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Published on March 11, 2014

Author: marandamoses


News for electronic cigarette It was in China where the concept of electronic cigarettes or ecigs came into force by a pharmacist named Hon Lik. Even the inventor never expected that e-cigarette would catch up magnificently with traditional smoking products in a short span of time. If we see the present global smoking scenario, ecigs have emerged strongly into the smoking markets quickly and have become a main smoking product of millions of smokers round the whole world. This new style of smoking has become the apex smoking product which was never expected by seeing the dominance of paper cigarettes across the world some years ago. E cigs came into the smoking world a decade ago and since then, have sharply advanced as perfect substitutes to paper cigarettes and have considerably reduced dependence on traditional smoking products. Another marvelous feature that separates e-cigarette from paper cigarette is that it is free of any tobacco substance and does release harmful toxins and instead releases nicotine vapors that are safe without smoke and is further useful in sustaining healthy environment. E-cigarette has no evil effect on passive smokers and can be used anywhere just like its traditional counterpart. Electronic Cigarette raise the physical, social and environmental standards and help in quitting tobacco smoking permanently. E-cigarette satisfies the regular nicotine level of a smoker in a most appropriate way and gives more pleasure and charm to the smoker. The liquid nicotine solution is stored in a liquid chamber or cartridge which is attached to e cigarettes that is basically dissolved in propylene glycol and comes in thousands of enchanting flavors. The nicotine level can be varied according to the choice of the smoker and can be easily refilled again. Electronic cigarette au run on a battery system that come in a pair and is interchangeable that gives the smoker an advantage of having regular nicotine dosage anywhere at any time. You can buy e-cigarette at any leading cigarette shop or can purchase them online through several internet stores. Nic Hit ecigs is one of the famous brands that deal in best electronic cigarette with glorious designs and models at a cheap price. Apart from the cartridge and battery, ecigs further comprise of a mouthpiece, an atomizer or a heating element, a LED (light emission diode), and some electronic circuits. When a smoker inhales, the nicotine solution is turned into a vapor through the atomizer which is powered by the battery and hence, is taken in without combustion. This is a marvelous feature of e-cigarette which has resulted in more sustainable health and environment.

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