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Information about NJ Behavior Support Services - First Newsletter: "Behavior Chronicle"
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Published on February 17, 2014

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NJ BSS -First Newsletter," Behavior Chronicle" February, 2014

Upcoming Events Month Year Issue 00 Behavior Chronicle The Monthly Newsletter from The NJ Behavior Support Services Corporation Calendar For February 2014 Behavior Support Services Cont. - School Support Club Upcoming Behavior Workshop If you are in need of behavior support services in the State of New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, please contact us immediately. We provide behavior support services to special needs children for little to no cost to Parents or School Districts. Most of our behavior support services are provided free of charge to the child's care giver. b. increased social interaction among Members to encourage team atmosphere, and prevent isolation. c. extra-assistance from other Membership holders in addressing bullying, stress, awkwardness, and anxiety. The Members meet two times per month (optional) at their school or in a scheduled location determined by the Membership Counselor. A Membership Counselor will be assigned to your child within 48 hours after your purchase. During Membership Meetings, the School Support Club Counselor provides advice to the Members about how to address any issues that may be affecting the Child's grades, emotions in class or behavior . Please contact us to enroll now ! This workshop is designed for Parents who would like to regain positive control in guiding behavior responses in children. This workship is called: "Behavior Bus." It's time to get out of the cycle of bad habits, and get on the "positive behavior bus!" In this workshop, Parents will learn new, and effective behavior support techniques to address the following behavior concerns in children: temper-tantrums, sporadic crying, negative attitudes, social isolation, stubbornness, confronting altercations, and reestablishing rapport in an emotionally charged situation. Parents will learn how to regain a health family unit without allowing negative behavior to cause distance, resentment or separation. Contact us to find out the dates, and location of our next session. Enroll today because slots are gradually filling up. School Support Club This Membership is for school-aged children who attend elementary school (Ages: 5-17).Any child can join ! We encourage children with disabilities to join. This Membership entitles students (membership holders) to the following : a. extra-academic assistance from other Membership holders during school, and at any time when the student is out in the community. NJ Behavior Support Services Co. This Issue: 01 We welcome All Newcomers ! Come find out what we do to help your child. 02 03 TO: A Very Special Parent of A Precious Child In Your Community, Home & Child's School Nationwide, United States of America God Bless America !!!! Super Star Students This time is on us...the next newsletter may host your name for being an outstanding student ! 04 Behavior Support Services We are here to provide quality behavior support services. Open House, Friday March 14, 2014 7pm The NJ Behavior Support Service is a licensed, non-profit organization that provides behavior support services, outreach programs, and transitional opportunities to disabled individuals, and individuals with criminal convictions. We also provide behavior support services to children without a clinical diagnosis. Our purpose is to facilitate the process of positive change in individual behavior. Tel: 201-539-4320 Email: njbehaviors@aol.com Donations Come, and Donate Today because your contributions support a good cause. Welcome Newcomers! Youre Part of Our Family Now A NJ Non-Profit Corporation www.njbehaviors.com Welcome Aboard ! Location : TBD. Stay Tune For An Upcoming Date ! This open house is going to be a golden opportunity for us to explain our corporate mission, and objectives. We would like to meet you to get you connected with specific services that will assist your child-whether special needs or without special needs. We strive to be your number one choice in individual behavior change. If there is anything we can do to bring you in the loop with our resources, please feel free to let us know. Our organization has four effective components: 1.) The Life Teachers 4 Life Outreach Program 2.) Behavior Support Services for children & adults 3.) Occupational Outreach Program (OLAP) 4.) Dignity Empowerment Network (DEN) One of our main perspectives is that no child should be restricted to receive substandard school services or limited behavior supports that take too long to reach your child. At home, Parents continue to struggle in gaining common ground with behavior concerns. This is why we are here to take the load of stress off of the child's caregivers, and provide effective behavior supports. We look forward to developing a working relationship with you, and your precious child. Our door is always open for your feedback, and request for assistance. Now that we've "got it going on" in the most positive way...We would like to extend our warmest greetings to all of our new Parents, and children who have signed up to make a positive difference at school, home, and in the community. We have alot of fun, and interesting programs starting up. So , don't miss out on what's avaialble. Contact us if you would like to join or check us out on Facebook, Twitter or via website at: www.njbehaviors.com. NJ Behavior Support Services Co. A NJ Non-Profit Corporation www.njbehaviors.com Important Phone Numbers : Front Office 201-539-4320 Email: njbehaviors@aol.com Website: www.njbehaviors.com

Donations The best way to give is to give freely from the heart..especially to those who need it... Thank You For Your Support Behavior Supports We Provide Thank You For Your constant charity donations that are used to pay for the clinical experts, and practitioners providing behavior supports to your wonderful children. We kindly, and humbily solcit the support of charity organizations to assist us do more for the community. Every cent we receive allows us to do that much more for children with special needs. Open your heart by opening your wallet a little. No behavior issue is too big, complex or too small for us to exceed your expectations. Our specialized team consists of: licensed psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, therapists, behavior support consultants, therapeutic support staff, case managers, and clinical resource coordinators. To initiate services, we encourage you to purchase our behavior support services from this website. After your purchase, we will have our clinical resource coordinator contact you to initiate our behavior support services with 24-48 hours. Performance-Based Charity (PBC) Starting today, our charity, and sponsorship has been revised so that we can do more to provide effective services while putting the child's specific behavioral needs first. Performance-based charity is our what we recommend to Parents who can only donate how much they want, and when they want. There are special conditions but overall, this type of charity will be to funded directly to specific individuals based on the donations of the child's family or friends. Our behavior support programs are tailored to meet our clients needs while maintaining resiliency throughout the process. When choosing our clinical team to address behavioral concerns, we will always provide experienced professionals to facilitate a well-balanced behavior modification process. Building Your Childs Social & Attention Skills Several Advantages & Suggestions Johnny is a second grader who hates to socialize with others. He spends the majority of his school day in social isolation. He enjoys the opportunity for inclusion in his mainstream setting but he will only engage in social interaction when prompted to do so. After spending a few days with Johnny, I learned that he loves to play with his legos, and eats grapes as a preferred snack. Yesterday, I went out to Jonny's school, and prepared him for volunteering that was consistent with his behavior intervention plan. I encourage Johnny to volunteer to help his peers, and teachers which turned out quite great. Fortunately, I have Johnny receiving a few grapes while preping him to volunteer to help others. Afterwards, I increase the distribution of grapes as a reinforcer after Johnny finishes volunteering. Differential Reinforcement combined with Satiation works wonders when done correctly. Paul is a seventh grader with severe sensory needs. Every 15 minutes, he jumps up out of his seat, and yells when he wants something to hold. Nothing else will work for Paul but computer time (At least that's what his teacher told me).Today, I tried something different, I brought several sensory items to class, and gradually introduced Paul to each sensory item before he became disruptive to his english class. I observed Paul for signs of agitation, then encouraged him to put on a weighted vest that was prescribed by his physician for calming. Then, I allowed Paul to play on the computer for shorter periods after he received his sensory device, then rotated back to his assigned tasks. In order to maintain attention, sensory must be increased,& reinforcement must be incremental. Super Star Students Make a Statement Enrich Your Life With Pure Fun Stuff This Homework For Parents Is Due Immediately ! (Smile !) My Skills In order for children to maintain healthy self-esteem, studys show that the six (6) areas below are essential for their psychosocial development. This interpersonal influence is likely to increase academic success. The gift of self-esteem is based on a child's ability to avail themseleves to positive experiences that shape their image, and personality. When there is a balance of the six (6) area shown below, they are likely to improve because their subconcious thoughts of who they are, and abilities are parallel. Academics Creativity Independence Social Development Physical Fitness Here is where our successful children shine ! Let's Make Their Days Fun To Learn ! Drawing and Painting Arts and Crafts Young Threes Drawing, and Painting is not only therapeutic for someone who needs to alleviate stress. This following is an interesting way for children to communicate their aspirations through role-playing exercises with Parents. When children are engaging in this activity, they are demonstrating their creativity which boost their self-esteem. This is an essential activity that Parents should encourage their children to do daily. Arts, and Crafts may serve multiple purposes to your child. If the child has social limitations, try to arrange for parallel play. Parallel play is a pre-arranged activity of scheduled play time with another child. Typically, people who are isolated may experience more bouts of anger, aggression, stress, fear, and anxiety. Elminate this problem by making Arts, and Crafts a bigger concept of social interaction. The other alternative concept of Arts, and Crafts in the demonstration of staying on tasks for longer durations. Use Arts, and Crafts to find out what your child wants to do, and record the task duration to determine how long they can avoid task abandonement. James had a hard time maintaining attention during math class. Now he's doing great, he stays on task, and with our behavior supports he has the third highest score in his math class. Piano Lessons Piano lessons is consistent with the need for music therapy. A child with Autism may benefit from feeling the piano keys, and being in a position to control sounds. Music therapy is also a cool way of expressing the inner mind through rhythmn and sequence. Reading Club Reading is an effective way for a child with ADHD to increase focus. Most times, the benefit of Reading may be seen when reinforcements are used in conjunction with the reading tasks. Children are likely to participate in reading when the reading material is of extreme interest. In addition, reinforcements can be brokem down into smaller reinforcements to increase task durations. Pottery Pottery can be an excellent outlet for sensory in children with Autsim. Sensory needs should be met, and if possible sensory should be part of an organized behavior program. Task Preparation is very helpful for children who do not adapt to change in structured environments. This type of behavior strategy is best implemented when the child receives repetitive verbal & visual prompts. It's a fact that preparation reduces potential conflicts. Parents..Please remember that task abandonement is likely to serve one of the two (2) purposes : to get out of doing something because of fear -or- because of a want of another preferred activity. Periodically, abandoning tasks may be a combination of both factors. Always make diligent efforts to attach reinforcements to encourage to opposite of the negative behavior. You should not let children escape or avoid a task that is followed by a reinforcer or reward. Morning Preschool Super Star Students We congratulate all the students who continue to academically, and interpersonally improve. Your diligence will continue to shape you into a person who remains motivated. If you ever have any issues or problems at school, please inform your teacher or parents. Anti-Bullying Policy A bully is a person who has one mission, and that is to get you to stop learning. If you ever feel as though someone at your school, home or in the community is bullying you, please let someone know as soon as possible. Bullies are not strong, they are weak. They want you to give up on learning so that they can go somewhere else, and treat other people as bad as they want to treat you. Don't be a victim ! Tell an adult so that we can stop the bully from bothering you. Clarissa didn't like morning breakfast before we started working with her screaming in the cafeteria. We found out that loud noises bothers her. So, we got her some headphones, and she eats lunch quielty. Plus, her reading ability improved because of her increased focus. Advanced Preschool Michelle used to kick, and scream when her peers teased her about her hair or outfit. Now we've worked with Michelle to change her seating arrangerment, and now she' has basic communication skills to verbalize anger without resorting to aggression. Plus, she's improved in her english, and can now say her alphabets with minimal assistance. Pre Kindergarten Kathy used to cry when her Mother would drop her off to school. In addition, her math, and reading were below grade level. Now we've gotten a therpeutic staff to work with her on maintaining focus in class. She is now able to be dropped off at school, and looks forward to her Mother leaving in the morning so that she can head to her assigned classroom. Kathy has one of our therapeutic staff working with her on managing her time, and working independently. Kindergarten David is a fourth grader who was very unorganized when we started working with him. He used to forget his textbooks for class. He repeated the third grade, and was destined to repeat the fourth grade because his grades went down. We started working with David to impelement a few visual aids at school. Plus our additional resources enabled us to get a tutor at home for David for his challenging subjects. Now, he's organized, and is very task-oriented. He follows directions, and hid grades have earned him a promotion to the fifth grade this fall. Most Times, The Children that can do better...want to do better but they just need behavior changes, and life skills development.... These stories above allow us to see that behavior supports work. It's impossible to imagine how many children are in need of specialzied behavior supports in their natural enviornment but not getting the services that they need. Every child deserves a recipe for academic success. Let's continue to be resourceful and help those who need assistance in developing life skills. Academics are guaranteed to improve when children are provided essential life skills to enhance their appraoch to problems. Our assistance is essential . We remain effective with or without traditional resources. Go to our website now, and donate to keep hope alive for our special needs children.

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