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Published on August 25, 2011

Author: dbyoung


Slide 1: New Hire Coaching For new hires or those in transition A powerful and cost effective new approach to maximising performance Slide 2: The Problem Two out of every five new executives fail in the first 18 months & 64% of new executives hired from outside the company will fail at their new jobs (HBR, January 2005)  40% of new leaders fail to meet expectations of management in their new role  (Right Management survey of 826 HR directors, 2003) The cost, including additional recruitment cost , drop in team morale and potential damage to reputation and your “company of choice” brand is significant Most new-hires or redeployed staff are loathe to acknowledge they are in difficulties to their new organisation until it is too late Slide 3: The Reasons Conventional induction processes which focus on policies, systems and procedures are insufficient Hiring company presents an “over glossy” image during recruitment New hire presents an “over glossy” image during recruitment Lack of clarity over expectations, priorities and performance expectations Misalignment of culture and values Communication processes, Leadership style and team dynamics are unfamiliar Potential saboteurs who will actively seek to derail new hires New Hire feels isolated Most new-hires or redeployed staff are loathe to acknowledge they are in difficulties to their new organisation until it is too late Slide 4: The Response Provide the new hire with an external professional coach before, during and in the first month after arrival to give “heads-up” advance warning and coaching on: Culture and values Leadership and management styles Team issues and dynamics Priorities and obstacles Performance expectations Slide 5: The Solution Provide the new hire with an external professional coach Brief prospective new hire and “receiving” team/peers about the process Obtain perspective of “receiving” team/peers about their expectations, concerns, priorities and obstacles which will face the new hire Generate a briefing a report to underpin, inform and enable the coaching process Slide 6: A Five Step Approach We give you a briefing pack to enable you to explain the process to prospective colleagues of the new hire. Each nominated colleague individually or as a group complete NERO -our New Executive Role Orientation on-line survey The survey collects information on a broad range of issues, including: (customisable on request) what people expect of the new hire in terms of behaviours how they would like the new incumbent to lead the team potential areas for priorities potential pitfalls and problems We process all the responses, aggregating and anonymising the data to generate a NERO Coach Briefing Report We use on-line video coaching with the new hire prior to their arrival to share the outcome of the NERO Briefing Report and give them a significant “heads-up” before they even begin the new role We then provide additional video coaching support during the first few months of their new role. Slide 7: The Benefits 1. “Ramp up” time to full performance and reduce costs New hire reaches performance levels faster Improve new-hire alignment with values and culture Fewer new hires “derail” Reduce risk of repeat recruitment costs Less disruption to colleagues 2. Raise your Employer of Choice profile New recruits feel more valued Create positive on-boarding experience USP relative to competitor organizations  3. Improve on-boarding process  Identification of inhibitors in on-boarding/induction New –hire feels safe to disclose problem areas Provision of confidential support Makes new hire feel secure in stressful time Reduce “honeymoon/crisis” rollercoaster effect Slide 8: Contact Us Thanks for taking the time to look at this slideshow Website: Email:

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