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Published on November 21, 2017

Author: NickEnigma


Costumes & Make Up Research & Planning: Costumes & Make Up Research & Planning Nicholas Thetford Ben: Ben Ben’s costume will be made up of one outfit however it will be added to and adjusted to show passage of time over the course of the movie. It will include: A black v-neck Grey jeans Grey trainers Green/black chequered jacket (open, closed and absent) A watch The colours were chosen to add subconscious connotations towards the character, the dark colours connote evil and impurity however his character isn’t actually guilty of anything this is to subvert not only the police’s view on the case but the audience’s expectations as well . Kate: Kate Kate will have two different costumes, one in the day and one during the night/early morning. Outfit 1 will contain: A white shirt Blue jeans Black trainers Outfit 2 will contain: A night gown Pyjama bottoms Blood make up These were chosen to look natural and innocent, the predominance of white connotes innocence, while also including darker colours so that it is normal. The audience doesn’t see a lot of K ate before

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