NEWSSHORTS; September-October 1984; New York, NY

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Information about NEWSSHORTS; September-October 1984; New York, NY

Published on March 3, 2014

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----------. _ J .; ": "#/j I', act;Lj - OCTOBER SEPTEmBER ~ ,/, st:at~~ .a.n ~nd tn t.h,:), ~ nt1clpa""_i..rtsi:!..!l.i.ty~~a.!"'~ ~re",roductive choice for aJ.L women. In ove r s Li.f Led but most basic terms, the Reagan Administration, aside from its idiotic foz'eign policy, represents a narrowing of indi vidual rights while the Mondale-Ferraro ticket represents not only _maintenance of currently-l;1eld individual freedoms. but au- expan s i.on of personal freedoms. To which person would you rather give the power of appointing 5 new Supreme Court j us t Lce s , Reagan or Mondale? Regl.ster now and vote in November. HOW TO REGISTER If you have registered 1;'. the past, you changed your address or failed years. you must re-register i.f to vote within the last 4 If you don't REGISTER BY OCTOBER you can' t vote in Nove:,lber. 9, Mailed registration forms must be postmarked by Oct 9th 'Bi. .. , " "'" i - lYe've got abo ut a d.11ion fucking fanzines here and they're r"al1y beginn in!! to pile' up. 'Nhen we' r<! no ', in school we end up reading nothillg bu. zines cuz there are so many but nOw th,.t we're back in school we're forced to reI d nothing but school.';;: rodder shit; that'~' why they're piling up. So we're just gonn. basically list 'em (I'" I think we shoul.d B3t a medal for typing I the "hole on this s,hitty fucking typewri ter!) OW~l "!'H8 WHOLE .:ORLD,' _ wha t an offer! ~Vhatan opportunity you ron't want to llIise! (Plus lots of '20 moo·timportant albums' " lists. 50e to !!ob :'orward,812 :;tadel:nan Ave, i •• kron Ot! 44320 •• 0 ~H;: !I.()'!'!'llLY r:m;;PEI;n-;;:lrTR1Bl1'!E rtvss JOU/,:ALPOST3AZE'!''!'E NSyS C~'R0';ICL8BULLETT'1 _ what fun! Send SA!': to Kristan Lawson, 2510 ~ancroft '.Yay, #- 207, tjerke1ey GA 94704. crave yo u been d!ing for addresses of punks in .Japan as ., have we? ',vell, your handy :·:A1('-~!U:·l ROCi"I;::C,LL has got 'em! #lb to P'JEox 288, Berkeley::" 94701. ("'hey've got quite a lot or other stuff i'l there too, by-the-by.) P3-'rhanks for the mags, Yom;>.ma. '!'bere's a new t s.iue *f V:LE D:':()!;V;A~)A out. Tf you don't be..ieve us, se"ji a couple of stamps to ·~atsby, :c.81rnio" 3t, <,oughkeep _1:: -sie 'IY 12601, and fir d out for yoursel f. ,r Thank ~ true human initiative and ~E~ ~( selfless workaholi!'lm and TK." for 1'he OFF<:NS'; crFENSE' .', E'NSLp.TrSp..Please dol" t !at your 11 fe slip ",' by wi thout seeing i t.;en~ stamps: FC~ox ~ 12614, Columbus CH -432.l2 'ssue 11 of VARl/~?I( Lo oks like the ,.R.N'IN. "way cool skate issue" and gives youso/!le ~ 6insight into the he happs in Anchorage. ~ : . si includes postage,: PC'80x-102993, Anchorage Alaska 99510 "-J. I.T. (In 1'ouch Forl~en) is the bitchen1N 1:. ~ est gay guys magazine i~ the world by far. , ~. #95 (the t =ack to sebec 1. ve ; Rock. ~t Roll' zs " iC::~"A) f"P.~.!:..II:CH:O __ ~!.::.. i..,t.c~·rie-,. wit!" 1t~"''''~F n",'_'...--_!",,':' :; ... 31ack ?lag ?LTJS an absolutely Vc ~: :'l words' n ' pictures lowdow" on The Sexiest ~!en " :;;: ~ in :lock (Part 2). Tnc Luded are 'members' ~f /. ~;: k The 'i:ed "ot Chili Pep?ers ("young, duab .n .:;;. c full of cum"), Fear. (LeeVing), t~otley Cz:ue, :: ~ .- Rank and File (.without ,ueiJandro and Slim ;,; Jim! Tsk tsk), Blood on the Saddle (Qreg ~lt;>or" l'Javis), Social ;)istort:_on (~like :':e3S), Tex -.{ '., The Horseheads (tlike i'artt) and of course I •• lux of "'he '~ramps ('any~n9' who's seem 'e!!! 1)'2, knows he likes showin '~t'). 'IIhat, no ~ ~utthole Surfers? 53.95 and worth every _ penny. From IT, 7216 :larna .'ve, ~. nollywood ~ Cl 91605-4186. :And if you get into it, ..,.' check out the letter ·.·rom Tesco 'lee i'l 11-94-,~ have you ever be fore 'leard him aound si.ncere '""" ? llso, Sexiest Men ill Rock Part 1 in fl-77.) , ~ ~ote: price includes postage. MATTER what I think it was "lipside is MAlI'ER called a 'prozine.' S~ick1y-done and ultra,,' high quality paper ~ l~yout. #10 cover stor~ ies: 'lick cave, and l't.e Cramps. $1.50 include! P postage: 127 Jane :jt, Weehawken ~rJ 07087. Speaking or our rJvorite FLIPiID~, ~ their new "7 years of fun" issue is out ~ it's wonderful as uSlal. $1 ~ 50c postage to: POBOlr 363, '!:hittier CA 90608 JCrawford, :>A2,)01 OLS'I cartonntst, lias ~A~N a new address: 773 ,,1st 21st Street, Brook, 1yn .'fV 11210. BLOC:)Y I.351J':i:l from Herning, '.Jen- f ------:----t--------~-·-::-- n ? x.'.~~~ 'o1i~ g;~ :2 The Board of Elections in New York City has set up a sepcial t e Lephone number to ca Ll for information on how to register and vote. In New York, call VOTER84 {868-3784~ In other 'areas/simply call the Board of Elections, listed under the city or municipality in the phone book, or call information. r: r ~* To those people who LoudLy-, and we think naively, assert that voting is pointless because it doesn't change or affect anythrLng, and that cool people don't vo ce (instead, they wear anarchy svmoo l s on their clothes), we answer: .4hether you acquiesce to them o~~not, you are subject to the laws of the United States and the vari,)us States while you are here. The United States Constitution, in its Due Process and Ellual Protection clauses among others, seeks to protect US citizens from unreasonable governmental int"rference. Yet the Constitution is subject to the unpredictability (;f judicial interpretation, with the Supreme COu=t h,!'ying the fini! ·f.•' 'say on the exact limits of our Consti tutional rights;.,:~ -What does this mean to U.;, the "average" citizens, in eu.e everyday lives? Plenty. It was the Supreme Court that ultin'(tely required reading of the ("Mizanda") rights to an accused upon; arrest by the police, and it was the Supreme Court, in the landmark Roe v Wade case (1973), that held it an unconstitutional Lnvas Lon of p ra vacy for the government, to interfere with the choice o f: a woman to end an unwanted precjnancy. Because so many of the rights we've become accustomed to and depend upon are not specifical:~y embodied in the Constitution or its amendments. the current o« future Supreme Court by giving a narrower interpretation to 'che meaning of the applicable Cc,'lstitutional clause can take away the rights bestowed upon us by past liberal courts. Clearly, a CI)nservative Court, by use of its overwhelming power over our lrres, would ch Lp away at these ric'hts. According to current f;;recasts, 5 of the 9 Supreme Court justices now on the bench .",11 retire within the next Preside~ltial term of office. Five new justices, a majority, will be appointed for li fe by the next President. (A maj or i, ty, not a unanimous vote, is all that's necessary for a Supreme Court judgment to stand.) Further, if the 5 liberal-leaning Justices now on the bench replaced with 5 conservati ve s , it will create the first allconservative Court in l'early all of our history; the benillcLll tension between the two iOLologies will be destroyed. We all know Reagan is extremely conservati ~. Just one recent example 1.S his rema'ck about the "inseparable" link be tvree n ' religion and poli tics, whi-::h clearly shows his own link with ·.:he anti-choice/school prayer/ate £anatical Moral Majority/Reverend Jerry Falwell contingent. On the other hand, through televiz.Lon coverage of the Democratic National Convention and newspaper xe+ ports, we all know Mondale (with Ferraro!) is relatively libe;:al, especially in contrast to Reagan. His values favor a strict uepar~r'I-= . . NE~vSSHORT~ Editorial cb nz-ch __ ._ '>k WHY WEALL MUSTVOTEIN THE Nm'EMBER PRESIDENTIALELECTIONS or, How Many Anti-Reagan Songs Have ~ Ever Slammed To? a ti i o n cF .. r" .~1, . .: .~. .-~-~ 1 I ~ - F/S - l/)- :r...2"'~ ~h~~"!" we were : well t near there 6' ooD~ i:1 ..u-hu!:o) for this bit;-he'l 2-d' ;o,!'nlrfest in L' May "" •.•. here we ende'i up hanging ou t wi • ~ a bunch of generally stupid and racist v: NF-type skinheads, "~:ade in Denmar":" ta ISSu'E. ::._.,., :;-,:~toos'n'all that, bL·t they were pretty nice . __~ 1 •. ay •• y. So - wri tc , J-Srgen ~~l ang, 'Jle b ~ R6mersvej 5, 7400 ;!erning, Denmark or Jenz ~.' Hansen, Spinkeberg 17, ujellerup; 7400 -<lIDI~~-:!.'?~ -, Herning, Denmark. ., ."' .••••••..• ALT~!?SD 3'l'AT£;'rENT~, ever-changing, an ~..iERI::D 4't." not appr-ecLat.ed , erfort i'1 communication ~TE: . worIa ••••. ..-to"'eaplaattltespirit • ~ ••• 'TI of the al subculture (so they S I' ~~,N_tv,,':T 'l_aviolatloD ~~~O":.....A.. say) that's free hut if you don't send mE::NfS ': In-"reIa'eddewlopmeat.sixmem_ '~I "f: stamps or money 1)1m'n'1 wl11 break your benoftbeConcresionaJAmtoCoatrol'.,I ;" legs. l"rom: lsble~ Allen, POBox3529, :::in:anctFOI"I!tIIDPouc~Caususi_arecinnati OH 45201, (PS-A.A. trades zines, :port today analyzing -... what said 10 .beViol&~ot!OtDe301a"inthe..... ~ flyers especially ~, tapes) '(l i r-. ".:~i' ,:,. - PLAYLJS':'S l!'! EXILE is still going, or ,1-'<>1 ;:essm."e· •••••thatthereportshowed I.... .. .; going again that is, but I c an ' t find the 11' .,roubJongpanemotdisrespectaod.. """ I playlists! '!ionder,ful opinionated articles, ~~ E: ~torthe'a""bYthe_ ....:.-:.-:: .~. however. Send slE: 99 :=:ast 4th s e , "y ~y ~ ",II.. ". Rep. Jim Leach,RepubliCan. 1 0003 • . 1.1 chairmanof the caucusand DF.:RaD' I _ t~' ·tbiMJr_.R· ,I," , a.s frr,!D our nation's capital o~~aD ., ••. Fi .~ • it "',- Washindoom. Big,' fa t e handwri tten. 1St' ' 00 -'"rancisco" be' wr te -c-to ~ho1JChowProd., rail 56047, "ashindum DC t .homosextWs shar] 0 , . we actually saw 20011 . ...•. ~.J. </. . '_" .[u;;;.~-:.e~. a~ .~uv- f' =~~~:=.~~,: plf' I -..~- . - Falwell's triP to SIl!lEran_c~~ 0'•. returning home, Falwell sent ell a Unio S 1 mg a pubJi;: platti . direct-mail pit.cb' including photos taken munin qua,re with transv{:~ites orm in __ ---:---~ "AN'Zr:~s. con tinued over _ .' . "incog.:uto" by bis son Jonathan of trims- PIlL!. sts, k Central America: Iter; tutes, people who would legaliZemarijua- -"Perver&~ll18:· v~t.ite l!ctivist Sister Boom Boom, r)i two -"-roc _anar~hists; unior ized ::~:~: '18. and other rad·;cals·.... . si,!e," Falwe sall

  • fanzine (c on r. in u e d ) rll'~~'~~""~~ -=-- '~~';,""i'~ 'L fanzin" S.C.R.:::.A.I-'. compilation Vol. 1 (Thirsty Ear Productions, 3,r) Madison Ave, Suite I' 1506, '1ew York ~y 10017) -- '!'his is a '1IOLI'! JUT3"RF;AK will have a ne. issue promo-only thine put out for radio staout in October br NovemOer. ~he zine used tions i n order fox' the bands to get to be called Violent Outbreak, so you may exposure. SCRF-AM stands for "Sampler have seen an issue under that name. Anyway Containing :<ea11y F.'<citing American Muit's from Tony, POBox 72, Franklin Sq, NY sic" but it doesn't. r mean, not really 11010., at least to us. T.o of the Yes, Jack's still at i t ~, stil.l packed songs, by Painkillers and Hip Chemists, just with info, although he's widened hi,s scope really suck. Ne. 'liav', idiotic snit. But a bit lately. And after reading t'lis, there 1s some stutt 011here .orth lIIentioning don't ever bitch to us about our s,all much to our surprise. 84 Rooms does a' print ever again! The BIG TAKEOV?R, c/o sort or 'IWavey tribal drumish thing witb Jack Rabid, 249 21dridge Street, B(lX14, a great title, "Wild "oung Winos." Also ~!ewYork ~Y 10002. 40~ tribal/industrial is L fI. by Executive Stan from Sohozat, one of the coolest Slacks which would be good to .ind do.n an cOlIlic/etc/subculture stores in lfYC;tty, and evening with. And thE other thing that some cronies put out a big, .eird, glossy caught our ear is The Altruistics "P1aymag called ZAT just lately', they swear its ground" which remindeci us or that "44 gonna get better every issue. ,2 from Zat Women"song by the "fails slowed do sn ; It Mag, 307 ,~est 2'way, "Y :1,( 10013 this is the kind ot thing that appeals to Got a copy or issue 1 Of 1'HF;- FRINC';: you, writs to the address above fo~ more and it'B actually got a hand-eolor~d cover! info. Interested bands .ith really exciting ~hey write about zines and otner sturt and music (heh heh heh) should get in touch too •••• the print isn't very small, so all you com••• from the merely m"diocre to the sublime... plainers. send SOlliedough to Th'Fringe, PO t §r:i-' ii; .::::~~::;CQ' . ,,,;,,~;.::;:s '. •... 'N. I : • - ., 'I ~~ ~.;;ll' ••. ---...-- P.O. BOX 1028 ., N. Y. 10023 USA !',tatem.'nt f em the Sditurds ~ other bus iness (113 if .e haven't said enough already) Send'm SAP.or rnternational Reply coupon (2) if you write for issues ( and please do!) - "X' else you risk the trashcan treatment. sl'rryl bubba, .e're broke. :;ubmi(Sio~S .elcome. Ad rates negotiable, Anyon; who can contribate staJllPS or stamped ~nvelopes, please, ~ thank you. ',Vecop,YX'ight this zine because we don't ever wani, anyone using it or selling it in a way WI> don't appr-ove of. Anyone who .ants to copy the entire fanzine P< di.stribute it h"s our support and our thanks - jus t don't eharig" money for it. ~hanks to ~G at ~3GB ror treatin us right all these years. .. ~ ~ --------- St, ~!ewYork :lY 10012) -- Sven though .e like t.h1.s record because 1. t' s funny and GOV'::R~!ME~lT ISSU" "JoyRide" 12" Lp/ep (#9) it actualJ.y bounds pretty good and the on ",ountain of Youth (5710 Durbin Rd , llethlyrics ar-r- dkmn bitchen-<-~·~.'.-d---vrie-e "abo ut esda MD 20817) -- ":'he title track jumped out it anyway """,,"use werr; afraid that if at "13 first thing-it's driving, desperllt" didn't Mylol Board would tie us to chairs t, destined to be a tru" classic. Also and make uu look at pornography while totally w~.r.ning is "Re'aection" with it's listening ",0 GGAllin fOr~ayS or even earie gJlitar •• nd distant vocals. "!31ending weeks. Oh yeah .e forgo also on the In" features more .ren(!hing desperation .ith first side is "We ,;ant lu ear War" which a great beat and pace. "These Soots Were is another run satirical (is it satire, Made For 'Jlalkin'" is thro.n in as a surprise huh? hUh?) number.. bu.t it sounds like extra track. very impressive, too, is "lark Kent Ill' somebody, no,. no, a bad I "Time to Escape," that ,shOWS, as does the warp-out on the Stranglers' "aring On The Address correction: the latest address of YAnOO fanzine tbat .e .r()te about entire record, what a band .ith its roots :,!ubiles". .~,ide 2 has a virtually unrecoga rew i.ssues is: c/o ?aul 3peakmar:, 46 '.Y. in hardcore can do with it, .here it can nizabls cover-versi.on of 3imon " '}arfunkel's " take masicfi.t loves and build on it instead hit "I Ama Rock" featuring classy/sleazy Chapleton Ave, Bearsden, GlasF,ow, 5cotland. of repeating it over & over. (3and's address sax and s~oo~h-as-honey Board ~cals. If *A11 addresses listed are in the USAunless. - FOEox 75423, "ashington DC20013) you wanna he!1l" it you better send for it stated otherwise. ':;hen fanzi!Jes are list,,;. or get it at the cheesiest record store ed as 'free' or no price is 11stej, SEND r ••• and also from Fountain of Youth... BQ'JNCI'fG BABIZScompilation (FOY 007) see you can find, cuz .e doubt it'll. ever make A!I SA';; OR rscs ,'iC1E', 'NRI'"I."O,0'< TS3USS above for FOYaddress ~- Scems .liKe many of it onto the jukebox at the llo Lfday , fiR ,VJ'i'H 1"!'(U1 lIES.* < the •• ongs on Side 1 ase taking up the pre----------------.----•.• haracore DC style of thoughtful non-commerA City's BligIlt: Riots, Crime, Golf in Streets cial pop-based music in the tradition of "'he :l'lrses, the Chumps, etc. Frenetic :;ews Items gu1tar-pop for '?eople who hate commercial Anyone wanna. play ',reensboro 'Ie? T f you pop/:few'Nave. Thf! _lbuia as a whole sho.s do, a club called '''enders is booki'lg steadAFRIKAi3A.:-!BUTAAThe Godta;'lle,' ot· sou), g. bands jumping of! from .verything fro!!! hardily 'lie hear ',you can reach them at (919) JAMSSaRO'IIN "Unity" 6- track .l2" 33 (TB core to ska to post-punlt guitar-pop to o~n373-9529. 847) on TommyBoy (1747 First At'e, :IY NY type dark stuff, then m.i,xinlr em up and takin@ ,'eavy "etal "ecords label from Engla~d is 10128) -- 'rhe six tracks on thi« record 'em somewhere new. Evel the more busy/ looking for !Jew met""l bands. ccn t ac t Faul are entitled "Unity Part 1" .e t c thr.ough 6, noisy numbers fit well ,.i th the slower/ Birch, ;:1·1 ReC~'riS' 152.. ".'Old thorn~i11, Penn, .i th subtitles like "The Third ':oming," quietsr songs, creating •. well-balanced camp ~iolverhampton '/N2 Y'A, "Y"'fuclear "ild Style," and "World III." not limited to one styln. ':'he bands on this Rest r n Pea e Ernest Tubb. . But the message of everyone and obviously record that .e normally think 0 f as he here Eeres an i te you won't want to be wi. t h-, the theme of the record is simply: Peace, show another Side, another dimension. The out! Its a Li.t t le toy tT'U k.. th"t, --"'~.,,~,,--" , lip:h tel' flound 0 f ,,1.<., •••" ,.. wi ~L.t1-~"g •. .t·~~~ , ..:J·':.--ho':rcl[Vs-n'ccmr'<'ii!st· t rives around the gr-oov. ' •. 1 Love, 1Jnity Il. Havin Fun. Ya c"~.' t argue -ritit cuat, buoua. Ide xaeii Of tnese two guitar and real singing makes ror some great es - no turntable needed! 0nly 129.95 post musical leaders collaborating i3 exciting so unds/songe, and certai nly fills a void paid (seri.ously; from ,nvestments :lnlimi t e d , in itselt but what's more, .e'r3 happy to that's gro.n up bet.een musical styles. 1001 31/ 14th, 1'-eore OK 73160. Bands included: Dove, CrJ.ppled Pilgrillls, ~.;...;..;...;..:..~...;.--------report, the result actu,llly Body Count, Lucky Pierr&, qnderground 501achieves a good mix of the two Eltyles dier, Artificial Peace, ~xiled, 3cream, Glee these gents are taJIIOUS for. . ,Ihat? Oh, Ot course it's a great dance :lub, 31ack Market Baby, Reptile ~ouse, 9353, !he Last Minute, eeaver, Assault & Battery, record. KING SUNNY ADE at The Pier, Sept. 8 '84: 8raille Party, Void, and Government Issue. Another 'rommyBoy release we'd like to mention while we're here is tpe !1ALI?OLM X A spectacular sight and a spectacular CIJN'l'S Live "Apocalyptic Ereakfast"/"Turn "'<a .se LL Gut" 12-inch, masterminded by of Night" 7-inch 45 (01:<-58400) on Dismix of inf Luerce s ; There were, about 20 Kei thLeBlanc. I ~'s a backing tr",ck with turbing Records (from ~hicago, but no people on sta$e; we couldn't see everyone excerpts or i':alcolm X speeches; )'OU can ad<!ress on the record) .•- "Apocalyptic from where we Nere, but we heard 'em think while you dance. The accompanying Breakfast" sounds like '~redence Clear.ater alright. In the beginning of the set, video has a lot or powerful clips of '60s 'Heard It 'rhrough the Gi7apevine' and Jim they did some,modern-influenced songs-civil rights demonstrations and speeches. Morrison singing. The :irummer sucks. 70s rock Lnf Luerice , country/western inTry to see it (though you can be t your :fere's the pSYl:hede1ic i~uitar. tt's not fluence, including a pedal steel guitar ass it ain't gonna show up on HTV!. bad, I kinda like it, b.,t it's rehash. --but as the set went on, they did a RATMUSICFORRATPBOPLSVOL. 2 ctmpilaClever rehash. TastefuL rehash. "Turn of lot more traditional-sounding material. tion (CD009) on CD Presents (1230 Grant /fight" is altogether di,·ferent. Ade, in traditional dress with an elecBy Rick Little (.ith ))im) Ave, Suite 531; San Francisco CA 94133) tric guitar slung around his neck, lookThis record fea tures Butthole su r re r-s, ed great, At. one point, he actually OFFE~!DERS !late Myseli"/"Bad Times" 7" "I Personality Crisis,ii':inutemen, JFA, Tales got that who:,e huge place singing along 45 (RAB-OOI-O!') on ~abir: Cat ~ecords (Box of Terror, Fang, Dicks, The White ~ie, Big in Nigerian, dhring a call-and-response 49263. Austin TX 78765) -- ~he 1 Side's a BOys, DRTand !-IDC (one song each eJ~eept piece. After that, the band did a quick little blast or aeL!-disgust .i th the latter three bands with t.o sorgs each~ little seel"'~n~ly-impromptu chant of neat off guitars and nett lyrics such as Overall this is a very listenable, cobetheir own, c1}mflete with 'dog' barks. "It's too late now to rd:onstruct/T know sive compo Rard and generallY either fast Very pretty !;ounding altogether. The I'm gonna se 1 f des truc t" • '"his is the or pre t ty fas t, the bandS and the songs language it~~lf sounds beautiful, very kind 0 f song tha t se ts paren ts to .ondering themselves go •• 11 together. The 1,nics poetic. A b',r.,utiful show. I .hat they did wrong. ;'Bad rimes" has a on most every song are really .orth readslow, laborious begin~i_~~ that dr~6s jf I ing, but especially the Big30Ys' "His. you'!,. just waiting for' tlirash, but, it's tory," The T)icks' "Le!;acy or Ml!.n"2.ta as cool :if you get into it'I'hat pretty much 1I"ua1 tne...Minu<;!lIfen-·' h "Fake Contest." ..•. t NAKED RAYGUY and BLOODSPORT Exit in at goes for .t~~ whole record: Chicago, Sep,:. 2 '84: I., .rac t , the Big !Joys are an incredIbly The fast, heavy p",,'~ at the end is hip but bitchen band we think. Fang's lyrics to it you only-"ait for/listen to that, you'll BLOODS PORT is a new Chicago 4-piece "They .'ent ~:e to Hell G.O.D." are hilariou miss the power of this ••. "tl-religion, antis, And "DC sails in with their reto,~t to with a r ea Ll.y good guitar player. This churchscam #. ereat to~'.;h&-point lyrics. the inane preachings or ths Bad Brains was only their 4th gig, but we heard .i th the stunning "Pay to Come Along," they practic;e all the time and it shows. THETOAS'l'ERS "Beat t:p"/"ilrixton Beat" 7" A.111n all, a very worth.hile effort, 45 on Tce Bear (2reakta8" ~"usic, 295 East They play m':'stly medium-fast guitar8th St, New York :;'( 1000')) -- "Brixton based sonqs, a little on the dark side '1USKER DO"Zen Arcade" 12" double Lp ,~3 Beat" is the stand-out C,lt here, with (J with real - .5:.:1ging and backup vocals. (S5T 027) on S3T Records (POBox 1, La.nslow, mock-sad/serious v"ice-over beginning There's a r','ally neat thing gain' on :lale CA 90260) -- Zen Arcade is the F"t and an upbeat tune to fo~,lor it up. Acwith the bass , because the bass player 'ounds/Sgt. ,Pepper or 1984. It's by ,:usker tually we wouldn't be qd te so interested is really a guitar player so the Du. "Hear what I say But you can't h£ar me in this if we hadn' t rec~ ntly seen 'l'he rhythm ' see:zi.on ' consists mostly of .t all" is a lyric r~om it. It's a m"sicToasters at CBGB, .here '"ney put on a very the dr urnme. r We liked the drununer a Lans musicians music~ans record. It's tun yet inVOlving set fef.turing some inlot. The lest song they did was a real lardcore/rolk/Psychedelic/rock/hardcor~1 credibly fine songs that really stay with n;,(.;e instn;,',ental. Reconunended to see. ,ocl,{/hare krishna IIIU~iC. .Ctually ••• and you. In tact, we think,.hey're on» o f the NAKED RAYGUtfs an 01' favorite on the lonest to God ••• you shouldn't stoop to most underrated live ba~(S in the city. Chicago SCE.,';'. Also a 4-piece, It they' :L•. sirying s it. lt's a double album/al.biFUck this 7-inch ehU, ,51 "Y should put out ve be~n a r ornd a long time and are real ;!.ous/ first take/imll1ediate/amateur/pro~ eean album. This is on th. jukebox at the pop uLar on r.nei r I:ome turf. We're not ,ion·al. 1t makes 83% 0 f the shi t .you Lear Holiday, sO go on over th're and play it, exactly su: e why, but they're very hard ,nyway Bound like skipping records. Th~t OK? ~d see the ':'oasters next ti~e they to describe, Relatively fast with 900d .ncLudes the radio in your own teeth; Its Play. songs and s;nging, Check 'em out on , lot of electronic games. 9uy Zen Arca,le t.he i.i- 7 u. a nc' the c.ld Busted at OZ comp.nd get inspired in a ti~e of indecisio,. ART!.!::.,S "Ho. Much Funk "c;k lh You !!ear ilation. Tley'll also be on a Hew camp tIS repeating histor¥_ Tt's the ~et In '?ussia'!"I"I Ama Rock" 7-l ~Ch 45 (OL coming out (f Chicago soon. ounds of 1984 as Sgt. Pepper made a SCi~m. 452) on ~he Only Label In Dbe Rorld (c/o Seidboard Horld Enterpris's, 75 Jleecker by Dim'",'Patti This is a review. By Rick Little Box 250~, ~ellingham ~A 98227. SENSE OF PI'RPOS::: is a NYCzhe that "'.<:lstly gives a damn about garage " psychedelic music, cut s~_Js ~W8y trom ~,ullshit drivel. U to Box 1897, N.Y ~Y' lOCC,,=,. ANTI-~YSTEH a German zine .ith is good band pictures and scene repo:.'ts (one from '38n Francisco), ana a t.o-pa$e tanzine listing. Send at least 5 or 4 IRes to; Karl-I!einz molkmit, ",iebi tzweg 4, 2300 Klausd.....0rf/Sch., ''''est Germany. -.e I * ",f~ LIVE'· MUSIC • I -_._-------. ----

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