Night Vision Security Camera Provides Eyes In The Dark

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Information about Night Vision Security Camera Provides Eyes In The Dark

Published on July 29, 2009

Author: SecurityCameras


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Night Vision Security Camera Provides Eyes In The Dark Since not all crime happens during the day and many times cameras are installed without considering what will happen after dark. Companies and homeowners may not be interested in installing additional outdoor lighting and some conservationists want to video wildlife at night in areas where extra lighting may make them shy. In most instances, a night vision security camera can be used to record, even in areas without ambient lighting.

Provide good images in low light conditions While most security cameras are designed to provide good images in low light conditions, they usually cannot record any images in total darkness. Unfortunately, today's generation of night vision security cameras cannot record in color, but they can be found in a hybrid configuration that shows images in color when lighting is acceptable and then switch to black and white when the night vision security camera mode kicks in.

Surroundings after dark This can still provide the needed security for most businesses and private residences as they keep track of their surroundings after dark.

Night vision security camera Many people liken a night vision security camera to images they have seen on television or in the movies made using night vision goggles. Most are shown as having a green background with shadows for images. While the images seen on a night vision security camera may appear somewhat similar, the detail is usually better than that depicted in such showings.

Night Vision Not The Same As Ultraviolet Some may think that a night vision security camera uses infrared to capture images. However, infrared relies on heat of the subjects to make them visible. This is often seen in movies as red and yellow against a black background to show the difference in heat generated by the video's subjects. However, most night vision security cameras use a small light emitted by the camera itself in order to focus on the subject and record the images.

Capture activity around a structure Depending on a night vision security camera to capture activity around a structure should one be done with the advice and instruction from someone familiar with how they work as extraneous lighting from surrounding areas can confound the camera into believing more light is available than there really is. This can throw off the internal mechanism that automatically switches camera modes and render a disorganized video.

Cost of a night vision security camera The cost of a night vision security camera while not totally outrageous, it is high enough to limit their use to areas and by people that have a seemingly endless budget devoted to their security.

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