New Year in London (Festival and Eve)

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Published on March 8, 2014

Author: LuisMagina



This is a short work I made for English in my 9th year. It's about all London New Year's Celebrations including the Firework show, the festival and parade, performances, concerts, etc. If you like it please comment and share.

London New Year’s Celebrations (Eve and Festival) English 2011/2012 Work by: Luís Oliveira, nº10 Patrícia Pereira, nº14

Contents New Year’s Eve Firework Display River Cruise Festival and Parade 2012 London's New Year's Day Parade Sponsors Performer highlights The Festival Concert Series London Borough Competition Route of the Parade Conclusion Sources

New Year’s Eve Surely there's no better place to be on New Year's Eve than London. London comes alive with celebrations, fireworks and parties in every corner of the capital. The skies are alive with light and color on 31st December with a huge firework exhibition at the London Eye, promising something special for New Year’s Eve and, in this year, the beginning of a year of cultural and sporting celebrations in 2012. Wait until the clock strikes 12 to witness the celebrations. And, for those who prefer the party scene, New Year's Eve in London offers you some of the best clubs, pubs, dining, private celebrations and sophisticated functions in the world. Of course it’s more expensive but is worth it. And don’t forget the celebration continues with the New Year's Day Parade the following morning. Firework Display The big event for New Year's Eve is the world class free firework display along the river Thames at the London Eye with fireworks being launched off the 135 m high wheel. The display will start after Big Ben chimes midnight and will lasts for 10 minutes. It gets very crowded and is limited to 250,000 people in the viewing areas. The best spots to watch the fireworks are from Westminster

Bridge and the opposite of the London Eye. River Cruise A luxury river cruise along the River Thames can be a romantic way to bring in the New Year. Most boats plan to moor in sight of the London Eye fireworks at midnight so you will get the best view. Festival & Parade The first London New Year’s Day Parade was in 1986. Every year the streets are filled with marching bands, cheerleaders, clowns, acrobats, balloons.... It is a fun, fabulous, thrilling, and exciting event that raises ten thousands of pounds per year for charity. London comes alive every year with fun and festivities to mark the beginning of New Year. The staggering number of participants makes this one of the world’s biggest New Year's events. 2012 London's New Year's Day Parade This year was established as the Gold Jubilee and the parade marks the Queens Diamond Jubilee. The preparations for the 26th London's New Year's Parade started long ago. It was the first event in a year of celebrations to honor Queen Elizabeth II and the first event in London's Olympic year, probably the biggest sporting event in London since 1948. More than 10,000 performers representing 20 countries in the whole world participated on it. London residents and international performers as like, with everyone from dancers and musicians to clowns and puppeteers taking to the streets for a day. Major broadcasters like BBC, CNN, Fox news or CBS have covered the event and more than 500.000 packed London's streets to see this fantastic event. Crowds line the streets to cheer the

parade to see a lively, vibrant event. Performer highlights Highlights were and normally are cycling clubs, Morris dancers, the London Fire Brigade, an army of clowns, minis and a whole load of donkeys. More than 10,000 performers were there from American high school marching bands to London hospitals and environmental groups. Sponsors This parade has a group of sponsors that have a role in the event contributing and cooperating with the world’s greatest Parade and having exposure of their brand. The Festival Concert Series This year a selection of gala concerts took place in the New Year’s Day Parade. Jazz bands, classical music and choirs performed in concerts that raised funds for London charities and they are done to get you in the mood for the parade on New Year’s Day. This year, a variety of concerts were in the plan. London Borough Competition Every year all the 31 boroughs compete against each other in a completion: The Let's Help London Challenge, which are invited by the City of Westminster to perform an act, float, or other form of entertainment or exhibit that demonstrates a facet of the Borough. They compete for prizes for their charities and recently has reached 40000 £ that makes a difference every year in London’s charities that with the money collected on the street raise over a million pounds since its early beginnings, making it the biggest fundraising event. Route of the Parade

The Parade starts on Piccadilly at the junction with Berkeley Street and finishes at Parliament Street passing by such places as Piccadilly Circus, Waterloo Place and Trafalgar Square. The route has 2 miles. Conclusion Every year, London becomes the most vibrant capital to spend the New Year’s Eve and days forward. From the fireworks to the parade, London hosts thousands of people in an exciting celebration that everyone wants to be a part of. And, the less fortunate are not forgotten. The year starts with the fund raising parade, to begin the year with the right foot. London is the stage of an awesome party. What more could you want? Forget about New York! London is the place to be. Sources

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