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Published on November 5, 2007

Author: Nastasia


Slide1:  Briefing for International Ship Operators Meeting (ISOM) ________________ Briefing by Commander Elizabeth A. White, NOAA (Ret.) NOAA Marine and Aviation Operations October 6-7, 2004 Slide2:  Six Mission Areas: 1) fisheries surveys and science 2) nautical charting/hydrographic surveys 3) blue water oceanography, climate and weather services 4) coastal oceanography 5) ocean exploration 6) homeland security Slide3:  Assumptions: 1) NOAA’s Line Office reviews and documentation of ship platform requirements are valid 2) NOAA will meet its ship platform requirements using an appropriate mix of outsourcing and NOAA-owned and operated ships 3) Money will be tight and NOAA must be cost effective; conversion of surplus Navy vessels is a cost effective option for meeting NOAA’s ship platform requirements Slide4:  Useful Service Life and Average Age: Report assumes a “Useful Service Life” of 30 years for NOAA ships – consistent with the UNOLS academic research fleet plan Based on 30 year useful service life, Report recommends NOAA set an “Average Age” goal of 15 years for the NOAA fleet – with ships ranging from 0 – 30 years For a NOAA fleet of ~20 ships, this implies a long-term, replacement strategy of ~ one ship every 18 months. Slide5:  NOAA Ship Platform Utilization during the Past Decade -- Significant Changes in NOAA’s Business Practice. Slide6:  NOAA’s Ship Platform Requirements and Plan for the Next Decade Slide7:  FY 2012 Ship Platform Requirements 14,500 Operating Days – total requirement for all mission areas – 19% increase from FY 2003. Recommended Approach/Solution: 7,980 Operating Days – 55% of requirement – to be met by Outsourcing. 5,350 Operating Days – 37% of requirement – to be met by NOAA fleet of 18 ships. 1,140 Operating Days – 8% of requirement/ up to 6 ship-years remaining To Be Determined. Slide8:  Performance Schedule: Slide9:  Projected Service Life & Replacement Schedule of NOAA Ships (May 2003): Slide10:  Average Age and Number of Ships (May 2003 – corrected version): Slide11:  The NOAA Fleet - Changes in FY 2003/2004: 4 ships removed from service/replaced with newer ships converted for NOAA missions: TOWNSEND CROMWELL/OSCAR ELTON SETTE (USNS T-AGOS) FERREL/NANCY FOSTER (USNSYTT) MCARTHUR/MCARTHUR II (USCG T-AGOS) WHITING/THOMAS JEFFERSON (USNS TAGS) 4 ships added to NOAA fleet: FAIRWEATHER (conversion) – Reactivation ceremony HI’IALAKAI (USNS T-AGOS - conversion) OSCAR DYSON (FSV1 - new design/construction) CAPABLE (USNS T-AGOS – conversion) Slide12:  The NOAA Fleet - Changes in FY 2003/2004: NOAA active fleet expanded from 15 to 19 ships USNS ASSERTIVE (T-AGOS) acquired from U.S. Navy as future replacement for DAVID STARR JORDAN Slide13:  The NOAA Fleet – Expected Changes in FY 2005/2006: Ship Disposals: MCARTHUR transfer to Utrok Atoll pending FERREL transfer/disposal pending WHITING transfer to Mexico – Legislation pending Slide14:  The NOAA Fleet – Expected Changes in FY 2007/2008: HENRY B. BIGELOW (FSV2) operational in FY 2007 -- overlaps/replaces ALBATROSS IV in FY 2008 FSV3 – Additional Fishery Survey Vessel for SE operational in FY 2007. Temporarily expands NOAA fleet to 20 ships – eventually replaces DELAWARE II when FSV6 comes on line to replace OREGON II FSV4 – Additional Fishery Survey vessel shared by SW and NW operational in FY 2008. Expands NOAA fleet to 21 ships. SWATH – operational in FY 2008 – replaces RUDE; homeported in New Hampshire USNS ASSERTIVE (T-AGOS 9) converted FY 2007 to replace DAVID STARR JORDAN in FY 2008 Slide15:  Summary: Ship Acquisition/Conversion -- NOAA has acquired/converted 7 T-AGOS ships from the U.S. Navy. 3 T-AGOS ships dedicated for fisheries programs (GORDON GUNTER, OSCAR ELTON SETTE and ASSERTIVE) 2 T-AGOS ships serve multiple programs (McARTHUR II and HI’IALAKAI) 1 T-AGOS ship dedicated for TAO array (KA’IMIMOANA) 1 T-AGOS ship dedicated for Ocean Exploration (CAPABLE) Slide16:  Summary (cont.): Ship Acquisition/Conversion -- NOAA has also acquired/converted 1 YTT and 1 TAGS-51 from the U.S. Navy YTT-12 -- NANCY FOSTER replaced FERREL dedicated for coastal oceanography programs on the east coast TAGS-51 – THOMAS JEFFERSON replaced WHITING dedicated to nautical charting/hydrographic survey programs on the east coast Slide17:  Summary (con’t): New Construction 4 new, purpose built Fishery Survey Vessels already in pipeline 2 additional FSV’s currently in 10-year plan – different from first 4 (long-liner for Hawaii; shallow-draft for GOM) 1 additional FSV (MILLER FREEMAN replacement) under consideration SWATH vessel to replace RUDE for nautical charting/hydrographic surveys on east coast in pipeline Slide18:  Summary (con’t): Modernization/Reactivation FAIRWEATHER modernization is now complete and the ship will be soon be reactivated and dedicated to nautical charting/hydrographic surveys in Alaska. Homeport is Ketchikan, Alaska. Given the significant investment involved, expect the ship to stay in service another 10-15 years vice being replaced in FY 2012.

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