New Possibilities For Research Communication

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Information about New Possibilities For Research Communication

Published on July 14, 2009

Author: bissen


New possibilities for research communication with Web 2.0 tools Ole Bisbjerg Head of Music and Media Dept. State and University Library Aarhus, Denmark 1

agenda  Research promotion now  New digital means and media for communication and promotion  Beyond one-way communication?  Examples 2

The situation now  Traditional channels of publication are still dominating research communication: periodicals, books.  Digital research communication is not yet widely distributed ? OAI ! Growing fast  Remediation (Richard Grusin, 2001) – new digital media provides the researcher with the opportunity to expand communication 3

Examples - periodicals 4



New digital possibilities !  Remee and friends 7

E-books  Often as real copies of the printed edition, just with more possibilities to search and retrieve infomation  More integrated possibilities 8

Read online for free, buy download 9

Digital possibilities / web 2.0  From push to pull  Internet based technologies, that provide the user with the opportunity to retrieve information when she wants  New media emerge – and publication/communication becomes easier(collaboration/discussion) is a real possibility – quality control? Copyright 10

 Web 2.0 tools: Weblogs, Wikis, Rss, social bookmarking, pod- videocast, tagging, folksonomies, mashups 11

”Lorin Anderson 2001 – rev. Blooms Taxonomy” - here appl. to Web 2.0” 12


Perspectives  To develop new genres of research communication by using new media  Challenge: to avoid triviliazation and flaws 14

Examples – 3 scenarios  1. Research communication in the scientific world  2. Research communication to partners in institutions/organizations  3. Research communication to the public 15

1. Scientific world  Weblogs (blogging)  A way to facilitate dialogue  Continuing entries, rss  Academic Blogs in music  web-logs need to be legitimized, for example through peer-reviewing 16

 RSS – is a very useful technology in several ways: an example being the aspect of social bookmarking:  , connotea,  RSS: an easy way of retriving relevant information, when you want 17

wiki  Wikis – excellent tools on collaboration – often works in progress:  Example:  Scores wiki  Trad. score library 18

2. Research communication to partners  Mutual needs for infomation and dynamic updates  Often a joint web-site  Digitalexperience 19

3.  Difficult to specify target groups  Informed citizenship – often a trad pull concept – but weblogs from the political life has become increasingly popular  Museum communication – web 2.0 tools are very relevant  Nationalmuseet 20

In Conclusion wiki Read and collaborate (Discuss) Weblogs Discuss and share Rss Recieve / read 21

In Conclusion  Web 2.0 tools:  communication with the option to have a dialogue/collaboration with the user – push to pull - in all 3 scenarios  Material may be used in different scenarios and towards different user groups  – at the moment a supplement to trad. communication but with huge potential for research communication in the years to come 22

Thanks for your attention!  .pps is available on slideshare : tags iaml2009  Twitter:  Ole Bisbjerg –  0045 40649783 23

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