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Published on March 12, 2014

Author: dougvfloyd



Next Generation PMO Model & Cross-Functional Project Management Office

Doug Floyd @DougVFloyd 312.502.3113 (cell)

 Multi-Disciplinary Model  PMO, Six Sigma, & Agile Operational Services  Multi-Department View  Governance & Escalation Structure  Project Portfolio Management (PPM)  Maturity Model  Change Management  Communications Management  Contact Information

 Program Service Office (PSO) Center of Excellence  Combination of PMO, Lean, & Agile Services  Strategic planning & choosing the right projects  Service coaching (delivery excellence & threat avoidance)  Integrated project status reporting & scheduling  Resource knowledge transfer & communication  Operations planning & forecasting  Expected Outcomes  Accelerated project delivery  Cancel non-strategic & under-performing projects  Re-rank projects  Re-establish order of importance  Reassign resources based on importance  Identify opportunities for business process improvement  Identify delays, cost overruns, & resource overloads

 Business Departments Alignment  Importance of finance/marketing/sales alignment  Business case writing  Vendor selection & contracting  Software development lifecycles/standards  Project planning  Project risk & issue management  Business metric identification  Continuous process improvement  Technical Departments Alignment  Decrease maintenance budget & increase new development budget  Cloud & SAAS models (reduce infrastructure overhead)  Advanced technology implementations (mobile, big data, cloud, e-commerce)  Products, services, & standards development

Executive Committee (Level 4) Senior level representatives who are key stakeholders and are representing the program (i.e. IT Sponsor, etc). Members are liaisons and owners for their areas (i.e. BPS, BAS, IS, SSO, etc.) and are champions of the program. Provide feedback on the project status and assist with socialization of key program activities to their organization and various committees, as applicable. Provide resources to the project and works with the Program Office to remove roadblocks. Program Office (Level 3) End-to-end program execution level governance. The Program Office will be accountable and responsible for the overall success of the program and provide strategic direction to each team. Makes strategic level recommendations and decisions on scope, schedule, costs, quality and other potential impacts to the program. Works with the IT Sponsor, and Executive Committee to escalate and address high/critical priority issues and risks. Project Leadership Team (Level 2) Program Financials/ Metrics Committee Responsible for analyzing the financial actuals and forecasts and resolving issues financially related (i.e. PFR discrepancies, missing invoice payment, HW/SW not hitting the books, etc.). Project Teams (Level 1) Reports up through the Project Leadership Team, executes against strategic scope and schedule within budget. Responsible for delivering the work packages defined by the Project Leadership Team, within the project schedule. Project team escalates roadblocks and unresolved issues to the Project Leadership Team to resolve. Reports up through the Program Office, taking direction on project scope, schedule, costs, quality and other potential impacts to the project. Makes tactical recommendations and decisions on scope, schedule, costs, quality, and other potential impacts to the project based on the Program Office strategic guidance. Works with the Program Office to escalate and address high/critical issues/ risks. Process Results  Guides and directs the initiation, planning, execution, close-out, and controlling & reporting of all projects that are part of the program by directly influencing key project management areas Process Benefits  Defines team roles and responsibilities, to mitigate the risk of team confusion on what work product they are accountable to deliver  Guides issue escalation process to communicate and resolve issues and risks in a timely basis  Guides risk escalation and reporting, to address appropriate items before they impact the project  Guides schedule development to ensure milestones are being achieved  Guides approval process for scope changes  Mitigates the risk of too many/not enough resources, impacts to budget over/under spend and threats to completing deliverables within expected timeframes

 Program & Project Facilitation  Determine viable project mix (meet organizational goals)  Balance portfolio (short-term vs long-term, risk vs reward, complex vs simple)  Monitor project planning & execution  Analyze & improve portfolio performance  Evaluate new portfolio opportunities  Provide information to executive decision makers  Steps to Successful Results  Gather & report portfolio information  Develop goals, resource plans, & asset portfolios  Link project, goals, & assets to strategic plans  Determine organizational capacity for multiple projects  Prioritize portfolio based on current information  Develop recommendations for improving ROI  Facilitate Governance Board meetings

 Levels of Service Delivery Maturity  Level 1: Define project management, lean, & agile value proposition  Level 2: Bring consistency to project delivery  Level 3: Increase delivery value (lean & agile process improvements)  Level 4: Identify portfolio interdependencies  Level 5: Gain buy-in from community & governance board  Level 6: Identify key benefits from lean & agile process improvements  Level 7: increase portfolio throughput  Level 8: Exceed organizational strategic objectives

Submit change request Present change & impact to Change Management Board Assess impact of change Implement Change Close issue as deferred Do not assess impact Do not implement change Assess impact Impact Implement Change (+/- 15% or $500K) PPM Project Update Implement Change (Non-Material, PPM Explainable Variance) Close issue as deferred Closed by Project Manager Present impact assessment to Program Office Recommendation Determine if impact will be assessed Change Management Board determine if change will be made ITOC Denied ITOC Approved Process Results  Change management execution, against approve project charter  Program Charter, Project Charter, and Action Item Log Updates (as required)  PPM Project Update (as required) Process Benefits  Mitigate risk of unknown impacts to scope, budget, timelines and quality by introducing unplanned changes  Appropriately plan and obtain approvals for new scope items before communicating to team  Assists with ensuring team stays focused on tasks at hand  Ensure existing scope objectives are achieved within budget, targeted timeframes, and with quality standards so program strategic objectives are achieved The change will be entered in the Action Item Log with an issue type of “Change Request” and the Program Manager will be notified Critical = implementation should not proceed unless the change is made Medium = needed functionality, but not required to complete the implementation Low = nice to have functionality

 Communication Management Process  Identify who is responsible, accountable, consulted, informed (RACI)  For completion of all documents, deliverables, & reports  Identify all standing meetings, meeting purpose, frequency, & attendees  Identify document reporting and meeting ground rules  Process Results  Input into project schedule creation  Influence standing meetings & invitees  Provide organizational management plan as input  Process Benefits  Ensure the right people are at the right meetings  Ensure standing meetings are planned out so appropriate communication occurs  At all levels of program to minimize time spent in meetings  Ensure appropriate internal/external project communications occur  Proactively encourage information sharing  Ensure meetings are held/deliverables produced within quality standards  Agendas, minutes, naming standards, document peer reviews

Doug Floyd Business technologist specializing in program execution and driving transformative growth through digital technology strategies. SlideShare Presentations:  Digital Leadership  Digital Money & Payment  Internet of Things  Next Gen Agile 3.0  Next Gen Lean 3.0  Next Gen PMO 3.0 Doug Floyd @DougVFloyd 312.502.3113 (cell)

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