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Published on March 15, 2014

Author: amruthcmd


Deprt. Of Electrical and Electronics Engineering


 Night vision technology allows one to see in darkness.  It is mainly developed for military surveillance.  We can see a person standing over 180 m distance in a moonless and cloudy night.  It plays a key role in search and rescue operations.

Biological night vision:  Molecules in the rods of the eye undergo a change in shape according to the light.  Molecules in the human rods is insensitive to the light Technical night vision:  Image intensifier  Thermal Imaging

Image Intensifier:

Night vision amplifies light to a better vision. A convention lens will capture completely envelops the surrounding light. The gathered light is sent to the image intensifier-tube. In each channel there release thousands of electrons. Electrons collide with each other and produce more. The new atoms again collide and creates a chain. These electrons after hitting a screen will produce photons and crea a green image. This green phosphor image is viewed through lens

 In order to understand thermal imaging, it is important to understand something about light.

Three Types of IR rays: Near Infrared: Closest to visible light, near – IR has wavelengths that range from 0.7 to 1.3 microns. Mid Infrared: Mid – IR has wavelengths ranging from 1.3 to 3 microns. Thermal Infrared: Thermal infrared the largest part of the infrared spectrum, thermal – IR has wavelengths ranging from 3 microns to over 30 microns.

All objects emit infrared energy a function as a function of their temperature

All objects emit infrared energy a function as a function of their temperature A lens will focuses the infrared light. The focused light is scanned and create temperature pattern The pattern is translated into electric impulses. The impulses sent to an electrical circuit board that translates the information into the data to display The signal processing unit sends the information and it appears in different colors. Generally thermal images are black and white in nature.

Night vision device can be split into three categories  SCOPES They are monocular normally handheld or mounted on a weapon  GOGGLES The night vision binocular and worn on the head  CAMERAS Used for transmission or recording images mostly if the location is fixed

 Generation 1: In 1950’s devices based on vacuum tube technology are available.

 Generation 2: The vacuum tubes are simplified to single stage in 2nd generation.

 Generation 3:  The third generation night vision devices advanced in using small electronic circuits

 Generation 4: In present generation the researches are being made to bring it into the micro electron chips.

Military surveillance Wild life observation

Hidden Object Detection Property management-Security surveillance

 In present scenario night vision the applications of night vision technology is very essential to combat terrorism which is the major problem faced by the mankind.  After a long journey from 1950’s we have much developed night vision technology but it is limited in use.  It will yield good results in future if we use it in every field for defensive purpose.

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