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Published on February 17, 2014

Author: mbj7518



I produce systems of words and images to engage and provoke the contemplative mind; turn the wheel so to speak into the act of decision. My work is influenced by harsh religion, "have we left the answers far behind" philosophy, and quack psychology.

Me, myself and irony

He who has an ear

M. Walker Soreing's blog logo

Am I a machine Father?

The soft experience

Black Cat-echism

The strongest link often breaks

Fare Imbalanced

Circus life under the big top world

First Contact

Imprisoned in print

Breaking the laws of gravity

Yin Yang Ding Dang Damn

We've created a monster


Swimming with Ditko

Radio Interactive Life

Come on baby, you know you want it

Holy Cow of Lascaux

King's Crossing

Donna's Delights

Schull of hard knocks


Definitely a better fashion sence then Joyce Meyer

The Pros and the Cons

Ray of Peace


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