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Published on June 19, 2007

Author: Belly


Windows Presentation Foundation:  Windows Presentation Foundation Tim Huckaby CEO, InterKnowlogy Microsoft Regional Director andamp; MVP About…:  About… InterKnowlogy ( Tim Huckaby, CEO - ( Custom App Dev / Consulting / Software andamp; Systems Engineering Firm headquartered in Carlsbad, CA Microsoft Gold Partner managed in SoCal and Redmond Design, Architect, Build and Deploy enterprise class applications Industry Experts: 90% of the company is published Microsoft .NET Application development for 5+ years! Microsoft .NET Smart Client pioneers / industry leaders Information Worker Solutions Integration / Messaging, B2B / B2C, Wireless / Mobility Microsoft BizTalk Web Services, Microsoft Active Directory, Security, SSO, Authorization, Authentication Solutions on the emerging Microsoft servers Largest Client: Microsoft Agenda:  Agenda WPF andamp; XAML Intro to Advanced in an hour…. Smart Client Technology Roadmap Demos Slide4:  Web vs. WPF – NY Times Reader What the hell is XAML?:  What the hell is XAML? Separates the front-end from the back-end Simple declarative programming language suitable for constructing and initializing .NET Objects. Usually the most concise way to represent user interfaces (or other hierarchies of objects) Doesn’t need a compile to render The language that almost all WPF related tools emit Slide6:  Gratuitous XAML Demos WPF – how does it work?:  WPF – how does it work? Built on Top of Direct 3D Converted to 3D triangles, textures and other Direct3D objects andamp; then rendered by hardware Benefits of hardware acceleration andamp; perf due to work being off-loaded to GPUs (unlike GDI based systems) Ensures the maximum benefit of new hardware and drivers Software rendering pipeline as fallback Why WPF?:  Why WPF? The GDI andamp; USER subsystems were introduced in Windows 1.0 in 1985 OpenGL – Early 90s DirectX – 1995 Goal: Overcome the limits of GDI+ andamp; USER with the productivity of Windows Forms Slide9:  Hello World with VS.NET Orcas B2 WPF Vision:  WPF Vision WPF FAQ:  WPF FAQ Windows Presentation Foundation:  Windows Presentation Foundation Best way to deliver superior user experiences Improve usability, productivity, and satisfaction Increase developer productivity Expand product relevance Sets new bar for a modern client platform Unified developer platform for applications, documents, and graphics Integrated, vector-based composition engine Support for declarative and procedural programming Windows Presentation Foundation:  Windows Presentation Foundation Deliver Innovative User Interfaces Increase Developer-Designer Productivity; Leveraging Existing Code Base and Skills Set Superior UX with UI, Media andamp; Documents A productive, unified approach to UI, media and documents to deliver unmatched UX Slide14:  Hello World WPF with Expression Designer and Expression Blend The Scripps Research Institute:  The Scripps Research Institute Reminder: Start the TSRIDEMOSVR vpc Slide16:  C-MEA Smart Client Front-end for SharePoint 2007:  C-ME A Smart Client Front-end for SharePoint 2007 Tim Huckaby CEO – InterKnowlogy Microsoft Regional Director Microsoft MVP – .NET Marketing Highlights:  Marketing Highlights Demoed in the Steve Ballmer Keynote at the Vista / Office 2007 Launch in NY Featured as a technical article in .NET Developers Journal Magazine BioIT Alliance Accelerate technology solutions within the Life Science Industry InterKnowlogy is a founding member of the BioIT Alliance. Video for Microsoft WPC andamp; MGX Launches Video for Microsoft Vista / Office Launch MSDN Channel 9 Interview Highlighted on .NET Rocks! Interview Highlighted in TechEd Keynote sessions Demoed at WPC Keynotes Media Highlights: The Peter Kuhn Lab at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI):  The Peter Kuhn Lab at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) Research Focus Early detection and therapy management of cancer patients Modulation of protein interactions for therapeutic intervention Projects Cancer bioengineering partnership Structural Proteomics of SARS The Problem:  The Problem Laboratory Environment Research teams work in a distributed environment Manual, paper notebooks and prone to error Have stove pipe systems which capture data Status management requires contacting the researcher directly Collaboration Issues Data Recorded on scraps of paper then re-written in lab notebooks Pasting gel/chromatogram pictures in notebooks Too many crystal image files to keep track of andamp; too big Manually linking patient information experimental results No way to electronically search for images The Solution:  The Solution SharePoint 2007 Collaboration Proven collaborative solution with SharePoint 2007 Data is stored within SPS hierarchy Each Cancer / Sars Entity is a site Provides a secure searchable infrastructure but… The Challenges of Web Applications:  The Challenges of Web Applications Interface isn’t designed to be contextual Requires remembering or finding via urls for each project Application web searches slowed by UI being transmitted with data Does not leverage the power of the client and ability to multi-task Data’s storage format is it’s display format C-ME:  C-ME WPF Smart Client for SharePoint 2007 Collaborative Client 2D andamp; 3D views at a molecular level Leverage the collaborate environment of SharePoint 2007 Provide data in the context of the project not in the context of it’s storage Allow users to drag and drop data into the context of the project Smart client then handles the display andamp; annotations of the underlying storage Allow user’s to add ad-hoc information C-ME Goals:  C-ME Goals Integration point Not trying to create the best molecular viewer Not trying to recreate existing annotation tools Provide researchers and research managers a tool for having information available and in context Extend current collaborative tools Provide a virtual project notebook Electronic project status and collaborative records C-ME Architecture:  C-ME Architecture Smart client for rich visual experience and ease of finding information XML Web Service interfaces SharePoint 2007 for storing data, documents and Metadata No custom SQL structures C-ME – A .NET 3.0 Smart Client for SharePoint 2007:  Tim Huckaby CEO – InterKnowlogy Microsoft Regional Director Microsoft MVP – .NET C-ME – A .NET 3.0 Smart Client for SharePoint 2007 Slide27:  WPF 3D Molecule Renderer WPF 2D Image Renderer Office 2007 Applications Client Application Object Data Access Layer Custom Application Blocks Calling MOSS API’s MOSS API’s and Data Store Cancer Project Site Collection SARS Project Site Collection MOSS Site MOSS Site MOSS Site MOSS Site InfoPath Memo Notes Doc Library Project Specific InfoPath Forms Snapshot Blogs MOSS Site MOSS Site CME Architectural Diagram Collaborative Molecular Environment:  Collaborative Molecular Environment Slide29:  How the 3d WPF Works… 3D with WPF:  3D with WPF Check out the method level support for Rotation This is why you should have paid attention in high school calculus.. Collective Molecular Environment:  Collective Molecular Environment Future Design Considerations:  Future Design Considerations Workflow System envisioned for collaboration but fits workflow Researchers submit work for approval Managers notified of progress Tasks added based on results Should new samples be run etc. Alternate views and client interfaces Different requirements for a collaborative environment The Future: 3D Collaborator Opens AutoCAD *.dwg Files Natively:  The Future: 3D Collaborator Opens AutoCAD *.dwg Files Natively Existing Prototype:  Existing Prototype Technologies used Rendering Autodesk DWF Toolkit (C++ library) Custom DWF C++/CLI (Managed) wrapper C# WPF 3D rendering User interface Built using WPF XAML skin Introducing “WPF/E”Lightweight WPF runtime:  Introducing 'WPF/E' Lightweight WPF runtime Interactive experiences for devices, PC andamp; Mac platforms Strict subset of Windows Presentation Foundation Lightweight download Programming model uses XAML + JScript Access to all WPF tooling andlt;XAMLandgt; andlt;Button Width='100px'andgt; OK andlt;Button.Backgroundandgt; LightBlue andlt;/Button.Backgroundandgt; andlt;/Buttonandgt; andlt;/XAMLandgt; WPF-based Tools Silverlight Where to go next:  Where to go next Windows Presentation Foundation Unleashed (WPF) by Adam Nathan, Daniel Lehenbauer Essential Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) by Chris Anderson Tim Huckaby, InterKnowlogy:  Tim Huckaby, InterKnowlogy More info on InterKnowlogy: Contact me: Tim Huckaby E-mail: or Phone: 760-930-0075 x201 Blog: About Tim Huckaby Microsoft® Regional Director – Southern California Microsoft® .NET Partner Advisory Council Founder / Member Microsoft® MVP - .NET Microsoft® Prescriptive Architecture Group Advisory Council Microsoft Office® Developer Advisory Council Microsoft® MSF advisory board member INETA Speaker – International .NET Users Group Association Windows and .NET Magazine Advisory Board Member .NET Developers Journal Magazine Advisory Board Member Author / Speaker

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