - $800 12% ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR $801 - $1,200 14% $1,201 - $1,800 16% SENIOR DIRECTOR $1,801 - $2,700 18% $2,701 - $4,000 20% MANAGING DIRECTOR $4,001 - $6,000 22% $6001 - UP 24% EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR UNILEVEL BONUS EarnResidualBonusesfromyourTeamasyoubuildyourOrganization! The Unilevel Bonus pays you in direct proportion to the Group Business Volume of your team. You may want to build not just deep but wide. This is the strength of the Unilevel. You may sponsor as many people as you want. The wider the better. ! As your volume grows, so are the percentage levels of earnings! Remember, this is not just about your personal effort, so train your team to help others. ! The Unilevel Bonus includes all personal sales and purchases of everyone in your team but does not include the entry packages. The Unilevel Bonus is c o m p u t e d b y fi r s t fi n d i n g o u t w h a t percentage you are in. This will depend on your Group Volume including your personal Volume. Then determine the percentage level of each leg. Simply subtract their % level from yours. That is the % level you earn from each groups’ Volume.

5. ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! When you advance to a new rank, this rank becomes your new Pin Rank. Your Pin Rank remains constant until you achieve a higher rank. The Paid-as Rank on the other hand varies depending on your actual achieved rank during the most recent Monthly Qualification Period. Paid-as Rank is determined every month during the thirty-day qualifying period. If you maintain a rank level for three (3) consecutive months, another nine (9) months is awarded to you as your Paid-as Rank. Every time you hit the monthly qualification for that rank level, it extends your Paid-as Rank for another nine (9) months. The monthly qualifying period is computed based on a Calendar Month period. During each monthly qualifying period, your Paid-as Rank is determined at the close of each period. PATH TO EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR To become an Executive Director, you must have a Group Volume (GV) of $6,000 monthly for three (3) consecutive calendar months, and with at least two (2) Paid-As Rank Managing Directors in two (2) separate legs on your team. The Pin Rank is awarded once this requirement is achieved and is permanent until he/she achieves a higher rank. Subsequently, the new Executive Director is given an extended nine (9) calendar months as a “Paid-as” ranked Executive Director. ! At anytime during the tenure of an Executive Director, if he/she hits the requirement as an ED again, his/her “Paid as” rank extends nine (9) months from the month of qualification. PathtoExecutiveDirector RANK QUALIFICATION PERIODS

6. ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! PIN RANKS - LEVEL BRONZE DIRECTOR (1-2 EDs) SILVER DIRECTOR (3-4 EDs) GOLD DIRECTOR (5-6 EDs) DIAMOND DIRECTOR (7-8 EDs) DOUBLE DIAMOND DIRECTOR (9-10 EDs) 1ST 4% 4% 4% 4% 4% 2ND 4% 4% 4% 4% 4% 3RD 4% 4% 4% 4% 4% 4TH 4% 4% 4% 4% 5TH 4% 4% 4% LEADERSHIP POOL BONUS 2% 1% MONTHLY QUALIFYING PERSONAL VOLUME 60 PV 80 PV 100 PV 200 PV 200 PV DevelopExecutiveDirectorsinyourTeamandEarnGenerationalBonuses! GENERATIONAL BONUS NOAH DIRECT allows you to earn to unlimited depth depending on your rank qualification. Generational Bonus compensates you for all the Group Volume of all your leaders in your team up to the fifth (5th) level. Each Director’s Group Volume that you and your team produces will pay you four (4%) of their entire Group Volume. You can earn up to the fifth (5th) level on all your Executive Directors in your team. ! What if you had Executive Directors on your sixth (6th) level and up? Will you still earn from them? At that point you may now qualify to receive the Leadership Pool Bonus if you become a Diamond Director. If you qualify, you don’t just earn up to unlimited from your Team but from the Sales Volume of the entire company. This does not include the Volume generated from entry packages.

7. ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! The leadership Pool is equivalent to two percent (2%) of Total Company Global Sales Volume excluding Sales Volume generated from Entry Packages. In order to participate in this Pool, you must achieve the rank of Diamond Director or above. You have to be active and qualify as a “Paid-as” Rank Diamond Director and not just a“Pin Rank”Diamond Director. ! A Diamond Director who qualifies during the 30-day qualifying period is given a share of the pool divided amongst all Diamond Directors. This is given semi-annually. ! EnjoyyourDreamCar&TraveltoExoticVacationsofYourChoice! CAR & TRAVEL BONUS LEADERSHIP POOL BONUS Earn2%of TotalCompanySalesVolumewhenyoubecomeaDiamond Director andup! NOAH DIRECT is not just about making a living. It’s also about living the life you always wanted! Take a break! Unwind! Spend time with your loved ones! Unwind and treat yourself to an exotic vacation! ! Drive your dream car! As you continue to build your NOAH DIRECT business, you earn points that you can use towards the car you always wanted. Enjoy! ! Note: Travel/Car points are based on Sales Volume from the Unilevel Tree. Points can be viewd from the dashboard of your back office. Details of this incentive bonus will be announced and will vary from country to country.

8. DEFINITION OF TERMS ! ! BUSINESS CENTER - This is the earning center given to a Distributor whe one enrolls in NOAH DIRECT. Depending on the package, the new Distributor may receive, one (1), two (2), or three (3) Business Centers. ! RETAIL PROFIT - This is the income a Distributor earns from selling Bizzoe products. It is the difference between the Distributor’s Price and the Customer’s Price or Suggested Retail Price (SRP). ! PAIRING BONUS - The Bonus a Distributor earns when he/she has qualified by personally sponsoring one on the left and one on the right of the Pairing Tree. This bonus is based on Sales Volume on ENTRY PACKAGES ONLY and not on repurchase of products and/or sales to customers. This bonus is paid weekly. ! QUALIFIED DISTRIBUTOR - Distributors who personally enroll one (1) Distributor on the left and right of the Pairing Tree. ! UNILEVEL BONUS - Unlike the Pairing Bonus, this Bonus is based on products purchased. This DOES NOT INCLUDE volume generated from entry packages. The Unilevel Bonus is paid monthly. ! BUSINESS VOLUME (BV) - This is the volume used to compute for bonuses. Each product or package has an equivalent value or volume attached to it. ! PERSONAL VOLUME (PV) - This volume is based on personal and retail sales made within a 30-day period in a given calendar month. ! ACTIVE DISTRIBUTOR - Distributors who maintain the monthly qualifying volume required of each rank. Distributors who are not active, will not receive any Bonuses but are entitled to receive their Retail Profit. ! PIN RANK - When you advance to a new rank, this rank becomes your new Pin Rank. Your Pin Rank remains constant until you achieve a higher rank. ! PAID AS RANK - This is the rank of a Distributor determined by his actual production for a given Monthly Qualification Period. This may vary from one Monthly Qualification period to another. All commissions are computed and paid based on Paid-as Rank. If a Distributor fails to maintain their Pin Rank at a given period, they are paid at the lower rank they qualify for. ! WEEKLY CUT-OFF - The weekly cut-off is every Monday, 11:59 pm (HKT) and begins every Tuesday 12:00 midnight (HKT). ! WEEKLY COMMISSION PAIRING - This period is based on a 7 day cycle that begins every Tuesday 12 midnight (HKT) and ends after every Monday, 11:59 pm (HKT). Weekly commissions are paid during each Weekly Commission Pairing. ! MONTHLY CUT-OFF - The monthly cut-off is 11:59 pm of the last day of the calendar month. ! MONTHLY QUALIFICATION PERIOD - The Calendar Month period used to determine the Paid-as Rank of each Distributor. When a Distributor joins for the first time, it begins the calendar month the new Distributor signs up plus another calendar month. The Distributor’s rank, determined at the close of each Monthly Qualification Period, will be used as the Paid-as Rank for the computation of the Unilevel Bonus and Generational Bonus. ! MONTHLY QUALIFYING PERSONAL VOLUME (MQPV) - This is the volume required to qualify for all monthly commissions namely the Retail Profit, Pairing Bonus, Unilevel Bonus, Generational Bonus, Car and Travel Bonus, and Leadership Pool Bonus. The MQPV for Pairing Bonus will depend on the package they enrolled in. You maintain the same MQPV for 1,2 or 3 business centers depending on the entry package you joined in. ! SEPARATE LEGS - A group of people arising from a personally sponsored leg apart from the other legs in your team. ! DIRECT SPONSOR OR ENROLLER - An existing Distributor who personally registers or enrolls a new Distributor. ! FLUSH-OUT - When a distributor fail to purchase his/her MQPV, the sales volume credit on the pairing tree and the travel and car points are permanently removed and will reset to zero. Definitionof Terms

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