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Published on September 22, 2019


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1. WWW.SMUSOLVEDASSIGNMENTS.COM GET BEST QUALITY SOLVED ASSIGNMENTS VISIT WWW.SMUSOLVEDASSIGNMENTS.COM Or Mail us at solvemyassignments@gmail.com YOU MAY CALL US ON - 7506193173 WHATSAPP NUMBER- 9967480770 INTERNAL ASSIGNMENT APPLICABLE FOR DECEMBER 2019 EXAMINATION International Logistics & Supply Chain Management 1. An Indian company is into the business of ice cream and is a strong brand. The company is exploring international opportunities for which they have orders for their products in the European countries. Explain the strategic approach of the company for successful order execution and brand building activities with the customers internationally. (10 Marks) 2. The company Relax foods is into confectionary business without the use of sugar and want to set up the company business outside India by launching its products in potential countries. What is the strategic approach the company would employ for the successful launch? Develop an entry plan and analyze the right logistics and SCM strategies which can enhance the service quality with on time availability and generating good market share of the company. (10 Marks) 3. A food company named Eat Right is in the Indian market for about 8 years. The company now is in the domestic market and has gained good brand recognition by its innovative designs and multiple products. It has orders from Europe. The order types differ as per seasons ranging from Full Container Load (FCL) to Less than Container Load (LCL). a. Work out a logistics plan and routes how it must ship the products and what elements of importance it should consider while doing so like containers and packaging. (5 Marks) b. What kind of production planning and pricing patterns it needs to implement and what are the supply chain strategies that need to be followed? (5 Marks) International HR Practices 1. CHIRAG Enterprises is a leading Indian Garment manufacturing company. The company is planning the international expansion. It is about to set its first international factory at Indonesia. The company plans to send a team of 50 employees to start the project. Before the team is sent to initiate the proceedings in Indonesia, HR Manager is instructed to conduct a ‘Pre-Departure Training Program’. Assume yourself as an HR Manager of Chirag Enterprises and give the components of effective Pre- Departure Training Program that you will conduct. (10 Marks) 2. ABC Ltd is a strategy consultancy firm operating in India. The company has started its operations in Europe now and have sent a team of 30 employees to head a project in London. The company is about to initiate the performance management program at its London plant. As an HR Manager, which modern method of performance appraisal will you suggest to be started in London? (10 Marks) 3. TRENDS Ltd is a leading retail chain in India and the company is expanding its operations in South AMERICA. As an HR Manager, you are supposed to make a decision about the international compensation of employees who will be working in South America. In this context, answer the following: a. What will be the components of the international compensation that you will offer to the employees in South America. (5 Marks) b. Which international compensation approach will you follow? Going rate approach or Balance sheet approach? (5 Marks) Strategic HRM

2. WWW.SMUSOLVEDASSIGNMENTS.COM 1. BENTAX Ltd is a leading textiles firm in Mumbai. It is strategically planning to expand in North India and hence the company has planned to set up 10 plants across UP, Punjab, Delhi and Chandigarh. You are an HR Manager of BENTAX Ltd. To allow company to successfully implement the growth strategy, you are required to suggest the effective Strategic Human Resource Planning (SHRP) process. Write in detail the process of SHRP that you would recommend. (10 Marks) 2. You are an HR Manager in TELCO Teleservices. Your company is planning huge domestic expansion and for the same you have decided to start the branches of your company all across India. Now a huge challenge for you is to acquire the talent. In this background, discuss what are “Make Vs. Buy staffing decisions” and also answer which one of these will you choose to acquire the talent that is needed? (10 Marks) 3. ADISYNCH is a new start up in Bengaluru which is operating in Education sector. It is an online learning platform to school and college students in India. The startup hires tutors from all across the country. In your recent recruitment drive you selected 50 new tutors from 15 different states in India. In this background, answer the following questions: a) Which training method will you use to train these tutors? Why? (5 Marks) b) Describe the characteristics of the method that you are proposing to use. (5 Marks) HR Audit 1. Pharma Care Enterprises is a MNC which is taking over a small family owned enterprise called DermaBoss. You have been appointed to do HR audit with the objective of reducing potential legal risks to the company post the merger. What type of HR audit will you conduct and what are the steps you will follow to do the same? (10 Marks) 2. Software Inc. is a start-up with offices across India. The management team consists of the founders and their family members. The business has been quite profitable but they now want to expand. Their investors have advised them to go in for an HR Audit. Your company has been appointed as the HR audit firm. The CEO of the company has asked you to present the various methods of conducting the audit, given the spread of operations. Please list out the various methods of data gathering in the audit along with benefits and limitations as per the context of the case. In the conclusion, please suggest one key method of data collection you would recommend in this context. (10 Marks) 3. Asha Foods is a company that is into operating restaurants in Mumbai. The owner of this company, Mr. Shetty, now wants to move into International waters by setting up a restaurant in Singapore. He plans to have his existing operations head move to Singapore and hire a few local employees to make up the team. Mr. Shetty has appointed your consulting firm to help him with his business plan. Your firm has suggested doing a HR audit as part of the process. a. As the HR Auditor in charge of the audit, explain the benefits of doing this audit (5 Marks) b. What aspects of HR should the audit focus on? (5 Marks) Employee Development & Talent Management 1. Discuss the employee development and talent management of any one e-tail/e-commerce giant. (Example: Amazon, Alibaba, e bay etc.) (10 Marks) 2. As the technology is becoming more advent, the dependency on manpower has decreased considerably in many sectors. In such VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) times it becomes inevitable for organizations to keep the employees satisfied and engaged. Based on the motivation strategies what can be done by organizations to keep the employees’ morale and enthusiasm high? Discuss with suitable example of any contemporary organization. (10 Marks) 3. It is not possible for organizations to develop all the necessary skills of the employees with the help of on the job training, therefore it is equally important to amalgamate it with off the job training. a. Discuss any three off the job training methods which are being adopted by new age companies like Uber, Zomato etc. (5 Marks)

3. WWW.SMUSOLVEDASSIGNMENTS.COM b. Also compare and contrast on any three points between on the job and off the job training. (5 Marks) Strategic Cost Management 1. Swadeshi Industries has four potential projects all with an initial cost of ₹20,00,000. The capital budget for the year will only allow Swadeshi industries to accept one of the four projects. Given the discount rates and the future cash flows of each project, which project should they accept? (10 Marks) Cash Flows Project M Project N Project O Project P Year one ₹500,000 ₹600,000 ₹10,00,000 ₹300,000 Year two ₹500,000 ₹600,000 ₹800,000 ₹500,000 Year three ₹500,000 ₹600,000 ₹600,000 ₹700,000 Year four ₹500,000 ₹600,000 ₹400,000 ₹900,000 Year five ₹500,000 ₹600,000 ₹200,000 ₹11,00,000 Discount Rate 6% 9% 15% 22% 2. An auto component manufacturing company is contemplating introducing a new inspection process in their assembly line to save on rectifying cost. The current production is in batches; each batch produce 5000 components. The cost of inspection of each component is Rs 50, the cost of rectifying each defective component is Rs 250. If a defective component is sent to the customer and returned, it will cost the company Rs.500. Calculate at what percentage of defective rate it would be beneficial for the company to adopt the proposal. (10 Marks) 3. You work for a strategic consulting firm specializing in Cost Optimization; ABC Company is looking for some advice regarding Break Even Sales, Margin of Safety, and impact of selling price on the two metrics. The company has provided you the following information: Sales Units 10,000 Selling Price ₹ 15 Total Cost ₹ 75,000 Fixed Cost ₹ 20,000 Net Profit ₹ 25,000 Using the above information, you are required to: a. Calculate Break Even Sales (in ₹) and Margin of Safety (in ₹) (5 Marks) b. Calculate the new Break Even Sales and Margin of Safety if the selling price is increased by 20%. (5 Marks) Cost & Management Accounting 1. Cost control is all about identifying and controlling business related expenses with an objective of increasing profits. In order to control the costs, management compares the actual performance with the expected results. If the actual performance is not up to the mark, then the management takes corrective actions. Keeping this fact under consideration, discuss the essential techniques (any five) which are in general applied by management to control the cost element. (10 Marks) 2. Maheshwari & Sons wants to recruit management accountant for their head office. Among the ten candidates shortlisted they have to select one as the most suitable candidate. Discuss the qualities they will look in to the candidate for the position of management accountant. (10 Marks) 3. a. Annual demand for a particular item produced by Manikk Ltd is 20000 units. The cost of carrying inventory per unit per annum is 10%. Per order of inventory costs Rs 80. The supplier agrees to supply at the price of Rs8 per unit. Determine the total cost for ordering 20000 units (5 Marks) 3. b. For Amit manufacturing company, the job work is executed by A Unit. The unit had an incomplete job as on 30th March 2019. The cost sheet on the same date reflects direct material and direct labour cost of Rs7 lacs and Rs 5 lacs, which have been incurred on the job till date. Additionally, the firm incurred

4. WWW.SMUSOLVEDASSIGNMENTS.COM following costs as on 31st March 2019- Direct material cost 30000 Direct labour cost 50000 Indirect labour cost 30000 As per firm's policy, factory overhead is absorbed on the basis of 120% of direct labour cost. In the light of above mentioned information, calculate the value of Work in progress as on 31st March 2019 (5 Marks) Capital Market and Portfolio Management Assignment 1. Ramesh wanted to purchase stock of ABC Ltd. He estimated the return and probabilities of returns by analyzing the past records. Calculate risk and return of the stock to help him make investment decision. Probability Returns(%) 0.4 25 0.25 18 0.35 20 (10 Marks) 2. Alok was responsible to handle the portfolios of HNI clients. His manager asked him to prepare a report on different measures of risk to quantify the amount of risk associated with each investments so that it becomes easier to convince the clients based on their risk appetite. Help Alok to prepare the report. (10 Marks) 3. ABC wealth managers had two portfolios but they have to decide which one of the following has to be offered to the client based on the following information: Observed Return Beta Portfolio Bluechip 25% 1.75 Portfolio Midcap 15% 1.15 Risk-free rate is 7.5 %. Return on the market portfolio is 14% Standard Deviation of the market is 8% In order to help ABC wealth managers, make decisions, calculate for Portfolio Bluechip and Midcap: a. Jensen index and identify which one of the two portfolio is better. (5 Marks) b. Treynor index and identify which one of the two portfolio is better. (5 Marks) GET BEST QUALITY SOLVED ASSIGNMENTS VISIT WWW.SMUSOLVEDASSIGNMENTS.COM Or Mail us at solvemyassignments@gmail.com YOU MAY CALL US ON - 7506193173 WHATSAPP NUMBER- 9967480770

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