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Published on March 2, 2014

Author: NathanOtto



Nathan Otto presents E. Tory Higgins three-part model of motivation to update old ideas.

Transformational Model of Motivation { The object of any sane philosophy is happiness. --Walt Whitman

 A model is a machine in thought-space  A transformational model is a machine that transforms models – changes how we think and feel  An evolutionary transformational model changes how we think and behave in such a way as to increase our positive adaptation Transformational Model

 Motivation is the emotional energy felt toward a desired goal. Motivation

 Carrot and stick  Toward and away: power, achievement, affiliation Set aside old models

1. Truth: scientist 2. Control: kid stomping a puddle 3. Value: stamp collector Effective at three things

 Value in the future  Outcome, impact, object  Forms a concrete picture of “having” Forming a value goal

 What do we know?  What do we need to find out?  Planning out our actions. Assessment for truth

 Clear course of action  Truth: Metrics, guidelines, milestones  Value: is it working? Locomotion for results

Project 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 Milestone 1 Milestone 2 Milestone 3 Steady motivation Milestone 4 Milestone 5

 Value or domain: serious, playful, family, edgy…  Control or means: the mood of how you go about it: buttoned-up, zany, casual, focused Mood match

 Plan your financial future  Make it a fun game: bad mood match!  Make it a serious worksheet: good mood match! Financial game

 Anything that divides or confuses our emotional energy toward our goal is demotivating  Anything that focuses or clarifies our emotional energy toward our goal is motivating  Mood match is one key way this works Key point!

 Easy come easy go is real  We value an outcome more when we work for it Effort increases value

 “All roads lead to Rome” makes us lose motivation: we want one road. Many paths lose energy

 “Two birds with one stone” turns out to be demotivating Many goals lose energy

 Assessment: when more truth is called for     Too many unknowns Not a clear plan Failure or success and post-game analysis Locomotion: when more action toward results is called for    Analysis paralysis When the next step or two are clear enough When more truth costs too much Assessment vs. Locomotion

 Prevention goals call for vigilant strategies  Prevention goals are the source of all misery  Promotion goals call for focused strategies  Promotion goals are the source all happiness  You can’t get rid of your prevention goals Prevention vs. Promotion

{ My Prevention Goals Stay healthy  Make some money  Pay rent  Pay taxes  Keep my spouse  { My Promotion Goals Take vacation  Bucket list  Change my career  Create world peace  List them in your journal

{ Hygienic Sufficiency Money  Stuff  Status  Position  { Universal Humanity Compassion  Safety  Education  Love  Self-expression  Hygiene vs. Happiness

      Separate both business and personal goals into preventive and promotional Handle preventive goals separately Minimize your preventive goals and make systems to handle them Match the mood of your goals with the mood of the means: mood match Design your goals and means to have a 1:1 match Keep hygienic values out of your bucket list Take-aways

Transformational Model of Motivation { Nathan Otto

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