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Published on February 19, 2009

Author: gmelott



Short burst description of new Emerging Leader-focused media based business live in March.

listen. learn. share. repeat. 0

a quick hit 1

what is Nextvoice247? - online multimedia community for personal & professional development - viral expansion network/interactive exchange network - targets of 21-34 year olds - leverages ‘voices’ of end user the voices of Nextvoice247 2

what is Nextvoice247? - perspectives on work, life, & social responsibility - authentic | relevant | timely | irreverent - access to influential business, social, cultural and political leaders - multiple entry points and emerging media, communication vehicles, interactive idea/knowledge exchange forums, and relatable media options suitable for all learning preferences perspectives of Nextvoice247 thought leaders of Nextvoice247 Meg Whitman Immaculee Ilibagiza Marc Ecko Bobby Jindal 3

the Nextvoice247 products and services NextStepUP - Coaching and quarterly Speaking – scholarship Partnerships for the most and alliances Striking The creative will provide Vocal Chord – community speaking a daily blog improvement services, and exchange -oriented personal addressing business development business, plans. and Hello My Name cultural, and leadership Is… - a social issues. coaching. resgistaration The Next and vrial Voice You expansion Hear - video community interviews Voice Box - and with cross- weekly netowrking cultural and broadcasts and function. multifunctio interviews nal thought (audio and leaders. video) directing actionable skills building & performance. 4

how we look at things @ Nextvoice247 principles and foundation of business origin manifesto: | Stewardship of the future begins now. | An exchange does not always need a receipt. | Keep it current. | Collaborate. | Grow organically. | Lead first. 5

listen. learn. share. repeat. 6

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