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Published on October 28, 2008

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Get Started / Restarted in the New Testament Week 2 : Get Started / Restarted in the New Testament Week 2 Teachers: Anna Demerly Week 2 Class Overview : Week 2 Class Overview Authors: Mark and Luke Books of the Bible: Mark , Luke and Acts A verse to remember: John 3:16 Highlights from Matthew 1-5 Something to read: Matthew 6-11 Week One Homework : Week One Homework Do you know your Bible verse? Matthew 28:18-20 Matthew 1-5 Jesus Ancestors Early life of Jesus John the Baptist Satan tempts Jesus Sermon on the Mount Matthew 28:18-20 : Matthew 28:18-20 Then Jesus came to them and said, "All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age." Mark- A Reporter and Friend of Paul and Peter, : Mark- A Reporter and Friend of Paul and Peter, · Son of Mary, a prominent woman in Jerusalem. Home of the meeting place of the disciples, Acts 12:12 identifies Mark’s home as possibly the place of the Last Supper and the Upper Room.6 · Cousin of Barnabas – Co. 4:10 Also known as John Mark · He may have been a Levite – Acts 4:36 · He may have fled naked from the arrest of Jesus in Mark 14:51-52 or 1 Peter 5:13 suggests he was a convert of Paul Mark’s life after the Death of Christ : Mark’s life after the Death of Christ History with Paul and Peter 1. AD 50- Paul refused to take him on his second missionary trip because he abandoned the first trip – Acts 15:36-39 2. He went with Barnabas to Cyprus instead 3. AD62–Mark appears in Rome with Paul in Col. 4:10, Philemon 24 4. II Timothy 4:11, Paul is asking for Mark to come to Rome. He seems to have become a close friend of Paul. What he did after the Resurrection Later in life he could have been the bishop of Alexandria.6 Death He died as a martyr.6 His body was moved to Venice.4 Book of Mark : Book of Mark Authentication Early Church leader, Papias, pupil of John the Apostle, identifies Mark, or John Mark as writer of this book.3 Interesting Facts Papias, AD 70-155, church father and pupil of John writes, “Mark, having become the interpreter of Peter . . . so that Mark made no mistake in thus writing down some things as he remembered them. For one object was in his thoughts – to omit nothing that he had heard, and to make no false statements.” Time and Place : Time and Place Date and Place Written in Rome, about AD58.5 or in AD65-707 Reason for Writing: He wrote his book to show Jesus as the suffering Son of Man sent to serve and to be served. It was written as an account of the life of Jesus, a gospel. . Mark’s Audience and Book’s Outline : Mark’s Audience and Book’s Outline Audience: Romans Romans like deeds, not words. They were not interested in Jewish geneology.They wanted to read about a powerful leader and Savior as in Mark 16:20. They liked straightforward, quick moving stories4. Why is Mark important to me: : Why is Mark important to me: Luke, The Beloved Greek Physician : Native of Syria A Greek – only non-Jew writer of the New Testament A Physician by trade and well-educated Eusibius says Luke was a native of Antioch in Syria3 Luke, The Beloved Greek Physician How Luke knew Paul and Mark : How Luke knew Paul and Mark He was typically identified as a companion of Mark He is recognized for writing the book Luke while caring for Paul ,who was in prison in Caesarea, and wrote Acts while caring for Paul who was in prison in Rome. Acts locates him with Paul from Troas to Philippi in Paul’s second missionary trip. 6 years later he rejoins Paul at Phillippi at the close of Paul’s third missionary journey. Scriptures: Acts 16:10-24, 2 Timothy 4:11, and Col 4:4, Phil 24 Luke’s life After Resurrection : Luke’s life After Resurrection What Luke did after Jesus’ Resurrection Eusibius notes that Luke was the leader of the Philippian church for the first 6 years. 3 Death Some say he died of natural causes.6 Some say he died as a martyr.6 Why is Luke is important to me: : Why is Luke is important to me: Luke was a Greek and a Gentile. His background gave him the ability to reach the people outside the Jewish culture. He was able to use his talents and devotion to the early Apostle to write a chronological account of Jesus’ life. God gives us talents and strength, just what we need, to do the job he has called us to do. What is your job? The Book of Luke : The Book of Luke Date: AD 60-62 Written in Caesarea Audience: Greek and Gentiles Book of Luke - My Dear Theophilus : Book of Luke - My Dear Theophilus Authentication Halley says, “Greek civilization represents Culture, Philosophy, Wisdom, Reason, Beauty, Education. Therefore, to appeal to the Thoughtful, Cultural, Philosophic Greek Mind, Luke, in a complete, orderly and classical story, which has been called “Most Beautiful Book Ever Written”. Depicts the Glorious Beauty and Perfection of Jesus, the Ideal Universal Man.”3 Book of Luke : Book of Luke Interesting Contents Only the book of Luke includes: Genealogy Birth of Jesus The Golden Rule – Luke 6:27-28 Details of the last week of Jesus’ life – Luke 19:29-Luke 24 Key Verse: Luke 9:23,24 Acts – the Sequel : Acts – the Sequel Author: Luke the Physician Date: AD 60-62 Written in Rome Interesting Contents Introduction of the Holy Spirit to the church – Acts 2 Establishment of the church leadership and ministry Establishment of the administrative structure of the church – Acts 6 Scattering of the church after the martyr of Stephen Paul and his three missionary journeys and subsequent imprisonment Authentication Luke 1:1- In my former book . . . Reason for Writing: Continued story of the beginning of Christianity God’s driven mission to reach people through people – Bret Nicolson 2004 Audience: Greek and Gentiles Acts the Sequel : Acts the Sequel Jesus in this Book: Jesus is taken up in heaven and he sends the Holy Spirit General Outline: · Jerusalem – Chapter 1-8 · Judea and Samaria – Chapter 8-12 · Paul’s Journey – Chapter 21-28 Why Acts is important to me: Telling the rest of the story is the basis of Acts. What is the rest of your story? Key Verse: Acts 1:8 John 3:16 : John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life. Read: Matthew 6-11

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