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Published on March 14, 2014

Author: ndrakatos



The story of Nikos Drakatos - the story teller and the mobile marketer

Copyrights 2014 - Nikos Drakatos © 1 Copyrights 2014 - Nikos Drakatos © nikos drakatos The mak ing of

Copyrights 2014 - Nikos Drakatos © 22 Copyrights 2014 - Nikos Drakatos © In a Snapshot ... Welcome to the world! 1 9 8 4 University of Surrey MSc graduate 2 0 0 7 Mobile Marketing Newby 2 0 0 8 Publication on Mobile Advertising 2 0 0 9 Going public with Velti 2 0 11 The move to the promise land (USA) 2 0 11 Adding the pieces together 2 0 1 4

Copyrights 2014 - Nikos Drakatos © 33Copyrights 2014 - Nikos Drakatos © The Sixth Sense Emporiki Bank Intern Velti Creative Marketing Associate Velti Mobile Marketing Manager

Copyrights 2014 - Nikos Drakatos © 44Copyrights 2014 - Nikos Drakatos © The Sixth Sense Author • Business Insider • Mobile Marketing & Advertising Stand • Journal of Marketing Communications Velti Product Marketing Manager mGage Product Marketing Manager

Copyrights 2014 - Nikos Drakatos © 55 Copyrights 2014 - Nikos Drakatos © The Internship... Nothing like the Google movie Welcome newbie During his Uni years, Nikos conducted a diverse 6-month internship at Emporiki Bank (Credit Agricole) in London, UK, in the Loans & Mortgages Sales department. Milestones • Acquired strong analytical skills • Invested in his interpersonal abilities • Developed vital organisational management skills • Realized banking wasn’t his major

Copyrights 2014 - Nikos Drakatos © 66 Copyrights 2014 - Nikos Drakatos © The first day of the rest of his life... Welcome to Mobile Marketing In 2008 Nikos started his mobile marketing journey at Velti in Athens, Greece. As a part of the creative team, Nikos concepted, designed and delivered over 300 creative mobile marketing campaigns and solutions for the Fortune 500. Milestones • NASDAQ welcomes Velti on February 2011 • Concepted/designed first ever Toyota/Scion mobile branding campaign – Mentioned by TechCrunch

Copyrights 2014 - Nikos Drakatos © 77 Copyrights 2014 - Nikos Drakatos © Mobile Agency Style Marketing Award winning concepts In 2011 Nikos became the Mobile Marketing Manager of the US Velti team, leading all ideation and campaign idea generation, while managing the creative presales processes. Milestones • Integral part of Velti’s 63% revenue increase YoY in 2011 • Designed the Last Lions multi-channel campaign winning the OMMA 2011 “Best Integrated Online Campaign” award.

Copyrights 2014 - Nikos Drakatos © 88 Copyrights 2014 - Nikos Drakatos © A Guy With a Plan In 2012 Nikos moves to the Marketing department were he was responsible for planning and go-to-market strategy Velti’s US product line, showcasing a hands-on approach. Milestones • Launch of Velti Pay - +750 visits, 22 leads in 15 days since launch • “Velti, Year in Review” – Velti’s success stories and milestones during 2012 • Go-to-market, hands-on strategy for the Mobile Community Building Strategizing for the future

Copyrights 2014 - Nikos Drakatos © 99 Copyrights 2014 - Nikos Drakatos © Shaping brands, bottoms - up... In 2014 Velti acquired by GSO Capital Partners to form a new mobile marketing company under the name mGage. Nikos was a big part of the rebranding and go-to-market launch strategy. Milestones • Launch of mGage website in a month a half • Rebranded and repurposed existing product collaterals and strategies to mGage brand needs • Reestablished third-party partnerships and generated new brand image on social networks (Re)taking to market

Copyrights 2014 - Nikos Drakatos © 1010 Copyrights 2014 - Nikos Drakatos © A picture might be worth a thousand words, but a word can generate a million images As featured in... Featured on BI with “8 Ways To Engage Shoppers From Mobile To Aisle” link Chief editor and writer at the Mobile Marketing & Advertising Stand link Published author for the Journal of Marketing Communications link

Copyrights 2014 - Nikos Drakatos © 1111Copyrights 2014 - Nikos Drakatos © Get in touch… +44 (0) 7821705880 @drakatos I would be thrilled to meet you

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