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Published on February 17, 2014

Author: healthcares



My first newsletter , took my a while . I don't have any spectacular degrees but i made a puzzle by myself for my own health, also thanks to my doctor who opened my eyes a little because i changed to another . Lot's to tell about so leave this behind me. Inspiring others to do the same because after many years of bad feelings inside , it was time to change for real and get back my health no matter what has happend . Thx to FREZZOR and NOEL TURNER , i started to think again to get back quality in my life.
thx for reading my first newsletter

17 FEBRUARI 2014 Balance your body, GET back in homeostasis and GET back quality of life. NEWSLETTER 1 BUY NOW Click here info HEALTHCARES.BE Quality of food Every vegetable/fruit you eat now has not the same nutrients as 50 years ago or longer. 1 carrot means eating 4 carrots now for the same result. Same with VIT D., all vitamines and minerals etc, works synergistically together. So I take „healthy” supplements because they provide and support me for my daily needed vitamins and minerals . SO are many others suffering unnecessary. What’s the meaning of life ? Doing the best you can and feel the best you can , no matter what. Money can be used wisely. Learn the way yourself or learn from others. It’s all about the environment. It's quiet a job refreshing your refrigerator with such amount of vegetables you need. Running out of time , getting stress isn't needed anymore. Being fastfood addicted does satisfy you at first sight with fat and sugar but it makes you crave harder . Getting addicted even worse as well. Think small in time. That's why i needed something good and healthy .. I found it into FREZZOR weight management and superfood also omega 3 black. Animals also can take advantage of omega 3 from FREZZOR. Signing up as ambassador at no cost is very profitable for purchasing FREZZOR products, anytime. It's fries dried , RAW, NO GMO, No PESTICIDES, NO preservatives, no ANTIBIOTICS. Omega 3 BLACK from FREZZOR , contains greenlipped mussel oil , containing all known types of omega 3 , 18 unique fatty acids !1

17 FEBRUARI 2014 NEWSLETTER 1 not found in any other form of organism and still discovering the benefits. The maori's lived very healthy after the invasion of the western food culture making them sicker then ever because of their lifestyle changed. ! Same happens still. So FREZZOR products are designed to help people of all ages live a longer, healthier, and happier life. Give back the quality to your life that you deserve. ! WWW.FREZZOR.COM Science FREZZOR FREZZOR has the cleanest and purest Astaxanthin oil in the world, farmed in New Zealand from NZ Algae in a sophisticated enclosed bio-reactor. ! Our NZ Astaxanthin  is 6,000 more powerful than Vitamin C, 800 times stronger than Co-Q10, 550 times stronger than green tea, we blend our Astaxanthin with the most powerful and effective Omega-3 oil in the world which we extract in our NZ FREZZOR plant from NZ Greenlip mussels, our FREZZOR Greenlip mussel Omega-3s contain over 18 Omega-3s, fish contain only 3 Omega-3s. F R E Z Z O R greenlip mussel oil Omega-3s are 250 times more powerful than Fish Oil and 35 times more powerful than krill oil… Look for a supplement with a toxin-free extraction process from a quality company, like FREZZOR, putted it into their omega 3 black. Optimal dosing is 40 milligram a day taken with or immediately prior to meals containing a little fat to ensure optimal absorption. There have been no reported toxicity or side effects from ATX supplementation, but always check with your doctor before taking any supplements. ! Supplements are being take with care and not a substitute for a balanced diet. Always consult a doctor for advice or talk about it with a health consultant . Let food be your medicine and let your medicine be your food. This is an independed newsletter with no obligations or harm to any person or organisation. By any abuse or question, email Using content , free from the internet and personal experience, advice for inspiring lifestyle changes. Bert verbraeken, Ambassador FREZZOR webmaster , visit my personal website or blogs for more info Thx for reading my first newsletter , always learning by myself !2

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