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Published on March 6, 2014

Author: bhushanmulmule



Simple NInject demonstration using ASP.NET MVC application.

NInject DI Container Bhushan Mulmule | |

If you are new to DI Click here to view Dependency Injection for Beginners And then come back! If link will not work you can copy and paste following url:

Let us create sample ASP.NET MVC application to see DI in action We will be using ASP.NET MVC Application To Demonstrate NInject Follow the Walkthrough to create one

Create New ASP.NET MVC Project: DIContainerDemo

Select Empty Template and Razor View Engine

Add Three Classes and One Interface





Add New Controller: HomeController

To create Object of Booking class in HomeController Inject object of EmailNotification to constructor of Booking


Right Click on Index Method of HomeController  Add View

Modify Views/Home/Index.cshtml

Final Structure

And the Output will be…

To create Object of Booking class we can also Inject object of SMSNotification to constructor of Booking

Modified HomeController to use SMSNotification

Output will be…

Dependency Injection!


DI Container

DI container is about removing need of this object instantiation from client code.

Few of the DI Containers are Unity, Ninject, Autofac, StructureMap, Spring.NET


Installing NInject    Or you can also download dll and add the reference  

Steps to Set it up

Creating NInject kernel object IKernel kernel = new StandardKernel(); Binding interface with concrete class kernel.Bind<INotification>().To<EmailNotification>(); Getting object of bounded concrete class INotification notification = kernel.Get<INotification>();

Modified HomeController to use NInject

Output as expected…

Note: It will act as centralized location for all Ninject configuration.

Create Folder DIResolver  Add class NInjectDependencyResover.cs


Register our Dependency Resolver in Gloabal.aspx

Modify HomeController to use DependencyResolver

Time to enjoy fruits of labor

Lets try to understand What's happening behind the scene

Steps break up…

Note that GetService() receives type parameter in this case it will be HomeController.

Client Request for index method of HomeController type HomeController MVC Ninject Dependecy Resolver

Client Request for index method of HomeController type HomeController MVC Ninject Dependecy Resolver type HomeController Ninject

Client Request for index method of HomeController type HomeController MVC Ninject Dependecy Resolver type HomeController Ninject Inspects constructor of HomeController for dependencies

Note: Here Ninject will create object of EmailNotification as we have bounded it to INotification in AddBinding() method. Same way it can be bounded to SMSNotification.

Client Request for index method of HomeController type HomeController MVC Object HomeController with Object EmailNotification Ninject Dependecy Resolver type HomeController Ninject Object HomeController With Object EmailNotification Inspects constructor of HomeController for dependencies

“Test Driven Development using Unit Testing”.

Find it out kernel.Bind<INotification>().To<SMSNotification>() .WithConstructorArgument("Param", "value"); kernel.Bind<INotification>().To<SMSNotification>() .WithPropertyValue("PropertyName", "Value"); kernel.Bind<INotification>().To<SMSNotification>() .When(//"lamda expression returning bool"); kernel.Bind<INotification>().To<SMSNotification>() .WhenClassHas</*attribute type*/>();

Few more… .WhenInjectedInto() .WhenMemberHas() .WhenTargetHas() .WhenAnyAnchestorNamed()

Credits: Apress Pro ASP.NET MVC 4

Thank You Bhushan Mulmule | |

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