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Published on November 16, 2007

Author: Clarice


Slide1:  to facilitate Dutch ICT scientific excellence and impact Slide2:  NIRICT bundles ICT research of the three universities of technology in NL (1200 scientists) in one virtual institute Slide3:  to create critical mass around a number of strategic areas Why join forces? to have impact by focusing on a limited number of ICT topics and ICT applications to be preferred partner in ICT research and innovation to contribute to the shape of the national and EU ICT research and innovation agenda Slide4:  NIRICT has three types of research agendas: Slide5:  SRA-1: Broadband Communication Systems Slide6:  SRA-1: Broadband Communication Systems Low-power radio transceivers Wideband radio antennas (Ultra) wideband scanning Antenne diversity Adaptive coding and modulation MIMO techniques Distributed transmit power control Ad-hoc spectrum (re-)use Shared access protocols System dynamics and stability Spectrum management Transport of (ultra-)wideband signals over fibre Wireless optics Wideband power-efficient opto-electronic converters Transparant in-building / access communication tunnels Optical multiplexing techniques Self-organised smart analog frontends Research Examples Slide7:  SRA-2: Computer Networks Slide8:  SRA-2: Computer Networks Research Example Slide9:  Health broker & service provider Public Operator Hospital UMTS Doctor BAN SRA-2: Computer Networks Research Example Slide10:  SRA-3: Multimedia and VR Systems Slide11:  SRA-3: Multimedia and VR Systems Computers with smart sensory perception are needed to obtain natural ways of interaction To enable computer systems to sense and understand the environment and its users we must learn more about how the users interact with the technology. Research Example Slide12:  SRA-4: Ambient Intelligence Slide13:  SRA-4: Ambient Intelligence Research Example Slide14:  SRA-4: Ambient Intelligence Intelligent environments to assist clients in all aspects of daily life (alarms, monitoring) Research Example Slide15:  SRA-5: Security Slide16:  SRA-5: Security View, not Print Research Example Slide17:  SRA-6: Enterprise Info Systems Slide18:  SRA-6: Enterprise Info Systems Software systems that support administrative processes within or between organisations, hospitals or manufacturing companies Research Example Slide19:  Huisarts CBA Ergo Logo Mw Rev. Centrum Ac. Z’huis (rev.) Spec. Onderw. Basis school (Ac.) Z’huis Fysio Fysio Fysio Ergo Ergo Logo Logo Logo Mw Mw Orthop. Verpl. Rev. Arts Leer- kracht Psy/rt Leer- kracht Kinder- arts Kinder- neuroloog Overige spec. Neona- toloog Rt beg. Amb. Beg. Verpl. Periferie Adjunct Fysio Verlosk. Vakleer- kracht bew. KDV Fysio Cross organization information and communication CP and CVA patients SRA-6: Enterprise Info Systems Rev. Arts Research Example Slide20:  Centre of Excellence: CeDAS Slide21:  FOCAL POINTS: Centre of Excellence: CeDAS Combination of dependability with: Delft: computer networks and multimedia. Eindhoven: broadband communication systems and enterprise information systems. Twente: ambient intelligence and security. Slide22:  ICT makes new applications possible The added value is in the application NIRICT: combining technology and applications, with focus on:  healthcare  safety & security  mobility  logistics Application domains Slide23:  NIRICT Research Lab: LaQuSo: Development of methods, techniques and tools to detect errors in software artifacts. T-Xchange: Scenario based design and serious gaming for developing solutions in a virtual environment visualising consequences of decisions taken. Design lab: Collection of tools, libraries, interface definitions, design patterns and -methodology to re-use previous designs and to facilitate fast new designs. Innovation Slide24:  Innovation Results spin-off approach of the University of Twente 75% stay in the region Total of 5000 employees in UT spin-offs >75% survival rate (TOP) Slide25:  Innovation NIRICT: your partner in innovation Slide26:  More Information ?

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