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Information about NLS Banking Solutions - NOBS Offline Banking System

Published on January 23, 2014

Author: karthiknagarajan5



NLS Banking Solutions - NOBS Offline Banking System makes you operate 100% uptime with no worries on any hindrances in network/server/maintainances


OVERVIEW  NOBS enable organization to have the most up to date information available at each of their branches during unfortunate instances of network downtime.  Online data synchronization from the host system to the NOBS system.  It can be used during planned server maintenance situations such as running of COB (Close of Business) or EOM (End of Month).  The Transactions and maintenances will be updated on the live system once back online. 1

FEATURES OF NOBS  Banks require a fully automated offline branch solution capable of handling – More than just processing branch transactions which involve More than just cash and cheque transaction processing.  NOBS gives the flexibility of including more functions depending on specific requirements. 2

NOBS ARCHITECTURE FLOW Built Built in MQ in MQ Jbase XML Customized Databases Customized Customized transfer protocols transfer protocols Flat File System FTP FTP 3 NOBS Online-Offline Management System 1. NLS RTSync 2. NLS Offline Up-loader Online Situation NOBS Application NOBS Branch Database Offline Situation NOBS Main Database TCP/ TCP/ IP IP RDBMS NLS Bridge

NOBS during Offline / Online Situation 4

NOBS as a Branch System on its own 5

NOBS is fully capable of handling 1. Teller Cash transactions 2. Stock maintenance and update 3. Statement viewing, printing & updates 4. Account balance validations 5. Account mandate, image and signature viewing 6. Cheque serial number validation on debit transactions 7. Internal funds transfers 8. Bank Draft preparation 9. Inhouse Cheque Capture 10. Clearing Cheque Capture 11. Flexibility of including more functions depending on 6 specific requirements.

NOBS SYSTEM HIGHLIGHTS  100% accountability  Perfect Security  Clear Audit Trail  Real Time Synchronization  Easy Administration for High Volume Banks  IAS Standards Accounting  Password Encryption  Availability of Future Modules for Plug-ins  Availability of Universal Gateway for any External Interface  SMS and GPRS channel enabled for Zero Downtime  Minimal Hardware Requirements  Multi-tier Architecture to enhance perfect redundant structure 7

OPERATIONS DONE BY NOBS  NOBS improve the efficiency through automatic synchronization of data between branch and main server during network connection on real time basis.  Maintenance of static customer information on the offline branch system.  Accurate and complete transaction postings onto the main server from the branch servers when connection is restored. 8

OPERATIONS DONE BY NOBS  System changes – packs, patches and upgrades performed on the main server need not be applied to branch servers.  NOBS integrates Technical Support Service(TSS) technology.  It automatically applies changes done on the main servers to the branch servers.  Secure transfer of data: NOBS uses DB level processes, where the data transferred is encrypted by the data base and is not visible to the users. 9

NOBS BRANCH NETWORK • The branches configured to use NOBS and connected to the main server can be either networked in a) Direct Mode a) Direct Mode b) Nodal mode. • All branches directly connected to main branch server (Number of branches limited by network strength and Main server load capabilities ) b) Nodal Mode • Main server is connected to specified distributed branches, and these branches act as servers to other branches in a tree like structure. 1 0

AUTO ADMINISTRATIVE CHANNELS • NOBS is configured with auto channels like Email and SMS for notifications in case of any event. Centralized Administration • NOBS – Dashboard gives control of the whole branch network structure from head office, by giving information on  Branch  Synchronizer  Bridge status on a real-time basis. • Also comes with an option for distributed administration if so 1 desired. 1

REPLICATION  Replication is the process of sharing information between databases or any other type of server to ensure that the content is consistent between systems.  Here Replication is used for sharing the information between NLS NOBS main database and the branch database.  Replication to take place, we need to set up all the branches acting as hubs, including the NOBS main server as master configurations and those connecting to the hubs as slave configurations 1 2

NOBS DASHBOARD  NOBS Dashboard will use in the head office to monitor branches using NOBS to carry out transactions.  While using the NOBS Dashboard the head office can find the following details from their branches. 1. Total branches 2. Branches connected 3. Branch name 4. IP address 5. NOBS Status 6. Branches using NOBS 1 3

AUDITING  Audit trails are maintained clearly and perfectly in both NOBS and Core Banking solution with details that include 1 4

NOBS SECURITY o A Comprehensive system security architecture is in place that incorporates 1 5

BASIC REQUIREMENTS 1) HARDWARE REQUIREMENTS a) NOBS Main Server  16GB RAM  2.6GHz processor  Disk space of minimum 150% of the real data, say for example if the database is 70GB then the space required is at least 100GB  Port 3306,8080 should have not been used by any other processes. 1 6

b) NOBS Branch Server  4GB RAM  2.6GHz processor  Disk space of minimum 150% of the real data, say for example if the database is 70GB then the space required is at least 100GB  Port 3306,8080 should have not been used by any other processes. 2) SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS  Jboss Server  Java  MySQL 1 7

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