Nexus Mutual - A mutual for the Ethereum community - D1Conf 2018

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Information about Nexus Mutual - A mutual for the Ethereum community - D1Conf 2018

Published on October 31, 2018

Author: HughKarp


1. Nexus Mutual 1

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3. What happened? 3 Guaranteed Returns to members it couldn’t meet. Customers trusted the company with their money and it was mismanaged.  Used dubious accounting to hide the issue, hoping to trade out. Probably traded while insolvent for around 10 years. Members lost money. 

4. Problem 4 Agency: Having to trust someone else with your money. Transparency: Understanding the real financial position. Trust code instead, smart contracts determine the rules. Real time financial position, open to everyone. Regulation Rules, law, approved persons, compliance, capital methodology, reporting standards.

5. Decentralised Risk Carrier 5 Insurance Company Customers / Members Shareholders Today’s Mutuals

6. Smart Contract Cover Initial product for the Ethereum community Fellow members vote on the validity of claims. 6 Coindesk research indicates "potentially buggy smart contracts" are the most negative aspect of Ethereum today.

7. Pricing Market based mechanism 7 Base Algorithm: How “battle-tested” is it? Price Time on main-net Staking: Members can stake tokens against smart contracts they deem secure.

8. NXM Token Model Manages capital efficiency % 8 Price is driven by funds required to pay claims vs funds held.

9. Legally linked DAO 9 Set up as a discretionary mutual in the UK. Nexus Mutual Ltd Exists exclusively for the benefit of members.

10. 10

11. 11 • Decentralised risk carrier. • Market based pricing mechanism. • Legally linked DAO. • Bonding curve for capital efficient token model. • Completely new product. Decentralisation is real. All of this will be launching in Q1 2019.

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