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Published on August 18, 2018

Author: nlpindia


Slide 1: Dr. David Lincoln Over 40 years experience in psychology and over 20 years with NLP Slide 2: NLP Institute We are leading NLP institute in India for NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming Training in Pune Delhi Mumbai . We are providing you the opportunities of NLP Practitioner Course to learn with best trainers in NLP field . In our Institute ,we Identify how the mind handles, stores and retrieves information in life though confidence, communication & interaction skills which helps to prepare well trained mind for achieving great success . Why us ? We are providing international trainers Focus on complete mind training as well as personality development Slide 3: NLP Certification NLP is the science of excellence sometimes it is referred to as the study which is related to excellence. Basically studying NLP will increase the quality of your communications and your understanding. NLP Certification refers to the validity of the certificates which are issued by NLP India and Goa NLP. We provide basic membership is and always will be FREE and all people with an interest in NLP are welcome to join. There are various Membership Classifications as follows: Basic Member Diploma Level Practitioner Verified Practitioner Master Practitioner Verified Master Practitioner NLP Master Trainer : NLP Master Trainer We have Internationally Certified recognized Trainers for successful participants .They will help to install new ways of thinking. And training in our NLP India is fully led by two International Master Trainers of NLP. We have trainers as follows :   Trainer Verified Trainer Master Trainer  Training level Verified Master Trainer Slide 5: NLP Practitioner We are providing high-quality learning NLP master practitioner  certification Course designed and written by Master Trainer of NLP . As nowadays it has become very serious problem for most of the people facing lots of stress , so our trainers applying and using all your NLP Practitioner tools and techniques, practically adding to your skills base and taking your NLP abilities up to the next level,

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