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Published on March 14, 2008

Author: Rebecca

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Slide1:  NJDOT Research Day 1999 A Presentation of NJIT/NCTIP Transportation Programs Dr. Lazar N. Spasovic, Director NCTIP November 5, 1999 Slide2:  New Jersey’s public technological research university Located in University Heights in downtown Newark Founded in 1881 Newark Technical School Newark College of Engineering (until 19&$) 8,200 students 38% graduate students About NJIT Slide3:  NJIT’s Newark University Heights Campus with New York City in the background Ideal Location Newark Airport Port of Newark/ Elizabeth Transportation Colleges and Schools:  Colleges and Schools Newark College of Engineering College of Science and Liberal Arts School of Management School of Architecture Albert Dorman Honors College Slide5:  Increase in Research Expenditures Computer-Intensive Campus:  Computer technology permeates all aspects of university operations. In 1998, Yahoo! Internet Life ranked NJIT as the nation’s second “most wired” university Yahoo! also ranked NJIT second among universities “notable for their leisurely use of the net.” Computer-Intensive Campus External Rankings:  Money Magazine’s Best College Buys rated NJIT: External Rankings Sixth best value among Scientific and Technical Schools in the United States (1998), marking the 6th year in a row that NJIT has ranked in the top ten. Fifth in the nation in enrolling minority students, excluding historically black colleges and universities Only university in the nation listed among the top ten in both Black Issues and Hispanic Outlook. NJIT Centers:  At NJIT, research and public service centers are an essential part of advanced study in such fields as: Transportation Architecture and Building Science Environmental Science and Engineering Manufacturing Electronics and Communications Information Technology Materials Science and Engineering NJIT Centers Slide9:  University Enrollment Composition Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission categories Slide10:  Ph.D. Enrollment by Discipline Electrical Engineering Computer Science Mechanical Engineering Materials & Science Engineering Chemical Engineering Mathematical Sciences Applied Physics Civil Engineering Environmental Science Industrial Engineering Environmental Engineering Transportation Slide11:  TRANSPORTATION @ NJIT Institute for Transportation Interdisciplinary Program in Transportation National Center for Transportation and Industrial Productivity (NCTIP) Transportation Information Decision Engineering (TIDE) Transportation Economic and Land Use System (TELUS) Slide12:  The Institute for Transportation is the core organization within NJIT for: The Institute for Transportation Transportation Education Transportation Research Transportation Technology Transfer Slide13:  Core Transportation Faculty Lazar N. Spasovic, Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania School of Management and Transportation Slide14:  Their academic homes include: Civil and Environmental Engineering Computer and Information Science Electrical and Computer Engineering Humanities and Social Science Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering Management Mathematics Mechanical Engineering Associated Faculty Slide15:  Patrick W. Beaton David Bernstein Michael Bieber Athanassios K. Bladikas Robert W. Burchell Timothy N. Chang Xiuli Chao Steven Chien Janet Daniel Sanchoy Das Edward Dauenheimer Kyriacos C. Mouskos Edip Niver Dorairaja Raghu Naomi Rotter M.A. Saadeghvaziri Hindy L. Schachter Lazar N. Spasovic John Tavantzis Methi Wecharatana Joseph Wen Charles E. Wilson Associated Faculty Harold Deutschman Robert Dresnack Eugene Golub Haim Grebel Joshua Greenfeld Raj P. Khera Garry Kleinman Walter Konon Alain Kornhauser Kenneth Lawrence Namunu Meegoda TELUS:  TELUS Six-year, $1,000,000 per year FHWA project mandated under TEA-21. Objective -- develop and deploy a computer-based information system designed to help MPOs nationwide meet their legislative mandates under TEA-21. An MIS system that tracks projects, showing the interrelationship with other projects, estimating economic and land use effects, and providing a user-friendly display of the information. TIDE:  TIDE Five year, $700,000 per year grant from the New Jersey Commission on Science and Technology (NJCST) Partners: Princeton and Rutgers University. Objective -- develop technologies that will help individuals and commercial enterprises make better transportation-related decisions. Commercialization of research products and the establishment of a viable traveler information industry in New Jersey. Slide18:  One of four National Centers designated under the landmark Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act (ISTEA) legislation in 1991 by the United States Congress, NCTIP was re-authorized by the Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century (TEA-21) in 1998. Current funding: $655,000 per year The National Center for Transportation and Industrial Productivity (NCTIP) Slide19:  . . . . to contribute to the increase in the transportation and industrial productivity of the nation’s transportation systems, facilities, and public and private organizations by conducting high quality multi-disciplinary education, rigorous research, and technology transfer activities in the areas of passenger and freight movement efficiency, and regulatory and institutional efficiency. NCTIP Mission . . . Slide20:  NCTIP Strategic Plan Supports USDOT Strategic Goals: Mobility and Economic Growth National Transportation Science and Technology Strategy Enhancing goods and freight movement at domestic and international gateways Increasing global competitiveness Optimizing intermodal passenger and freight transportation systems, and Modeling tools for transportation planning, design and operations. Graduate Programs :  Graduate Programs The Center supports: Interdisciplinary Program in Transportation: M.S. and Ph.D. Civil and Environmental Engineering: M.S. and Ph.D. Management: M.S., MBA Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering: M.S. and Ph.D. Slide22:  Interdisciplinary Programs in Transportation Degrees: Ph.D. M.S. Enrollment: 15 37 Graduated: 2 22 Interdisciplinary Program:  Interdisciplinary Program Slide24:  Transportation Courses Airport Design and Planning Behavioral Issues in Transportation Studies Design and Construction of Asphalt Pavements Discrete Choice Modeling for Travel Demand Forecasting Distribution Logistics Flexible and Rigid Pavements Geographic Information Systems Geometric Design of Transportation Facilities Intelligent Transportation Systems Introduction to Urban Transportation Planning Land Use Planning Management of Transportation Carriers Mass Transportation Systems Multi-Modal Freight Transportation Systems Analysis Port Design and Planning Public and Private Financing of Urban Areas Public Transportation Operations and Technology Selected Topics in Transportation Traffic Control Traffic Safety Traffic Studies and Capacity Transportation Design Transportation Economics Transportation Finance Urban Systems Engineering Urban Transportation Networks Slide25:  Hardware: Sun workstations, Intel Pentium Windows NT and Pentium 586 servers, Pentium Pro and Pentium workstations. Software: Optimization: AMPL, GAMS, MINOS, ZOOM Traffic Operations: CORSIM, Transit 7F, and Passer Transportation Planning: TRANSCAD, MINUTP, Tranplan, and QRS2 GIS: TIGER and the U.S. Bureau of Census files, ARC INFO & VIEW Lab Resources Slide26:  Transportation Education Courses taught by interdisciplinary faculty Recruitment aimed at attracting students to transportation field Competitive research and teaching assistantships available Other financial aid packages available visit us @ http://transportation.njit.edu/nctip Slide27:  Civil and Environmental Engineering: B.S. Management: B.S. Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering: B.S. Engineering Technology: B.S. Joint B.S. / M.S. Undergraduate Programs Pre-College Programs:  Pre-College Programs Summer Transportation Institute: Science/engineering courses Basic transportation planning tools Group projects Dr. Hal Deutschman, Professor of Civil Engineering 1999 Presidential Award for Excellence in Science, Mathematics and Engineering Mentoring Slide29:  Research Scope Freight movement efficiency Passenger movement efficiency Facility, institutional and regulatory efficiency NJDOT Projects:  NJDOT Projects Air Quality Monitoring Computer Systems Communication and Productivity: Analysis of State DOT Research Manuals Analysis of Accident Reports of Trucks in Work Zones Defense Technology Transfer Study Digital Map Requirements for Automated Vehicle Location (NJTransit) Establishing Safety Driveway Grades for New Jersey State Highways Estimation of Freight Flows: Data Analysis and Gravity Modeling NJDOT Projects (continued):  NJDOT Projects (continued) Evaluation of the Potential for Using Ramp Metering in the ATMS of the I-80 Showcase Corridor External Validity Test for Discrete Choice Transportation Forecasting Models based on the Stated Choice Approach Impact of Access Driveways on Accident Rates on Multi-Lane Highways Integrated Signals - A Cost Benefits Analysis for the New Jersey Department of Transportation Moving Telecommuting Forward NJDOT Projects (continued):  NJDOT Projects (continued) Multi-Modal Freight Transportation: Regional Data Development and Analysis, Parts I & II Project Management Enhancement/CPM Tracking System (CAPAS) Research Project Maintenance and Tracking System (ProMPTS) Seismic Retrofitting and Design of Highway Bridges in New Jersey The Uses of State DOT Research: Customer Use of Completed Project from the NJDOT’s Bureau of Research To Advance the Concept of Aesthetic Design of Noise Wall Barriers Water Level Prediction for Transportation Projects Slide33:  Container Port Operations NCTIP Research Project The project increases service quality and productivity of the straddle operation for a major port terminal which handles 50% of all containers in the Port of New York and New Jersey. It is expected that as a direct impact of the research being carried out for Maher Terminals, Inc., the competitiveness of the Port of Newark/Elizabeth with respect to other ports on the eastern U.S. seaboard and Canada will be improved. Slide34:  Transportation Economic and Land Use System (TELUS™) The TELUS™ project methodology provides detailed and easily accessible information on transportation capital projects, their interrelationships, and their economic impacts in a region. Originally developed for northeastern New Jersey, TELUS is adaptable to any region in the U.S. Basic economic and demographic information must be input. An intensive effort to make TELUS available nationwide has begun. NCTIP Research Project Slide35:  Multimodal Freight Operations Information on freight movements is critical for comprehensive transportation planning. Commodity flow data and related analytical and modeling tools are needed to assess impacts of capital program improvements. The NJDOT freight database and related truck and rail traffic assignment model is available to planners throughout the metropolitan area. The model identifies freight corridors and evaluates the impact of flows on transportation network performance. NCTIP Research Project Slide36:  Technology Transfer Activities Reports WEB site Conferences Symposia Seminars Newsletter National Publication NJIT combines the advantages of a major research university with those of being small and functioning as a close-knit community. Slide38:  The Research Project Management and Progress Tracking System (ProMPTS) is a computer software program designed to help Division of Research and Technology staff manage and track research projects from beginning to end, from problem statement to final products and closeout. It was developed by NCTIP and NJDOT’s Bureau of Research. With graphical interfaces and database developed in Microsoft Access97, ProMPTS has both project and program features. ProMPTS Slide39:  Project Management Progress Tracking User Friendly Interface Program Management Personnel Information Project & Program Reports ProMPTS Slide40:  DATA INPUT PROJECT & PROGRAM REVIEW REPORTS Customers Cost Download Administrators Yearly Budgets Project Managers In-House Total Budgets Funding Resources Work Program PI’s Description Schedule Personnel Other Staff Reports Problem Statements Information Flow Chart - ProMPTS Managers Contract Proposals Financial Staffing Start Date Budgets Quarterly RIP’s Summary Close-Out Costs Status End Date Personnel Over Budget Delayed On-Time Products Objectives Schedule Project Contract Documents Program Financial Budgets Costs Problem Statements Slide41:  Administrative Tasks Switch Board Slide42:  Project General Information Review Form Slide43:  Project General Information Entry Form Slide44:  Budget and Cost Tracking Details (Totals) Slide45:  Contract Details Review Form (By Contract ID) Slide46:  Staffing (In House) Assignment Review Form Slide47:  SPR Planning Budgets Slide48:  Problem Statement Data Entry Form (A) Slide49:  Problem Statement Data Entry Form (B) Slide50:  Contract Documents Entry Form Slide51:  Program Finance Details Review Form (Totals) Slide52:  People Contact Information Slide53:  Report Preview/Print Selection Board Slide54:  Report Example 1: Work Program Report Sample Printout Slide55:  Report Example 2: On-Time Program Report Sample Printout Slide56:  Contract Documents Entry Form Slide57:  Subjob Information Entry Form (Administration) Re-Discover NJIT:  Re-Discover NJIT

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