New Work for Blackpool Rock Shop

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Information about New Work for Blackpool Rock Shop

Published on December 22, 2016

Author: thomasdeandesign


slide 1: New Work for Blackpool Rock Shop Thomas Dean Design completes new sign installation for Rock Stall Thomas Dean Design have recently completed work for leading local rock and candy stall Eddies Rock owned by Eddie Tim clients of Thomas Dean Design. The project started mid July 2016 when Eddie contacted the team at TDD and booked a free design consultation with the Thomas Dean Design team. In the meeting Eddie and Tim both confirmed they wanted a brand new shop front design and installation which included both sign panels and LED lighting. Thomas Dean Design were tasked to come up with a bright and bold design customers good see and identify from a distance. The rock stall will be open for operation from early morning through to the late evening so the sign slide 2: design and colours must work effectively with the bright sunlight in the day and the LED lighting in the evening. Define a Budget and On-site Sign Inspection An important part of the process before we start designing a sign is defining a budget. The sign making options are almost limitless so a budget helps to define what is and what’s not possible from the outstart. Because there are so many options no matter what size of budget is available there is always a viable sign design waiting to be discovered. An onsite inspection will be required by our experienced sign fitting team. The objective of this inspection is to confirm that the original structure is solid. Removing part of the old sign may be required to ensure there are no hidden defects if rot or any structural issues are found these issues will need to be fixed before the sign fitting can start. slide 3: Eddies rock required a new linear batten installation in order fore the new sign panels to fit and light up correctly. Adress Alexandria Drive City Lytham St. Annes Postal Code FY8 1NL State Lancashire England Phone +44-787-230-5386 Tel/Fax +44-125-372-9393 Email Website

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