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Published on February 12, 2009

Author: marketingdebt


Slide1:  mesoestetic® Professional Peels Slide2:  History of Exfoliating Peels Roman, Greek and Egyptian cultures preformed acid peels with fermented milk Wine and vinegar were used in the middle ages In the 30’s Phenol was the chemical of choice by most physicians TCA became the standard choice in the 50’s The “boom” of glycolic and AHA peels in the 80’s “Cocktailing” and modified acids in the 90’s Today facial “peels” are still one of the most requested treatments by patients. Less invasive compounds and natural acids with regulated pH and graduation allow the professional to treat a variety of specific skin conditions and skin types. Slide3:  Exfoliating Peels are used in the esthetic correction of cutaneous imperfections such as: Chloasma Melasma Acne Scars Lentigo’s Deep, average and superficial wrinkles Post inflammatory pigmentation Cutaneous flaccidity Hyperkeratosis Photo damage and Actinic Keratosis Correction of expression lines Rosacea Treatable Skin Conditions Slide4:  Hydroxy Acids are organic acids that are classified either Alpha or Beta. Most can also be chemically derived AHA’s Water soluble Breaks down desmasomes to allow easier exfoliation Increases cell turnover Thick, sun damaged skin types Softens wrinkles, fine lines Depigmentation action Resurfacing at higher percentages Alpha Hydroxy Acid Slide5:  BHA’s Oil soluble Penetrates pores allowing exfoliation of dead cells Oily, breakout prone and congested skin types Depigmentation action Anti-inflammatory Beta Hydroxy Acid Slide6:  Very Superficial Peels Epidermal exfoliation Concentrations of 10% solution non irritant Eliminates the outer most layers of the stratum corneum Can be achieved with de-greasing solutions Functions to allow deeper penetration of active peel solution Superficial Peels Eliminates all or most of the stratum corneum Concentrations of 20% active solution Lower concentrations of peel solutions Beneficial for facial rejuvenations, elimination of impurities and reducing the appearance of cutaneous pigmentations Applied correctly, very safe with little or no downtime Grades of Peels Slide7:  Medium Peels Solution penetrates the entire Epidermis into the papillary layer of the Dermis Concentrations of 30% - 70% active solution Because of the depth of cutaneous penetration, temporary complications may occur, i.e.; blanching or Hyperpigmentation. Permanent complications such as hypopigmentation may occur in darker skin types, if precautions such as a patch test are not taken Deep Peels Solutions 80% and higher, very strong and potentially dangerous, such as phenol Produce a more concentrated layer of collagen synthesis Penetrate to the reticular Dermis Treatments should be preformed in a surgical facility Recovery time is long 6 months to a year Therapeutic measures are taken, prescribed antibiotics, anti-inflammatory and corticoids mesoestetic® Professional Peels Slide8:  0 1 2 3 5 6 8 9 10 11 12 7 13 4 14 Alkaline Acid Skin Chemical Peels Glycerin Soap H2O - Neutral Lye pH Scale mesoestetic® Professional Peels Slide9:  Peel intensity is dependent on the following: Concentration of the peel solution (%) Time on tissue Anatomical areas of treatment, face, hands, back, neck, décolleté, due to thickness of skin Formulation of solution pH of solution Skin Type Consideration A patch test should be done on skin types IV – VI when using solutions of 30% or higher Important Peel Considerations Slide10:  mesoestetic® Professional Peels State-of-the-art formulations which infuse the skin with beneficial antioxidants and cellular regenerating agents. This advanced technology produces a less invasive solution and minimal downtime. Four unique formulas include; Lactic, Mandelic, Salicylic and Glycolic with a range of active graduations tailored to the nature and intensity of the skin condition mesoestetic® Professional Peels Slide11:  Professional Peel Solutions Active Ingredients: Arginine – A powerful amino acid that is naturally formed in the skin and is abundant in the connective tissue. Antioxidant and wound healing properties Glycine – Naturally formed in the body to construct healthy DNA strands. 1/3 of collagen in connective tissue is comprised of Glycine. With out Glycine the body is not able to repair damaged tissues; the skin becomes slack, succumbs to UV rays, oxidation, and free radical damage, and wounds would never heal. pH: 1.8 Cosmetic Form: Transparent Gel containing no preservatives Attainable results Very Superficial Superficial Medium mesoestetic® Professional Peels Slide12:  Glycolic Acid – 99% pure acid AHA naturally derived from sugar cane or rhubarb. Small molecular structure allows for deep penetration Concentrations: 20%, 35%, 50% and 70% Recommendations & Benefits: Softens fine lines and wrinkles Photo-aging Improves skin pigmentation Stimulates formation of collagen and elastin Treats comedonel type congestion Peel Formulations Slide13:  Mandelic Acid – 98% pure acid AHA naturally derived from bitter almonds. Small molecular structure, not as acidic as Glycolic Concentrations: 30%, 40% and 50% Recommendations & Benefits: Combination skin types Acne mixed with photo-aging and/or hyperpigmentation Very gentle, no visible alterations to skin, no downtime Antiseptic properties Peel Formulations Slide14:  Salicylic Acid – 99% pure BHA naturally derived from wintergreen or willow bark Concentrations: 10%, 20% and 30% Recommendations & Benefits: Ideal for treating congested skin conditions Softens acne scars at low percentages, eliminates scars at higher percentages Effectively treats hyperkeratosis Fades dyschromia due to photo damage Softens fine lines and wrinkles Excellent choice for oily, acne prone complexions Some cases of Rosacea Peel Formulations Slide15:  Lactic Acid – 95% pure AHA naturally derived from fermented milk Concentrations: 30%, 40% and 50% Recommendations & Benefits: Photo-aging Softens fine lines and wrinkles Hydrating Stimulates collagen and elastin Excellent choice for dryer skin types Peel Formulations Slide16:  Occasional Symptoms Excess penetration of acids can cause a frost or blanch Frost – Salt residue, visible when using Salicylic Acid Wipes away easily No long term effects on skin Blanch – Protein coagulation Scab will form & peel off in a few days Do not pull at peeling skin Skin will re-epithelialize Possible Peel Indications Slide17:  Peel Application Cleanse skin with mesoestetic® Cleansing Milk or Gel, rinse with warm water and follow with mesoestetic® Facial Toner. Apply the mesoestetic® Professional Degreasing Solution with a cotton pad. If patient has particular areas of sensitivity from degreasing solution, be cautious with peel application in those areas as deeper penetration may occur and cause blanching. Apply an even application of peel solution with a facial fan brush. Peel solution is active, patient may experience a mild to moderate warmth and/or tingling sensation. Fanning the skin will make the patient more comfortable. Allow peel solution to remain on the skin between 3 and 15 minutes depending on the type and percentage of solution. If the patient begins to feel a constant sensation of heat or is uncomfortable it is time to neutralize. Be observant of the skin, if there are areas of severe erythema or irritation lessen the time on tissue. (see suggested times below) Peel Protocol Slide18:  After time has elapsed remove peel solution with an abundant amount of water. Patient may experience some “heat” at this time, work quickly removing the solution followed by the Post Peel Neutralizing Spray. Apply Post Peel Neutralizing Spray and spread evenly over treated area with cotton pad. Neutralizing spray is best applied cold, to soothe skin and assist in reducing heat sensation and itching. Once the skin has calmed, rinse the skin a final time with warm water. Apply mesoestetic® Fast Skin Repair to the area of treatment. Lightly massage into skin paying special attention to sensitive areas. Complete with an application of mesoestetic® Complete Moisturizing Sunscreen (for normal to dry skin) or mesoestetic® Dermatological Complete Sunscreen (for combination to oily skin). Peel Protocol Slide19:  Time on Tissue Slide20:  Pregnancy or nursing Aspirin allergy (Salicylic Acid) Higher % peels with skin types IV, V & VI Use of retinoids Tretinoin Patients prone to cold sores Flat warts Keloid scars Recent facial surgery Waxing 7 to 14 days Contraindications Slide21:  Professional Peel Pack & Treatment Recommendations Peel Solution Post Peel Neutralizing Spray Up to 10 treatment per 50ml. bottle of solution Average recommended treatments per series 3 to 6 Peels may be given 2 to 3 weeks apart Maintenance 1 treatment per month mesoestetic® Professional Peels Slide22:  Professional Degreasing Solution Promotes superficial exfoliation. Use as a pre-treatment solution prior to cosmetic treatments. Glycolic and Salicylic acids enhance this unique formulation. Additional benefits: antiseptic, decongestive and evening of skin tone Fast Skin Repair An intensive repair cream which restores, revitalizes and calms the skin. Active ingredient B-Glucan offers skin regenerating properties and DMAE improves skin elasticity, both are powerful anti-aging ingredients. mesoestetic® Professional Peels Slide23:  Professional Peel Home Care Regimen mesoestetic® Milk or Gel Cleanser mesoestetic® Facial Tonic Fast Skin Repair (twice a day for 5 days post peel) Facial Mask 2 Complete Moisturizing Sunscreen or Dermatological Complete Sunscreen Radiance Eye Lift, Serum Intensive, Bx Finishing Lines, Day or Night Pearls (depending on skin type and condition) Suggested Home Care Regimen Slide24:  Results Improved texture Stimulates collagen and elastin production Brightens complexion Reduces oil and acneic activity Treats photo damage Lightens pigmentations Softens fine lines and wrinkles mesoestetic® Professional Peels Slide25:  COMPLETE OPTION Professional Peel Pack……………………… $ 75.00 1 bottle peel solution (50ml.) 1 bottle neutralizing solution (50ml.) Moisturizing Sun Screen 40+………………. $ 26.00 Fast Skin Repair …………………………... $ 45.00 Professional Degreasing Solution…...…… $ 32.00 Gel Cleanser or Milk Cleanser……………... $ 14.00 Facial Toner…………………………………… $ 16.00 Cost of Goods $ 208.00 Suggested Retail Price $ 750.00 6 SESSIONS x $ 125.00 Gross Profit $ 542.00 Patients Profit 1 2 3 4 5 10 15 $ 542.00 $ 1,084.00 $ 1,626.00 $ 2,168.00 $ 2,710.00 $ 5,420.00 $ 8,130.00 Revenue & Profit

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