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Published on December 13, 2011

Author: MosioMobile



Text Message Alerts, Announcements and Single Patron Messaging Functionality Enables Increased Engagement with More Patrons on their Mobile Devices

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEDecember 7, 2011Mosio Improves Mobile Patron Relationship Management With New Text a Librarian FeaturesText Message Alerts, Announcements and Single Patron Messaging Functionality Enables IncreasedEngagement with More Patrons on their Mobile DevicesSan Francisco, CA – Mosio, an award winning mobile software company providing text messaging andmobile web solutions for businesses and organizations, today announced the launch of new Mobile PRM™(Patron Relationship Management) tools included with all Text a Librarian plans.Built specifically for libraries on its easy-to-use, web-based, mobile carrier approved technology, Text aLibrarian’s Mobile PRM features enable libraries to send text message alerts and announcements tosubscriber lists or individual patrons, keeping them abreast of news, updates or individual follow up fromtheir library. Mosio’s two-way text messaging features enable patrons to reply to the messages they receive,which will be sent back to their library, starting a “text chat” conversation.The mobile patron relationship management features are tied-in to a library’s Text a Librarian account.Mosio’s mobile carrier-certified network uses a permitted text messaging short code and offers advantagesover 10 digit local numbers and other SMS hacks, ensuring message delivery and avoidance of blocking orcarrier blacklisting.“Text a Librarian’s Mobile PRM tools are a response to the growing interest we have seen in librarieswanting to engage and interact with more mobile patrons. Text messaging is the most utilized channel onthe mobile phone, making it a must-have strategy for all organizations” says Noel Chandler, Co-Founderand CEO of Mosio.“As companies and technologies increasingly demand patron attention, the importance of the personaltouch in communications has never been more important. These new tools continue to solidify Mosio’sstanding as the leading mobile software company for library patron relationship management. We arecommitted to providing the most reliable, accessible and easy-to-use mobile technologies to libraries in theirefforts to stay top of mind with patrons,” Chandler added.More Than Virtual ReferenceThe changing landscape of mobile technology requires libraries and other organizations to stay relevant byproactively engaging with as many patrons as possible. Text messaging is available on over 99% of allmobile phones with over 95% of text messages read within 15 minutes, making it a ubiquitous, powerfultwo-way mobile communication technology. With Text a Librarians Mobile PRM features, libraries controlthe dynamics and frequency of their communications with mobile patrons.3 Library Benefits from Text a Librarian’s Mobile PRM Features:1. Increased patron engagement, awareness and interaction through text message alerts andannouncements.Scheduled text message blasts to subscribers, compliant with MMA guidelines. These can be used forlibrary announcements and alerts, but also as fun ways of keeping patrons engaged with the library (quotes,facts, trivia, etc), much in the same way companies use the SMS channel for mobile marketing andreminders.2. Efficient, trackable single patron messaging from the Text a Librarian web dashboard.The ability to send a text message to a patron as a part of follow up rather than calling? For example, "afterwe locate what it is youre looking for, should we call, email or text you?"

3. Improved patron services through reliable, secure, two way text messaging for questions,comments and feedback.Using the same, web-based, user-friendly dashboard created specifically for libraries, librarians can receiveand respond to patron reference questions from any computer connected to the Internet.Existing Text a Librarian customers will receive a notice instructing them on how to promote and use themobile patron relationship management feature. Libraries interested in benefiting from all of Text aLibrarian’s features can visit, call 877.667.4699 or text ASKTAL to 66746 fromtheir mobile phone for more information.* ###About Text a LibrarianMosios Text a Librarian is web-based text messaging software developed specifically for libraries by takingan award-winning mobile questions and answers technology and consulting with over 1,000 reference andpatron services librarians to find out what would make it useful, accessible and affordable for libraries touse. Text a Librarian services patrons in over 800 libraries across the U.S., including the New York PublicLibrary, Yale University, Cornell University, Maricopa County Community Colleges, State Library of Ohio,Los Angeles Public Library, ITT Technical Institute and the Free Library of Philadelphia.More info: http://www.textalibrarian.comAbout MosioMosio is a mobile software and solutions company providing text messaging and mobile web solutionshelping organizations connect with customers and members on the go, using their mobile presence as acompetitive advantage to increase sales and brand loyalty. Utilizing relationships with 59 mobile carriers onover 280 million U.S. mobile phones, Mosio is able to provide text messaging services in a secure, spam-free environment, with assurance of message delivery.Headquartered in San Francisco, Mosios mobile technologies have served Microsoft, Pepco, U.S.Remodelers, Enterprise Holdings, American Hospital Association, Walt Disney, State Farm Insurance,Healthy Heartland and the United States Department of Health and Services.More Info: Contact:Noel ChandlerMosio, 415.756.0123* Message & Data Rates May Apply. Text STOP to 66746 to opt-out.Privacy: Support: support[[at]] / 877.667.4699

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