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Information about NEW VIEW OF UNIVERSE

Published on September 25, 2008

Author: aSGuest169


Slide 1: This page is intentionally blank Slide 3: Canisius College, Buffalo Fred Watson, AAO April 2005 (With thanks to Dr A. Weston for facilitating the course) A new view of the Universe A HOLISTIC APPROACH TO ASTRONOMY Slide 4: A new view of the Universe Folklore of the Sky Big telescopes for a small world In the face of the Sun – planets and transits Forging the elements – the Sun and stars James Gregory – Scotland’s Isaac Newton Industrial strength cosmology Cosmic illusions RAVEing mad – dissecting our Galaxy Astronomers behaving badly Tomorrow’s Universe Slide 5: A new view of the Universe I Fred Watson, AAO April 2005 Folklore of the sky THIS COURSE IS RATED MA : THIS COURSE IS RATED MA IT CONTAINS : low-level jargon textual references occasional course language explicit diagrams bare facts FOR MODERATELY ATTENTIVE AUDIENCES Folklore of the Sky The night sky : The night sky Folklore of the Sky Slide 9: Madagascar from the Space Shuttle Slide 17: ? Slide 24: Well, how about that? A new planet! The sky-watchers : The sky-watchers Folklore of the Sky Slide 28: Megalithic astronomy Slide 29: Ancient Egypt Slide 30: Ancient Egypt Slide 31: The modern era… Slide 32: Very Large Telescope The Stonehenge of 2005—bringing in today’s folklore The End Folklore of the Sky

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