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Published on February 24, 2008

Author: Herminia


The New Absolutes:  The New Absolutes The New Absolutes:  The New Absolutes We are absolutists, despite any rhetoric to the contrary. These new absolutes are not simply slight modifications of the old truths. These new absolutes are worldviews in collision. The Rule of Relativism:  The Rule of Relativism “What’s true for you may not be true for me.” Makes truth person-dependent. “No culture is better or worse than another.” Known as “cultural relativism.” No cultural code has special status. “There are no objective morals, just differing opinions.” The belief that truth/error, right/wrong are determined by the individual. The Rule of Relativism:  The Rule of Relativism Other expressions of relativism: “Just go with the flow.” “If it feels good, do it.” “Anything goes.” “One person’s art is another person’s pornography.” “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” One example of the loss of biblical absolutes:  One example of the loss of biblical absolutes Loss of Absolutes:  Loss of Absolutes Americans are making up their own rules, their own laws. Only 13% of us believe in all Ten Commandments. Only 40% believe in five of the Ten Commandments. Loss of Absolutes:  Loss of Absolutes We choose which laws of God we believe in. There is absolutely no moral consensus in this country as there was in the 1950s, when all our institutions commanded more respect. Adopting New Absolutes :  Adopting New Absolutes Instead of abandoning absolutes, we are adopting new ones. A true relativist would not be upset when facing opposite views. They really don’t have a live-and-let-live attitude. Betrayal of Behavior :  Betrayal of Behavior We find many examples of moral outrage. We also find examples of hypocrisy: Tolerance Pluralism Multiculturalism Examples of Hypocrisy:  Examples of Hypocrisy Tolerance - Those who scream for tolerance often restrict others through political correctness. Pluralism - In the name of pluralism, secularists are determined to push religion out of the public arena. Multiculturalism - Multiculturalists commend other cultures but condemn the West for its cultural practices. Human Rights Language:  Human Rights Language People use human rights language to support their views: Must be grounded in the kinds of being that we are. Must differ from civil rights which are granted by government. Must apply to all human beings. Must apply to all times and all places Worlds in Collision:  Worlds in Collision People cheat on their taxes, steal from their employers, live promiscuously, sell drugs. But they are not genuine relativists. They complain when someone steals from them, cheats on them, or destroys their kids with drugs. The Ten New Absolutes:  The Ten New Absolutes 1. Freedom from Religion :  1. Freedom from Religion Old – Religion is the backbone of American culture, providing the moral and spiritual light needed for public and private life. New – Religion is the bane of public life, so for the public good it should be banned from the public square. Christianity and Culture:  Christianity and Culture Christianity went from being a minority to becoming a monopoly to a majority back to a minority. Gravedigger hypothesis: Christianity (Protestant Reformation) led to the rise of the modern world. Now the modern world is digging the grave of Christianity. 2. Death:  2. Death Old – Human life from conception to natural death is sacred and worthy of protection. New – Human life, which begins and ends when certain individuals or groups decide it does, is valuable as long as it is wanted. Sanctity of Life:  Sanctity of Life Christianity taught the sanctity of human life. Now our world judges your value on the basis of your quality of life. Abortion, infanticide, and euthanasia. 3. Marriage:  3. Marriage Old – The institution of marriage is God-ordained and occurs between a man and a woman until death severs the bond. New – Marriage is a human contract made between any two people, and either party can terminate it for any reason. Death of Marriage:  Death of Marriage Two leading causes for the decline of marriage rates in the world: Divorce (no-fault divorce) Cohabitation (living together) 4. Family:  4. Family Old – The normative family is a married father and mother who raise one or more children. New – Family is any grouping of two or more people with or without children. The New Family:  The New Family Change from the nuclear family to a different type of family structure. Social changes in the 21st century family: Dual income Smaller families Non-traditional families Additional change: same-sex marriage. 5. Sexual Relations:  5. Sexual Relations Old – Sexual intercourse should be reserved for marriage. New – Sexual intercourse is permissible regardless of marital status. New Sexual Rules:  New Sexual Rules Premarital sex Extramarital sex Cohabitation Homosexuality 6. Sexual Deviance:  6. Sexual Deviance Old – Same-sex and bi-sexual intercourse are immoral. New – All forms and combinations of sexual activity are moral as long as they occur between consenting adults. 7. Women:  7. Women Old – Women should be protected and nurtured but not granted social equality. New – Women are oppressed by men and must liberate themselves by controlling their own bodies and therefore their destinies. 8. Racial Relations:  8. Racial Relations Old – All white people are created equal and should be treated with dignity and respect. New – All human beings are created equal and should be treated with dignity and respect, but people of color should receive preferential treatment. 9. History:  9. History Old – Western civilization and its heritage should be studied and valued above others. New – Non-Western societies and other oppressed peoples and their heritage should be studied and valued above Western civilization. 10. Politically Correct:  10. Politically Correct Old – Different perspectives should be heard and tolerated, but only the true and right ones should prevail. New – Only those viewpoints deemed politically correct should be tolerated and encouraged to prevail. What Can We Do?:  What Can We Do? Reality is on our side Recognize sloganeering Point out the hypocrisy

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