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Information about New Radiance Bx Anti aging Presentation with Voice

Published on February 12, 2009

Author: marketingdebt


Slide1:  Radiance Bx Anti-Aging Treatment Designed to prevent and correct the signs of facial aging. This versatile cosmetic procedure fights both chronological and extrinsic damage. Scientifically advanced ingredients, clinically proven to reduce visible lines and wrinkles by inhibiting repetitive muscle motion, giving lifeless skin a renewed appearance. Radiance Bx Anti-aging Treatment Slide2:  4 Ampoules of Glycolic Acid + Vitamin E & F Glycolic Acid enhanced with antioxidants vitamins E & F, allows for cellular turnover and deep penetration of Perliotox solution Glycolic Acid 10% Naturally derived from sugar cane or rhubarb. Glycolic acid offers alpha hydroxy benefits, increasing cell turnover, clearing of pores and smoothing of skin texture. Vitamin E A powerful biological antioxidant that protects the cell membranes and prevents oxidation. It has lipophilic properties that help to maintain the moisture of the epidermis and protect it against environmental aggressions. Vitamin F An effective antioxidant that rejuvenates and speeds healing in the skin. A natural fatty acid, Vitamin F softens fine lines and smoothes skins texture and tone. Radiance Bx Anti-aging Treatment Slide3:  Glycolic Ampoule Application Cleanse skin with mesoestetic® Milk or Gel Cleanser and follow with mesoestetic® Facial Tonic Gently massage contents of ampoule onto the skin. Pay extra attention to the areas of expression lines, jaw line and neck. Work into the skin for 3 minutes or until completely absorbed. Do not remove or neutralize Glycolic Ampoule Application Slide4:  Perliotox Active Peptide Solution A non-invasive topical cosmetic solution, used as an alternative to Botox®. It is used to reduce and/or eliminate the appearance of facial wrinkles and expression lines; such as crow’s feet, forehead lines and perioral areas. Radiance Bx Anti-aging Treatment Slide5:  Perliotox Activator Pentapeptide-amide – 4 Offers a similar effect as Botox® inhibiting the neuromuscular receptors, suppressing the repetitive muscle motion. Softening fine lines and wrinkles Perliotox Solution Chondrus Crispus Rich in trace elements, this natural ingredient found in moss or Red Sea algae, offers both anti-inflammatory and anti-aging benefits. Glycerin A natural protector of the intercellular matrix, increases active lipids function in the skin and attracts water to the skin balancing hydration. Perliotox Peptide Solution Slide6:  Perliotox Application The Perliotox comes in two flasks; the Perliotox activator flask, contains the “freeze dried” peptide and the Perliotox solution flask, contains the active liquid which activates the peptide (see lid of Radiance Bx Treatment Pack for mixing instructions) With the plastic dosing syringe, take 1.5ml of the mixed solution, spread this solution over the surface of the face and neck, particularly over the areas with wrinkles and expression lines (contours of the eyes, forehead, nasal-labial area etc.) Allow solution to penetrate for 15 minutes or until completely absorbed. Do not remove. Storage and preservation of Perliotox Solution: The non-constituted product is stable for a period of three years, preferably at a temperature below 25ºC. The mixed product is stable for at least 1 month, recommended storage in a refrigerator or cool place. Perliotox Application Slide7:  4 Single Dose Sachets of Radiance Bx Anti-aging Mask Antioxidants protect and revitalize dull, tired, aging skin. Rich emollients hydrate and improve skin texture. Coenzyme Q10 A very effective antioxidant, Coenzyme Q10 produces healthy respiration in the mitochondria, maintaining the integrity of the organelle while ensuring the strength of the extra-cellular matrix. Retinol Increases cellular turnover, regulating comedone activity and smoothing skin texture. Vitamin C Stimulates collagen synthesis, strengthening the skins structure and fights free radical damage caused by environmental and UV exposure. Vitamin E A powerful biological antioxidant that protects the cell membranes and prevents oxidation. It has lipophilic properties that help to maintain the moisture of the epidermis and protect it against environmental aggressions. Radiance Bx Anti-aging Mask Slide8:  Mask Application With a fan brush, apply a uniform layer of the Radiance Bx Mask over the face and neck, avoiding the contours of the eyes. Allow it to remain on the skin 10 minutes and remove with a tissue. Do not remove with water. Radiance Bx Anti-aging Treatment Slide9:  Radiance Bx Treatment Pack 1 pack per patient 4 sessions in treatment series One treatment every 7 days Maintenance – 1 treatment per month Radiance Bx Anti-aging Treatment Slide10:  Radiance Bx Finishing Lines Daily application first 4 weeks Apply twice a day, morning and evening, 2 or 3 pumps of Radiance Bx Finishing Lines over the face, neck and contours of the eyes, give extra attention to areas of expression lines. Allow the product to completely absorb. Month 2 – 4 Apply once a day, in the morning Continued use Apply once a day 3 times per week. Radiance Home Care Maintenance Slide11:  Acetyl Hexapeptide – 3 This powerful peptide imitates the action of Botox® with 6 active amino acids. When applied topically Bx Finishing Lines penetrates the skins surface, suppressing the neurotransmitter which allows repetitive muscle motion Radiance Bx Finishing Lines Slide12:  Radiance Bx Home Care Regimen mesoestetic® Milk or Gel Cleanser mesoestetic® Facial Tonic mesoestetic Purifying Glycogel (oily skin) mesoestetic® Antiaging Control (dry skin) Radiance® Bx Finishing Lines Complete Moisturizing Sunscreen or Dermatological Complete Sunscreen Suggested Home Care Regimen Slide13:  Results Prevents and corrects signs of aging Muscle relaxant with effect similar to Botox Powerful antioxidants neutralize free radicals Brightens complexion Topical firming Renewed hydration Radiance Bx Anti-aging Treatment

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