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Published on March 16, 2009

Author: lindarferguson



An introduction to the practices and principles of neurolinguistic programming

NLP for Better Results Chris Keeler & Linda Ferguson ©NLP Canada Training Inc. 2007

practices for integrating sensory information, reason, and language whole-brain thinking for innovation, problem-solving and goal setting practices for eliciting information and influencing change in other people ©NLP Canada Training Inc. 2007

©NLP Canada Training Inc. 2007

NLP provides ways to perceive the outside world while maintaining the integrity of your inner state NLP provides a frame through which you can focus on noticing the information you need to achieve your goals ©NLP Canada Training Inc. 2007

3 Frames Focus on strengths Focus on learning and influence Focus on language ©NLP Canada Training Inc. 2007

©NLP Canada Training Inc. 2007

Focus on Strengths congruency: the integration of all your strengths, skills & qualities in a single activity positive thinking: you hit what you aim at so focus your thoughts on what you want experience as a resource: use patterns of success ©NLP Canada Training Inc. 2007

calibration: notice changes and assign meaning to them, particularly changes in other people personal edits: apply patterns of success to new situations or to revisit past experience in order to develop new learning anchoring: associate particular experiences to particular sensory stimuli so that they can be accessed or changed ©NLP Canada Training Inc. 2007

©NLP Canada Training Inc. 2007

Focus on Change rapport: practice the elements of non- verbal influence perceptual positions: see yourself as others are seeing you model patterns of success: use outcome formation and acute observation to replicate behaviours ©NLP Canada Training Inc. 2007

pacing and leading: use non-verbal elements to establish connection and influence triple description: see the forest and the trees (the relationship and the individual) develop unconscious competence: learn to walk, then learn to talk your walk ©NLP Canada Training Inc. 2007

©NLP Canada Training Inc. 2007

Focus on Language sensory based language for immediate impact ask better questions to uncover better information use language patterns to deepen rapport and build agreement ©NLP Canada Training Inc. 2007

integrate language with non-verbal behaviours to produce stronger agreement integrate language with sensory experience to create narratives that drive change use language to create shared purpose and shared experience ©NLP Canada Training Inc. 2007

©NLP Canada Training Inc. 2007

Practice Integration learn why top performers have better instincts and when to rely on your own instincts strengthen your integrity to develop more success understand the relationship between personal integrity and group integrity ©NLP Canada Training Inc. 2007

NLP training is an opportunity to change behaviours or develop new behaviours intensive practice in exploring what you influence and what influences you an energizing workout for your whole brain ©NLP Canada Training Inc. 2007

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