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Published on February 11, 2014

Author: PremNath9



Digital marketing has grown over the years. So from what we saw, we thought to share with you what are the common mistakes people are committing and how to avoid them.

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7 7 DIGITAL MARKETING MISTAKES 2 Digital Marketing Mistakes You’re Making There are many digital marketing experts around and it’s really very easy for a marketer to be taken in by all the talk and put his money on the wrong pursuits. Technology and techniques seem to have taken over what really should be plain old marketing: focus on the customer, relentlessly. ! In our work with large and mid-size customers in the B2B and B2C domains, we keep stumbling upon some of the mistakes that agencies get marketers to make. Here’s what they are, so you can steer clear off them. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Irrelevant Content Stuffing Based SEO Paid Social Media Followers Email marketing to Wrong TG Not Leveraging Analytics Unresponsive Design Ad-dependent Traffic Share with friends

1 7 DIGITAL MARKETING MISTAKES 3 Irrelevant Content There’s a lot of it up there on the internet. That’s because there’s a myth that’s doing the rounds: it’s more important to have tons of content up there, than having content that delivers value to your target group (TG) related to your offering.“Quantity, first. Quality, well... !” It’s a perfect strategy if you take your TG to be fools. One of our customers followed this strategy. Their offering was a merchandising and assortment planning software, which is used by large retailers. Their existing marketing agency supplied them with content, which was submitted to us for review. We were shocked to see the content: instead of covering forecasting inventory and local trend analysis, it talked about how aisles should be planned, well-lit, easy to move about and so on. The TG was the CXO audience of retail companies. Imagine clicking to read up all about merchandising planning and then seeing stuff around aisles and lighting. No CXO would spend more than a second on that page. Bounce rate: 100%! Tell your content team to keep the TG in mind. What does the TG think and feel? What does the group need to know? What can you tell them that gives them insights in your domain? Think RELEVANT content. IRRELEVANT = CONTENT Share with friends SPAM =

2 7 DIGITAL MARKETING MISTAKES 4 Stuffing Based SEO It’s amazing how SEO agencies continue to harp on keyword density as the route to online traffic growth. Identify the keywords, and stuff the web page with it as much as possible, most of them say. This ostensibly helps search engines think the web page is relevant enough for a reader. Here’e the truth from the horse’s mouth, Google’s take on keyword stuffing: Filling pages with keywords or numbers results in a negative user experience, and can harm your site’s ranking. As a reader, one likes to read things that make sense, flow well and do not insult our intelligence. Often keywords misuse or stuffing ensures that all these parameters are flouted. Here’s a thought experiment: In a short para of say 150-200 words, your choice keywords are used five times or more. Now think what your target reader is going through when he reads the paragraph. How much sense can he make of a para in which 70-odd words are the same? Will there be any flow if the same thought goes round and round? As for insulting one’s get what we are saying. The objective of SEO is to help the right target audience find your site and spend time there on the valuable information you have to share. And when they do, some of them will become your customers. For this you have to use keywords, but use them judiciously, naturally. Share with friends

3 7 DIGITAL MARKETING MISTAKES 5 Paid Social Media Followers “Our FB page has a million likes,” boasts a senior product manager at a media company. We are impressed and quickly login to view the page. “If you have that many fans, why is that each post gets only a few likes, and most don’t even get shared?,” we ask her. Silence. Everyone wants Likes, but after the initial euphoria of seeing so many people hitting the Like button, the marketer ends up with the question, ”But where is the engagement?” Remember the reason why you created the social media page or channel. It was most likely to improve your brand image among your target audience, or get leads, or build a community that is engaged with what you have to offer. How can fake likes deliver these objectives? However, if the objective was to impress the boss who doesn’t understand the S of Social media, it’s a different matter altogether. But remember, it’s considered unethical, and platforms like Facebook do not look at it kindly. Paid likes, Facebook click farms, fake profiles—these are some of the techniques used to buy fans. Now there are viruses that do this for you. But all social media platforms are against the practice. Are they for REAL? Final word: It’s CHEATING. Your real customer will feel cheated with the brand. DON’T DO IT! Share with friends

4 7 DIGITAL MARKETING MISTAKES 6 Email Marketing to Wrong TG “Our email marketing conversion rates are poor,” says a product head at an ecommerce portal. “We send our emailers to over one lakh email IDs, even then we don’t see any result,” he continues. “Who are these one lakh people?,” we ask. “No idea, we bought the database from some agency,” he says. When you have no idea who you’re sending your pretty emailers to, why would the conversion rate be great? Email marketing doesn’t work for you because you have not profiled your customers and not analyzed what the existing clickthroughs are saying. Most marketers take the easy route and buy bulk databases, when far better results can be achieved by doing a rigorous analysis of what the emailer data throws up. It’s all about relevance to the reader, and if you don’t know who your TG is, or who the people in the database are, you are only wasting your emailer budget. Start segmenting your users and then run targeted campaigns. This solves two purposes: your conversion rates become higher and your unsubscribe rate goes down. Share with friends

5 7 DIGITAL MARKETING MISTAKES 7 Not Leveraging Analytics It’s not just email campaign data analysis that you need to do. You have to review the web analytics reports. “Oh I look at the data for total visitors, unique visitors, page views, bounce rate, keywords, etc!,” you say. Great. Now go beyond this data that your web person sends you. Go deeper: What did the visitor view? What are the repeat visitors viewing, spending time on? What were your conversion goals? Did people click on the Submit button as you wanted them to? No? What could be the reason? Have you looked at the heat maps to show the visitor behavior? Are there design issues you need to solve? How can you solve them so that the visitor engages better? How can you co-relate this data with the data from your Facebook or other social media pages? What insights can you garner? Over time what do these in-depth analyses show? Go beyond worrying about traffic numbers. Focus on whether there has been improvement in the traffic of relevant users (bounce rate goes down, visitor time on site has increased, etc). Analytics is where the real action is, focus on it, rather than some strategies revolving around SEO content or black hat techniques. And don’t make the folly of going by just what the hotshot analytics tool says. Put brains behind it, and glean the real insights. Share with friends

6 7 DIGITAL MARKETING MISTAKES 8 Unresponsive Design Does your website respond to the device it’s been accessed in? OR does it just fall apart, giving your phone visitors a fragmented view of the website. First though, the question to be addressed is whether you do have visitors who access your website on screens other than the laptop? A quick look at your website analytics will reveal that. Having said that, the world is shifting to accessing the Internet on their device of choice—and more often than not, it’s the smartphone which will see more growth of users. If you have the budget and time for it, it’s best to get the website developed using responsive techniques. The other options are having a mobile version of the website, or having different versions created for different screen sizes. Each way has its pros and cons and you will have to take a call based on your budgets and user behavior. Share with friends

7 7 DIGITAL MARKETING MISTAKES 9 Ad-dependent Traffic The marketing head of a large media site tells us that their site sees a lot of traffic. We spend a little time at the backend analytics only to see that the traffic is mostly ad-driven. So we ask her, what happens when you don’t have the funds to sustain this traffic. She looks at us a bit taken aback, as we seem to have read her mind. She is considering bringing down the ad spend, and is worried about the drop in traffic. Let’s get this out clear: ad-driven traffic is not a scalable model; when you exhaust your funds, traffic nosedives. Look at the e-commerce sites in India, and you’ll know what we are talking about. It’s better to face up to the fact that what you should be focusing on is organic traffic—traffic from those people who have found something on your site which interests them. And then analyze their behavior to predict what other content would interest and keep them engaged, even get them to share on their social media pages. Yes, it’s hardwork, and painstaking. ‘No pain, no gain’, works in the online space too. Share with friends

Are you making any of these mistakes? Write to us at We would be happy to figure it out for you, so the focus is back on YOUR marketing goals. Share with friends A publication of

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