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Published on February 28, 2014

Author: Memphre_en_Mouvement



Partners' Newsletter of children and heathy way of life.

Partners Newsletter Partners Newsletter, march 2014 Sommary.... It’s happennig right here!!2 Arrimages et planification triennale Qu’en est-il de l’évaluation de l’Outil Mon Portrait (OMP) ? Journée des intervenants 0-5ans, ça s’en vient ! On cuisine en famille! Défi Santé 5/30 Équilibre : motiver les citoyens! Did you know that?!4 Quand générosité rime avec psychomotricité – source CS des Sommets Infos & links!5 Pour faire bouger les préados : Formation en mobilisation: Nouveau : Le rôle des pères Rédaction Denis Delbois — coordonateur-adjoint Isabelle Mercieca — coordonateur MeM Joël Bolduc — coordonateur PPEM Marie-Josée Cotnoir — conseillère ressource Contact Memphré en Mouvement Partenaires pour la Petite Enfance Memphrémagog MemphreEnMouvement 120, rue Bellevue Magog J1X 3H2 Tél. : 819 446 5005 Memphre@regroupement.que Twitter : @MemenMouvement ÉDITORIAL : Personal anecdote When I woke up at home this morning, I had a sore throat. Since I didn’t want to give anything to my family or colleagues, I made a trip to the local drugstore, the one that established itself in our municipality thanks to our Municipal Council. What does this anecdote have to do with anything? Well, it just happens to bring together all the elements of our current reflection, such as the representation of an individual, in his own environment, at the center of a multidirectional reflection. Indeed, you have the parent and friend who doesn’t want to impact his immediate environment; the resident who takes advantage of local services; and the citizen who congratulates his Municipal Council for having heard him - before he lost his voice... What we have, in short, is an organization in which all levels of decison-making serve the individual and therefore meet a real need. But getting there required planning and prioritizing, and would not have been possible without reexaminating things and considering the different ways in which we process - and view things. So beyond the financial aspect, this appoach allows us to meet present needs while ensuring sustainable development. The academic would call this an holistic approach, because it takes into account the ecosystem. As for myself, I’ll just say that those little pills did the trick . 1

Partners Newsletter, march 2014 It’s happening right here It’s happennig right here! Consolidation and three-year planning We’ve reached a very important step in the three-year plan for children 0-5 years old and their families: taking action! And we’re working in a very consolidated manner: by geographical area, while including actions that promote healthy lifestyle habits. During the meetings in January, each committee was given the opportunity to start thinking about the projects required to bring about the desired changes. What do we need to do to collectively reach our four objectives? -Improve the child’s ability to engage with others in a positive manner; -Improve the lifestyle habits of children; -Increase the ability of parents, who are in a precarious situation, to take action; -Strenghten the faith families have in their community and in organizations within the territory. Clearly, some areas of work, and some communities, will require further reflection initially in order to assess what’s already being done, to consider possible linkages, and to build collective actions together... On the other hand, we can aleady tell which changes will require very concrete projects! Wonderful opportunities await us! During the meetings in March, the Territorial Committees and the Coordinating Committee will propose concrete action plans involving organization leaders, as well as the budget required for the actions. This will be the last phase of the three-year plan for 0-5 year olds. Lastly, all the partners will adopt the plans and budgets at the April 2014 Assembly! It’s a date, so we hope to see you there in large number! Where are we with the evaluation of “Mon Portrait” (“My Profile”)? The Université de Sherbrooke, in collaboration with the PPEM (Partenaires pour la Petite Enfance de Magog), evaluated this educational support tool and will soon release the report. This tool is designed to facilitate communication between educational daycares and schools, for future kindergarten students. It’s a record of a child’s developmental 2

achievements, prepared by the daycare educators and submitted to school resource workers with the parents’ authorization. The goal is to promote continuity in the educational services made available to children and to identify early on the needs of the children who are most at risk. The evaluation of this tool led to various findings, as well as recommendations for improving content validity and ensuring that objectives are more easily met. The PPEM Kindergarten Transition Committee will look at different ways of sharing the results of the report. The goal is to allow all concerned parties (educators, teachers, school administrators, resource workers) access to the report by March or April 2014, at the latest. The Committee will also reflect on which recommendations it wishes to follow. community kitchen Bouchée Double, vary according to the clientele. The take-away: parents and children enjoy cooking together: over 20 participants took part in the two last workshops hosted by École des Deux-Soleils! In the Playgroup (at Princess Elizabeth) and in the Family Club (at the Maison de la Famille), the emphasis is on healthy eating among toddlers by getting them to help prepare simple and inexpensive recipes. The icing on the...muffin: the workshops are designed in a way to promote the parent/child bond as well as language development! At École des Deux-Soleils and at the Villa Pierrot, monthly get-togethers in the evening provide parents with inexpensive recipe ideas for the lunch box or supper. Could positive experiences make change easier? The Journée des intervenants 0-5 ans is coming soon! 5/30 Health and Wellness Challenge: motivating citizens! For its 3rd year, the day that celebrates childcare workers will be held on May 15, at the Community Centre in Ste-Catherine-deHatley. Be sure to mark it on your calendar! This day is an opportunity for childcare workers from different communities to exchange ideas, get to know one another better, share knowledge and become reenergized. As a result of the concerns that were brought up in the course of the evaluations, the committee decided that the theme of this 3rd edition would be: “Anxiety in Children”. We will send you more details in the coming months via the Réseau enfance Memphrémagog. This network is intended for childcare workers who follow children from conception to five years of age, and their families, residing in the Memphrémagog MRC. If you are not yet a member, you can join by clicking on this link: http:// Free access, personal freedom and prizes: a winning combination to get young people and their families to have fun while taking part in the challenge! The goal is to eat at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables every day, and to be active at least 30 minutes a day. In 2013, 362 municipalities and local communities took part in the project in order to encourage people to acquire healthy lifestyle habits. In Eastman, the event is advertized in the Municipal Newsletter, on the website and in the activities section of the Facebook page. Every week in March and April, the activities coordinator will have new challenges for citizens in order to encourage them to be active and eat more fruits and vegetables! Are municipal councillors going to take part as well? For more information on the project, visit the website Défi Santé 5/30 Équilibre and register! Cooking together as a family! Dozens of families are taking part in the Parent/Child Cooking Workshops in Magog. The workshops, which are hosted by the 3

Partners Newsletter, march 2014 Did you know that? Did you know that? Psychomotor skills can be used to help others (Source: Commission Scolaire des Sommets). Kindergarten students from École St-Pie-X learned how important and enjoyable it is to give to others. With help from all the students in the school, the Sourinidi and the Quenouille d’Or kindergarten classes collected so much candy that they were able to make fifty or so treat bags to spruce up the Christmas baskets. Besides making a really nice gesture, the kids had fun matching mathematical concepts (classification, enumeration, equivalence, etc.) with assembly-line tasks that helped them develop their fine and global motor skills. Learning is child’s play, n’est-ce pas? 4

Partners Newsletter, march 2014 Infos & links Infos & links To get pre-teens to be more active: sign up for a HOCKEY BOTTINES MISSION before March 31, 2014 and you might be lucky enough to have Étienne Boulay and the WIXX squad show up at your place! http:// concours/ COMMUNAGIR : is an organization that provides training in community mobilization and development. You can find support for your practices with workshops on evaluation, governance, process facilitation, etc... The workshops are available in two formats: day courses and webinars. For a complete list of what’s available, go to: http:// component in a child’s development: NEW: the schedule of healthy lifestyle promotion/ prevention campaigns is available under the following link: http:// wp-content/uploads/2014/01/ Formations-et-webinairesHP2014-FINAL.pdf sante_publique/ promotion_prevention/ habitudes_de_vie/ saines_habitudes_de_vie.php The father’s place : A father plays an important role in a child’s life. Below are a few sites that support, document and promote fatherhood as a key 1. It’s happening in the Eastern Townships! The first portal for fathers in the francophone world was launched during the first “Fatherhood Recognition Week” in the region: http:// 2. The Fathers Friendly Initiative within the Families, not yet available in our region, but inspiring: 3. The Regroupement pour la valorisation de la paternité, a coalition that recognizes the importance of fatherhood: http:// Social  Media  reminder Facebook Dans  la  barre  de  recherche  de  votre  navigateur   tapez   h5ps:// MemphreEnMouvement?ref=hl A.  Cliquez  sur  «  j’aime» B.Consultez  les  archives  et  arGcles C.Commentez D.Partagez  avec  vos  amis E.Invitez  vos  amis  à  cliquer  «j’aime» 5

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