New! Sports Betting Secret Winning Strategies Revealed !!!

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Information about New! Sports Betting Secret Winning Strategies Revealed !!!
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Published on December 18, 2008

Author: priest8



- - The Betting Profits Formula helps you to learn the secret of betting formula with different methods. It contains simple formulas for steady profits that runs practically on autopilot and describe you the money getting methods through step by step procedures without any risk. In this book you have expose hidden value bets where other punters never think to tread which helps you to reach the top earning punter.

Joshua Jacobs the author of this book shows 3 absolutely critical elements to the formula that includes value bets, money plan, fast tracking. It is so simple to use, a child could open this manual and begin stuffing his piggy bank full of cash. This system leads you directly to the value bets that lead to earn more profit. The Betting Profits Formula contains 6 modules of money-getting, and sure-fire betting strategies to perfect in good manner and tireless testing and modified secrets.

The six jam packed modules allows you to bet and let you to get profits in variety of sports. Step by step instructional videos are also there to help you watch out various hunting down value added bets. The six jam packed module includes massive money from sports betting, horse betting profits, high profit football betting strategies, the exclusive money-getter system, secret betting exchange profits, pro punter inside secrets that covers overall tips to earn more money.

The Betting Profits Formula delivers a bulletproof strategy covering a variety of sports in one system, it is written in a simple, direct, step-by-step format anyone can follow and includes instructional videos to make it even easier. You will have actual screen shots of his betting accounts that proves the success with each formula, generic graphs that can be mimicked with graphics programs, that gives real betfair screen shots. In addition you have exclusive bonus that includes 4 breakway gifts and also a 100% money-back guarantee!

...If You Want to be Different than Most of the other Bettors out there and Enjoy Consistent Profits, Learn More about the 'Betting Profits Formula' By Going Here:

  Congratulations! You've Made The Wise Decision To Join The Top 2% Of Truly Successful, Top-Earning Punters... The Betting Profits Formula and all the incredible gifts will be delivered to you instantly upon completion of this order... which means you are now just moments from possessing far greater sports betting insight than 98% of the punters you will bet against! And because you're acting now, you get the full package... You Get Value You Pay The Betting Profits Formula Manual Plus $582.00 $197 Calculator and Instructional Videos... Football Trading Profits System For The $107.00 Included! Next Few Only... Betting Profits Club Lifetime Membership... $297.00 Included! The Bookmaker's Nasty Secret... $67.00 Included! Underground Interviews With The Pros... $67.00 Included! Total Package... $1120 Only $197 And it's all secured the best money-back guarantee in the business! A full 8 Weeks to become completely convinced that this system can provide you steady betting profits or your money returned to you with a smile... no questions asked! I honestly believe this is the best package you can find, not only at this price, but at ANY price. If You Wanted To Start Earning Steady Profits Even Faster Than I Did... You'd Need A Crystal Ball... And guess what... I Just Found That Crystal Ball! A few months ago I met a punter who's strike rate in the English Premiership absolutely blew me away... I'm talking OVER 75% this season! I've seen my share of punters come and go... and rarely seen anyone more consistent than him... His name is Clive Carlisle and he's been secretly pulling a fortune in profits using his unique odds-finding system... and now I've convinced him to offer his selections to you. He's a maths geek and turned his brilliance with numbers into a fail-proof system for locating value odds in the Premiership. This Is The Guy Victor Chandler And 3 Other Bookmakers Banned Because

He Was Bleeding Them Dry... As you can imagine, when I met him my first question was, â€œHow do I get on your tipping service?†I had my wallet out ready to pay just about any amount he asked... I know from experience, any tipster who masters even one league can provide heaping piles of cash in betting profits. Long story short, he had no plans to offer a service... He was content to just earn his thousands of pounds a month and be done with it. Well, I couldn't let that be... because a consistently laser-accurate tipster is a very rare thing, and... This Guy Is Flat-Out The Best Tipster I've Ever Known... Clive's strike rate for this Premiership season has been 76.4% over 98 bets at the time of this writing... So, applying very realistic Â£25 stakes, profit would be Â£1104.50! And in the recent African Nations Cup, the tournament only lasted for a couple weeks, but Clive got another high strike rate of 76.47% over 20 bets... and again, at realistic Â£25 stakes, profit would have been Â£229.50. And that's just Â£25 stakes... Imagine how that profit figure would rise with just a few pounds added to each bet. The Possibilities Are Staggering... Clive is not one of these tipsters who throws out multiple sport selections and hopes to get a decent overall rate on one or two... He focuses squarely on the Premiership (and occasionally international matches) because that's what pulls profits for him with alarming regularity. Clive is preparing to launch his tipping service on a massive scale in late March. Membership will be limited and I can assure you smart punters will be lined up to get in... But, I've arranged for you to get early access to Clive's selections during the rest of the Premiership season with the first month free and a small payment of just $37 each month afterwards! Plus, you'll be first in line when the service becomes available in limited supply next season, too. You don't have to be a mathematics prodigy like Clive to figure out this is an amazing opportunity to get crystal clear selections at a plus 75% strike rate! With that kind of insider tipping, plus The Betting Profits Formula package you could be living the life a top-earning punter faster than you ever thought possible. If You Are Looking For Immediate Betting Profits, You Can't Do Any Better... But it can only happen if you get in during this offer. It took quite a bit of convincing on my part for Clive to agree to this deal. I had to promise him I'd offer it only one time with a free first month... And this is it. So, if you're ready to jump into the deep end of the punting profits pool, this is the best chance you'll ever get—it's also the ONLY chance you will get! A massively discounted price for Clive's PLUS 75% strike rate selections, updated on every game throughout the Premiership... plus The Betting Profits Formula Gold Package and Breakaway Bonuses... And, of course, you an 8 week no-questions-asked guarantee and the right to cancel your subscription to Clive's tips at any time (although I doubt you'll ever want to when you use his tips to make big profits)... Y es, Josh...There's No Way I Can Pass Up This One-Time Only Chance To Insider Tips From Clive For A Free First Month! Thanks Anyway, Josh...I'm Good With The Just Betting Profits Formula Plus Bonuses...  

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