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Published on February 15, 2014

Author: mieresourcesforteachers



Marta Alins

New  resources  for  English  teachers       Marta  Alins  Azcona     Task  1:  Introducing  myself:     Hello  everyone!  My  name  is  Marta  and  I  teach  English  in  primary  education  in  a   school  located  in  a  town  in  the  Pyrenees.   This  school  year  I’m  teaching  English  in  first  and  second  level;  I’m  also  teaching   Science  in  English  in  5th  and  6th  grade.  I’ve  teaching  CLIL  for  four  years  and  I   still  enjoy  it  as  it  was  the  first  day!   I  think  it’s  very  important  to  use  new  technologies  in  both  the  English  classes   and  the  CLIL  sessions.  The  students  learn  a  lot  by  being  motivated  with  their   current  interests.   In  this  course,  I  hope  to  learn  new  resources  that  help  me  use  NNTT  in  my   classes  in  a  very  innovative  way.   My  hobbies  are  reading  novels  and  watching  good  films  on  a  Friday  night.  I  also   love  traveling  and  looking  for  information  in  the  Internet  of  the  place  where  I’m   going  to  travel  to.  And  the  most  important  one:  enjoying  the  company  of  the  love   of  my  life,  my  son!                       Task  2:  -­‐  How  could  you  use  in  your  class?     I  think  you  can  use  in  a  lot  of  ways  in  an  English  classroom.  First  thing  I   thought  is  to  introduce  a  topic.  This  probably  increases  their  interest  to  the  new   theme.  We  can  also  use  it  as  a  complement  to  some  activities.  And  finally,  if   working  with  older  kids,  at  least  5th  grade,  they  can  use  it  and  create  their  own  to  show  a  project  or  just  to  explain  what  they  have  learnt,  all  this  through   images.       -­‐  Do  you  think  it  would  be  motivating  for  them?  why?  why  not?     As  I  said  before,  I  really  believe  that  everything  related  with  the  use  of  new   technologies  is  going  to  increase  motivation  in  our  students.   Being  able  to  create  their  own  will  make  them  improve  their  confidence   in  using  NNTT.  They  will  be  able  to  use  their  creativity  and  imagination  by   thinking  in  what  way  they  want  to  show  the  rest  of  the  class  what  they  have   created.     Task  3:  Link:  -­‐  

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