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Published on March 1, 2014

Author: Mrs_Shearer



The nine worlds according to Norse Mythology

Nine Worlds By: Mason Bungartz And Brett Erickson


• • • • • • Called world of fog and mist Coldest and darkest of worlds First of nine Home of eldest well guarded by dragon Origin of eleven rivers Elivagar- Cold river that formed the north Niflheim


• • • • • • Land of fire Created south of world Burning hot (lava, sparks, fire, soot) Home of fire giants, fire demons Home of Surt, enemy of Aesir Surt destroys Asgard in Ragnarok Muspelheim


• • • • • Home of Gods and Valhalla Men called Aesir, women called Asynjur Odin is king Frigg is queen Viking warrior afterlife Asgard


• • • • • • Home of Norse Below Asgard Asgard connected to Midgard by Bifrost Midgard surrounded by impassible ocean Ocean occupied by sea serpent Man made from ash, women from elm Midgard


• • • • • • Home of the jotuns (giants) Sworn enemies of the Aesir Created from corpse of first Jotun Odin and Thor had Jotun lovers Separated from Asgard by a river Made of rocks and dense forests Jotunheim


• • • • • • Home of the Vanir gods Vanir old branch of gods Masters of sorcery and magic Can predict future Vanaheim can not be located Njord, Freya, Freyr are Vanir Vanaheim


• • • • • • Home of the light elves Alfheim next to Asgard in heaven Light elves considered to be gaurdian angles Freyr is ruler of Alfheim Help or hinder humans with magic powers Delivered inspiration to art or music Alfheim


• • • • • • Home of the dark elves Hates sun so they live underground Hideous and annoying to humans Norse thought they caused nightmares Can haunt humans and animals Cant be exposed to sun Svartalfheim


• • • • • • Home of dwarves Live under rocks and in caves Hreidmar was king of Nidavellir Nidavellir means Dark Fields Dwarves are masteres of crastman ship Made Thors hammer, ring, and Odins spear Nidavellir

• Sources • • Peace out playas! The End!   

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