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Published on April 15, 2008

Author: Paolina


Slide2:  Pre-reading questions: 1. How often is the modern Olympics held? 2. Which city hosted or will host the Olympic Games in the year 2000,2004,2008respectively? They are Sydney in Australia, Athens in Greece and Beijing in China. Be a Volunteer ----Experience of a Volunteer at the Sydney Olympics :  Be a Volunteer ----Experience of a Volunteer at the Sydney Olympics The Sydney Olympics offered me an opportunity to learn more about staging a major multi-sport event and this knowledge, I felt, would stand me in good stead as I developed the media services that would be needed for our Salt Lake City Winter Games in 2002. Slide4:  volunteer v. to offer one’s services or help without payment; to offer to do sth, esp. when others are unwilling.志愿做某事 Eg. He volunteered to work at the Olympic Games. As soon as war was declared, many men volunteered . n. a person who volunteers志愿者 Are there any volunteers for cleaning the kitchen? This work costs nothing; it’s all done by volunteers. Slide5:  stand sb in good stead 使某人处于有利地位 Hard working will stand you in good stead in the exam. I felt this knowledge would help me develop the media services for the 2002 Winter Olympic Games in the Salt Lake City. 我觉得这一知识对我十分有益,因为我所提供的媒体服务也将是我们承办2002年盐湖城冬奥会所需要的. Slide6:  I also decided that working as a volunteer would give me a greater understanding of a whole range of issues, which is why I joined the ranks of those working in the front line. 同时,我认为,志愿者的工作能加深我对各种事物的全面理解,这就是我参加第一线工作的原因。 Slide7:  range: n. a connected line of mountains ,hills, etc.; the distance that a gun or missile can cover; a set of different objects of the same kind. 山丘连贯而成的脉,排,行;成套或成系列的东西,种类,导弹的射程 eg. This is the mountain range with many wild animals. The shop keeps a wide range of goods. The missiles has a range of 2000km. Slide8:  rank n. a line of people, esp. solders or things.排,行列 一排出租车 a taxi rank Slide9:  But little did I suspect just how much the experience would offer me such powerful feelings and a strong sense of pride –emotions which influence the many memories that I took away with me when I left Sydney. 但是,我却很少怀疑,这种经历会如此的令我刻骨铭心,如此的令我骄傲,当我离开悉尼时,我所带走的许多记忆都深深的打上了这种情感的烙印。 Slide10:  emotion n. any of strong feelings of the human spirit.情感,情绪,感情 Eg. His face shows nothing of his true feelings. Love, hate, fear and jealousy are all emotions. Slide11:  powerful adj. having great power, very strong, full likely 强有力的,强大的 Tom is a good swimmer; he has powerful arms and legs. Onions have a powerful smell. China was the most powerful country in the Tang Dynasty. Slide12:  influence v. have an affect on sb, sth,影响 It is clear that her painting has been influenced by Picasso. Slide13:  suspect v. to believe to exist or be true 怀疑 Eg. We suspected that he was lost ,even before we were told. The judge suspected the truth of accident. Slide14:  As a woman volunteer, I am not usually keen on uniforms, but from the moment I put on my Sydney volunteer’s uniform I felt I was part of something important ,something big that could well be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I immediately bonded with others in the same uniform and as we passed each other in the street dressed in our colorful outfits, we smiled and said “G’day” to each other and those greetings continued throughout the two weeks of the Olympics. Slide15:  keen adj. 1.of the mind , the feelings, the five senses, etc, good , strong, quick at understanding, deeply felt,etc. 聪明的,敏锐的,强烈的 He and his friend had a keen sense of humor. He had always kept a keen observation on what was happening around. 2. interested in sth 感兴趣的 Slide16:  bond v. to cause to stick together as with paste.粘和,结合 Eg. These two pieces of paper won’t bond together. It is really difficult for Jack to bond together with the other members in the company. Slide17:  throughout prep. in or into every part 在或至某物的各部分 这消息传遍了全国. Slide18:  My job was as a supervisor in the Main Press Center where I managed 800 journalists’ desks, the telephones, the banks of televisions and other volunteers, many of whom were media students. Our shifts were eight hours long and often overnight as the Center was open 24 hours, but we generally stayed longer out of choice as the work was important and exciting. Without us the journalists would not get their articles back to their home news desks and stories of the emotional highs and lows of the competitors would never reach the outside world. Slide19:  shift n. (period of time worked by a ) group of workers which starts as another finishes 轮班 work an eight –hour shift 八小时轮班工作 day shift night shift Slide20:  中心是一天24小时连续运作,我们每班要干8个钟头,而且常常是通宵达旦.因为工作既重要又令人兴奋,我们一般志愿延长工作时间. Slide21:  journalist n. a person whose job is journalism新闻工作者,新闻记者 Slide22:  No one outside the Olympic Games would ever find out about the happiness and sadness of the competitors. 有关体育健儿的成功或失败的消息就不会为人所知. Slide23:  supervisor n. a person in charge 主管,监工 Slide24:  As volunteers, we all felt our work was a valuable contribution to the success of the Olympics and we reveled in the compliments we received. We worked hard and we had fun. We made new contacts and friends from all over the world and we learned new skills which we will never lose. Slide25:  contribute v. ~(sth)( to /towards sth) to join others in giving (money, help, etc); to help in bringing about; to have a share in 捐献,贡献 contribution n.捐献,贡献 Slide26:  revel v. to pass the time in dancing, feasting, etc,; to enjoy greatly行乐,狂欢,欣喜 They were drinking and reveling all night. revel in sth 尽情享受于某事物,沉迷于某事物 Slide27:  compliment n. an expression of praise, admiration, or respect恭维话,敬意,称赞 ~on sth One likes to hear compliments on one’s appearance. The compliment on his working encouraged him to do more contributions to the company. Slide28:    When the Olympics finished, all the volunteers -47000 of us-were invited to take part in a parade through the streets of Sydney. Many of us did this, and thousands and thousands of people came out to cheer our efforts. Being part of that experience brought tears to many years. Slide29:  parade n. a gathering together for the purpose of being officially looked at, or for a match or ceremony.游行,检阅 The carnival’s parade attracts lots of tourists. Slide30:  cheer v. give shouts of joy, praise, support or encouragement to sb欢呼,喝彩 The crowd cheered loudly as the Queen appeared. The winning football team was cheered by their supporters. Slide31:  The Olympics was marvelous, and the work I went to do is relevant and valuable to the job I do now. But the experience of being involved in such a massive event and the recognition we were given for our efforts is what I will remember forever. Slide32:  marvelous adj. wonderful, surprisingly good惊人的,了不起的,极好的 What marvelous whether it is! I warmly congratulated him on the marvelous discovery. Helen has a good imagination; she can make up marvelous stories. Slide33:  relevant: adj. ~to sth /sb 相关的,切题的 relevant material, topic, comment Slide34:  valuable: adj. 1. worth a lot of money值钱的 2.very useful and worthwhile or important很有用的,很有价值的,很重要的 valuable time, resources, experience Slide35:  massive adj. very big, strong and powerful巨大的,强有力的,结实的 a massive monument Translation:  Translation 1.Little did I know that things would turn out like that. 2. He wasn’t keen on buying a car, but I talked him into it. 3.Being a volunteer in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games would be a once-in-a-life experience for me. 4.Cigarette smoking is a major factor contributing to lung cancer. 5. The two universities will unite to stage an art show next month.

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