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Published on February 20, 2014

Author: MarcoleviCD


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In Frame No.7 & 8 I wanted to have a medium-close up shot of both characters shoes as their walking through the corridor to have more of a variation of shots and to show the close proximity of him behind her when first stalking her, to build tension for the audience. The next shot involves a medium long shot of the vampire just as he is to walk into the open plan area connected to the corridor, and a Medium-close up of Olivia ahead of him n the corridor, this shot will hopefully capture urging and frustrating emotions from the audience for her to turn around in the next shot and find him following her in order to save herself before he catches up to her. However, later shots involve him locking hands with her which will interest the audience whilst aggravating them more because they wanted to save her from what they thought she was unaware of, but she was aware all along as later shot's demonstrate. In Frame No.13 I wanted to have a unfocused shot of our vampire character stepping out from the small open plan area connected to the corridor where he hides. This would be a VLS (Very long) shot of our vampire character and Olivia playing the victim would be closer to the camera in the shot as she's ahead of him in the corridor. This shot would also be unfocused making it blurry, to make sure you can't see the vampires face as he comes closer and closer to the camera as he approaches his victim. Frame No.15 & 17 I took pictures from an inside view of a room of whats happening from outside the room of the door. I wanted to add these as potential cross-cutting shots with the unfocused corridor shots going from frame 13-17. These shots would be from the classrooms in the corridor as he and his prey walk down the corridor and would help establish him leaving the open plan area in the corridor and the locking of hands as the shots after this will involve them both holding hands as she lures him into a darkened classroom where their sure to be alone and can have their moment of intimacy.

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