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Information about Nissan LEAF - Reverse SOC Meter

Published on February 26, 2014

Author: georgebetak



Reverse SOC Meter George Betak SF BayLEAFs

Overview  DTE (distance to empty) not accurate enough  Lovingly called Guess-O-Meter (GOM)  Individual range prediction techniques  Supplemented by SOC meter (Gary Giddings) 2

Range Chart by Tony Williams  Pioneering work by fellow owner in San Diego  Proven that there is life without DTE  Established key metrics for battery warnings, turtle, etc.  Relies on energy economy numbers and trip mileage 3

Gary’s SOC Meter  Uses EV-CAN bus message 0x5BC  Additional device installed in the car  Individual units are called “Gids”  Mapping of Gids to battery bars and range  Accurate prediction of battery events: LBW, VLBW, turtle 4

Charging Time Display  It works!  Already in the car  Relatively easy to comprehend  Linear mapping to Gids  Can predict battery events 5

Range Prediction – Long Answer 6

Range Prediction – Short Answer  Divide trip miles by number of hours to charge  1 hr to charge on 120V is: • • • • Approx. 0.8 kWh 11 Gids 3 miles @ 4 miles/kWh Measure trips in hours 7

Future Work  Simplify instructions for L1 opportunity chargers  Validate against large data sample  CAN bus logging using Gary’s meter  Improve mapping to battery bars 8

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