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Published on November 8, 2008

Author: Online2africa


PowerPoint Presentation: What we have witnessed in America is a refreshing flipside to dynamics of African politics and a flick which saw Barack Obama elected as the 44 th US president has transformed public opinion of the US. NIGERIA THE LONG ROAD AHEAD The lessons we must learn: The lessons we must learn Online2Africa Email: PowerPoint Presentation: Barack Obama’s victory is a sign of hope for everyone and has demonstrated that no person anywhere in the world should not dare to dream of wanting to change the world for a better place -South Africa’s first black president Nelson Mandela I think the clearest possible message in this, is the time has come for Nigerians whatever our differences are, to start looking beyond the walls and boundaries of ethnicity, regional and tribal politics, presumably stop the recycling of old and used politicians, senseless abortions of policies that are hope and people inspired and come together to bridge our differences, work selflessly with empathy to confront the limits and monstrosity of our mucky political history. Online2Africa Email: PowerPoint Presentation: All voters could be proud of history that the election of Barack Obama represented. I know millions of Americans will be overcome with pride at this inspiring moment that so many have waited so long - US President George Bush What lessons can we learn from this? What we saw in the US was and still is a moment of unadulterated happiness because the electorates asked and voted for change, a complicated process and the result was a quantum leap from previous elections. If we are to alter and re-weave the fabric holes and monstrosity of our troubling political history and mucky political trademark, then we need to tackle head-on the growing unspoken culture of violence, distressing experiences of intimidation, dehumanisation and the horrifying trend of election rigging, the cavalier and corrupt attitude of electoral officials and allow change that are people oriented. Nigerians have got to stand up and get a grip of the whole issue. Online2Africa PowerPoint Presentation: The Democrat represents a triumph of the American story - President George Bush Barack Obama got in on a ticket of change. He got the keys to become the first black occupant of White House obviously thanks to a rainbow coalition of American voters that looked beyond party politics to see the desired change. What lesson can we learn from this? He was never the likeliest candidate, his campaign was not hatched in the halls of Washington, neither did he start with much money or endorsement. However, he drew strengths from millions of American people-Democrats and Republicans because they zoom on his policies and x-rayed them. We (Nigerian electorates) need to look beyond party politics and draw on the true strength of nation, peace and unity-united together to confront our limits headwinds, defend our chivalrous convictions against the endless haemorrhage of our resources to fund unpopular party policies and abortion of policies that are hope and people inspired. Online2Africa Email: PowerPoint Presentation: Barack Obama prevailed in what had been a long and difficult contest, whatever our differences we are fellow Americans, Barack Obama has inspired hope in millions of Americans who had once believed they had little influence in the election of a president. This is something I deeply admire and commend him for achieving. - Senator John McCain Republican Presidential Candidate Senator John McCain graciously conceded defeat after the election results were declared. He placed the blame for defeat squarely on his own shoulders when he said ‘we fell short. The failure is mine and not yours’ What lessons can we learn from this? Accepting the results if they are free and fair, moving on and avoiding drama and twaddle in the courtroom and throwing the justice system into chaos. This fad, this trend does not only result in post election violence and crisis but also leads to a lot of distressing experiences and is a misguided leap in the dark. Online2Africa Email: PowerPoint Presentation: An election that has gripped the whole world It is time to put hands on the arc of history and bend it once more to the hope of a better day. The road ahead may be long, Nigeria may be deeply scarred by its monstrous history of tribalism, or religious intolerance or violence, but when we are united together as Nigerians, though the climb may be steep, we are now more than hopeful after what has happened in America that we will get there. God has given us the might, resources, people whose skills are second to none, hardworking and intelligent Nigerians ready to sacrifice for our nation and an economy sitting on a huge egg nest. Put aside or forget the divide -North-South, East-West or our religious intolerance or party affiliation we are more than half way through the perilous journey across the wilderness under the good leadership of President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua although he may not get there in one term, he is certain to lead in this selfless mission. Online2Africa Online2Africa PowerPoint Presentation: Forward all comments and response about this presentation and its contents to our email address Comments and suggestions are welcomed and may be published on our website. This publication NIGERIA THE LONG ROAD AHEAD was written by UHU OKONI-UKIWAH Online 2Africa bringing you the platform to voice your opinion Online2Africa

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