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Published on January 3, 2013

Author: toprank



Check out 52 Tips on Content and Community From the "New Media Rat Pack" Speakers at NMX 2013 in Las Vegas. Includes content creation and community building advice with chapters on blogging, podcasting, video, social media, branding, content marketing, mobile, websites and new media law.

Speaker tips come from some of the top names in new media: Guy Kawasaki, Ann Handley, Robert Scoble, Lee Odden, Jay Baer, Matt Ridings, Mitch Joel, Michael Brito, Amy Vernon, Dave Taylor and many more.

52  Tips  on  Content  &  Community   From  the  Top  New  Media  Experts  

The Rat Pack is Back “I  think  my  greatest  ambi1on   in  life  is  to  pass  on  to  others   The  New  Media  Rat  Pack  Takes  on  NMX  Las  Vegas   what  I  know.”   -­‐Frank  Sinatra   In  the  1960’s,  the  Rat  Pack  ran  Vegas.    Fans  poured  into  the  city  of  lights  from  all   over  the  country,  to  hear  the  likes  of  Frank  Sinatra,  Dean  Mar+n,  Sammy  Davis,   Jr.,  Joey  Bishop,  and  Peter  Lawford  perform.       Seeing  the  Rat  Pack  live  was  an  experience.    People  would  even  sleep  in  their  cars   or  hotel  lobby’s  just  for  the  opportunity  to  see  the  legendary  group  perform.   Not  unlike  the  Rat  Pack  of  the  1960’s,  the  New  Media  Rat  Pack  presented  by   TopRank  and  NMX  is  an  experience.  On  January  5-­‐8,  2013,  aVendees  will  gather   from  all  over  the  country  to  gain  insight  from  some  of  the  top  performers  in  new   media.       NMX  2013  promises  to  be  a  truly  memorable  experience  for  all  in  aVendance.     This  Visual  eBook  serves  as  a  preview  to  what  is  to  be  the  best  BlogWorld  show   you’ve  ever  seen.    It  is  filled  with  +ps,  tac+cs  and  advice  from  52  NMX  Live   speakers,  on  topics  ranging  from  branding  to  podcas+ng.       Remember:  What  happens  in  Vegas  doesn’t  stay  in  Vegas;  it  ends  up  on  the  social   web!   NMX  &  TopRank  Online  Marke+ng  Image  via  ShuVerstock  

NMX Speakers & Topics Branding   Mobile   Linda  Sherman  Ÿ  Dorie  Clark  Ÿ  Marcy  Massura     Dan  Keldsen  Ÿ  Brian  Wong   Michael  Brito       Content  MarkeGng   Blogging   Ann  Handley  Ÿ  Lee  Odden  Ÿ  Guy  Kawasaki       David  Risley  Ÿ  Bill  Belew  Ÿ  David  Gass   John  Meyer  Ÿ  Spud  Hilton  Ÿ  Chris  Ducker     Gary  Arndt  Ÿ  Dre  Areda  Ÿ  Jeremiah  Giehl     Sam  Fiorella   Patrice  Yursik  Ÿ  BriV  Michaellian       Video   Social  Media   Kai  Soremekun  Ÿ  Angelique  Toschi  Ÿ  Dave  Taylor       Jay  Baer  Ÿ  ScoV  Abel  Ÿ  Jus+n  Levy     Al  Thompson  Ÿ  Annunziata  Gianzero   Lin  Humphrey  Ÿ  Aaron  Hockley  Ÿ    Mitch  Joel     Stephanie  Sammons  Ÿ  Chris+ne  Crandell     PodcasGng   MaV  Ridings  Ÿ    Mark  Miller  Ÿ  Amy  Vernon   Jamie  Tardy  Ÿ  Farnoosh  Brock  Ÿ  Jenn  Swanson       Robert  Scoble   Jason  Cabassi  Ÿ  Jason  Van  Orden  Ÿ  Pat  Flynn       Rob  Walch  Ÿ  Lou  Mongello   New  Media  Law     John  Corcoran  Ÿ  Brian  Wassom  Ÿ  Art  Neill   Websites     Andy  Hayes  Ÿ  Mitch  Canter  Ÿ  Peter  VanRysdam  Image  via  ShuVerstock  

Branding Brand  PercepGon  Is  Invaluable   “The  effect  of   The  Rat  Pack  had  a  percieved  value  based  on  the  quality  of  their  shows  as  well   as  the  promo+ons  that  went  along  with  them.    In  an  age  of  hyperconnected   customer  par+cipa+on   consumers,  branding  is  even  more  important.    Your  company  has  the   opportunity  to  become  more  recognizable,  popular,  and  loved  among  fans  and   with  social  media  on   customers.   Brands  have  a  value  all  of  their  own.    While  products  and  services  may  come   brands  is  undeniable.”   and  go,  a  brand  will  typically  outlive  these  changes.    Branding  your  company   online  is  an  essen+al  element  for  building  a  business  in  today’s  world.  Socially   connected  companies  can  not  only  par+cipate  in  the  conversa+on  around  their   brand,  but  help  drive  it.   Researchers  at  IDG  Group  recently  found  that  just  about  every  consumer  now   uses  social  media  and  that  brand  percep+on  is  a  massive  sales  driver.     •  95%  of  consumers  now  use  at  least  one  social  network   •  44%  more  likely  to  purchase  based  on  posi+ve  brand  exposure   •  44%  of  consumers  more  likely  to  recommend  the  brand  to  a  friend   The  +ps  you’ll  find  in  this  sec+on  can  help  you  achieve  the  same  posi+ve   outcomes  for  your  business.  Use  this  guide  to  help  define  your  brand  voice  and   story;  discover  new  strategies  for  building  your  brand  across  search,  social  and   even  offline.  Image  via  ShuVerstock  

Branding Dorie  Clark   Linda  Sherman   Forbes  &  Harvard   Courage  Group   Business  Review   @lindasherman   @dorieclark       The  Digital  Divide  –  Why  Brands  Don’t  Get  It   Build  A  Personal  Brand  That  Benefits   Your  Company   You  don’t  need  to  be  in  the  marke+ng   department  to  make  Social  Business  relevant   If  you  want  to  build  a  loyal  community   to  your  career.  An  engineer  can  contribute   around  your  blog,  get  clear  about  why   and  support  ideas  cross-­‐department  within   companies  may  be  nervous  you’ll  build   the  company  and  build  a  following  as  an   up  your  brand  on  their  dime,  then  leave.   expert  in  his  field  externally.   Allay  their  fears  by  showing  how  your   brand  benefits  their  ROI.     Best  example:  your  content  brings  in   new  inquiries  or  customers.  

Branding Marcy  Massura   Michael  Brito   Weber  Shandwick   Edelman   @marcymassura   @britopian       These  Brands  Get  It  –  These  Brands  Don’t   The  New  Influencers:  Brand  Advocacy  Inside   &  Out   The  best  brands,  the  ones  who  are  really   ‘owning’  the  social  space  right  now,  are   Brands  must  do  more  than  just  "empower"   BRAVE.  They  take  risks  and  experiment;  in   their  brand  advocates.  They  must  "enable"   general,  they  are  bold  in  their  approach.     them  by  crea+ng  specific  programs  that   Cuong  through  the  noise  is  not  for  the  +mid.   encompass  content,  measurement,  longevity   If  you  want  to  be  a  winning  social  brand,  you   of  the  program,  and  more  importantly,   have  to  take  a  deep  breath  and  jump  in.  The   understand  how  their  content  can  feed  into   bigger  the  splash,  the  braver  you  are.   the  overall  marke+ng  strategy.  

Blogging Frequency  In  Blogging  Is  Key  To  Success   Visitors  find  comfort  when  they  visit  the  same  Las  Vegas  hotel,  restaurant,  or  casino   “Marketers  must   mul+ple  +mes  and  have  a  pleasant  and  consistent  experience.  Similarly,  to  create  a   posi+ve  experience  with  our  blog  we  must  take  an  op+mized  approach  by  determining   take  an  op+mized   who  our  readers  are  and  what  they’re  looking  for  when  they  visit.   approach  to   A  recent  industry  survey  from  Hubspot  shows  that  92%  of  companies  who  blog  several   +mes  per  day  have  acquired  a  customer  from  their  blog.   blogging.”   However,  further  findings  published  on  uncovered  that:   •  Over  65%  of  business  blogs  haven’t  been  updated  in  a  year  or  more   •  81%  of  businesses  agree  having  a  blog  is  useful  or  cri+cal  to  their  business   •  But  less  than  35%  blog  more  frequently  than  once  per  month.   While  it’s  understood  that  blogging  can  benefit  a  business  as  well  as  drive  leads,  it  can   be  difficult  to  +e  these  results  back  to  business  objec+ves.    This  disconnect  may  make   it  difficult  to  jus+fy  the  +me  and  investment  required  to  build  and  scale  a  successful   business  blog.   In  this  sec+on,  you  will  learn  how  to  iden+fy  the  people  with  whom  it  is  most   advantageous  for  your  company  to  connect.  You  will  discover  research  and  planning   tac+cs  to  assist  you  in  recognizing  your  compe++ve  advantage.  Finally,  you  will  learn   about  op+mizing  a  blogging  strategy  that’s  built  to  scale  with  both  your  business  Image  via  ShuVerstock     objec+ves  and  audience  needs  in  mind.  

Blogging David  Risley   Bill  Belew   Blog  Marke+ng  Academy   @davidrisley   @thetrafficprof       Blog  MoneGzaGon  Overview:  What  Are   4  Concrete  Steps  to  Get  1,000,000   Your  OpGons  To  Make  Money  With  A  Blog?   Relevant  Unique  Visitors  to  Your  Blog   If  you  want  to  make  money  with  your  blog,   Know  the  benchmarks  -­‐  how  many  posts,   never  forget  your  job  is  to  create  a  desirable   which  SEO  parameters  are  key,  how  osen   outcome  in  the  lives  of  your  readers.  That   you  should  post  and  how  long  it  will  take   outcome  needs  to  be  something  theyll  pay   to  reach  your  traffic  goals  -­‐  and  you  will  be   for  and  find  valuable.     able  to  pace  yourself  accordingly.     Remember,  businesses  sell  things;  as  a   Add  to  that  the  right  personality  and  you,   blogger,  youre  not  exempt  from  these  basic   too,  can  see  1,000,000  real  and  relevant   rules.   visitors  to  your  blog.  

Blogging David  Gass   @davidgass   Did  You  Know?   The  average  budget     spent  on  company   blogs  and  social  media   increased  from  9%  in   How  Much  Can  I  Sell  My  Blog  For?   2009,  to  21%  in  2012.   Blogs  can  become  more  than  just  a  revenue  stream  or  a   HubSpot  Blogging  Study  2012   vehicle  for  writers  to  share  their  insight.    As  you  build  a  blog,   think  with  the  end  in  mind.  Do  you  have  an  exit  plan  for  the   blog?    Do  you  plan  on  contribu+ng  to  the  website  forever?    Or   would  you  like  to  build  an  audience  that  could  be  of  great   value  to  another  business  in  the  future?    The  poten+al  to  sell   a  blog  is  more  than  a  dream,  it  is  reality.       My  +p  for  all  bloggers:  Treat  the  blog  as  a  business,  not  just  a   website.    With  that  in  mind,  you  will  build  an  asset  that  has   value  and  could  poten+ally  be  sold  one  day.  

Blogging Gary  Arndt   Dre  Armeda   Everything  Everywhere   Sucuri  Security   @everywheretrip   @dremeda   Everything-­‐       The  Digital  Divide  –  Why  Brands  Don’t   How  Anyone  Can  Hack  Your  Wordpress   Get  It   Site  In  Less  Than  5  Minutes  and  What   You  Can  Do  To  Prevent  It   What  separates  you  from  the  big  media   companies  is  your  personality.  Dont  try  to   When  it  comes  to  blog  security,  the  two   compete  with  them  at  their  own  game.   biggest  factors  leading  to  being  hacked  or   Express  yourself,  make  your  opinions   infected  are  outdated  sosware  and  poor   known  and  be  personable.     passwords.  If  you  want  to  keep  your  site   up  and  clean,  and  your  readers  safe,  be   sure  to  use  strong  passwords  and  keep   your  website  sosware  up-­‐to-­‐date!  

Blogging Jeramiah  Giehl   Patrice  Yursik   para-­‐Dox  parABLEs   Afrobella   @justparaDOX   @afrobella       Three  Very  Unique  Ways  To  Build  A   How  To  Actually  Grow  A  BIG  Brand  &   Massive  Community   Community  With  Just  A  Simple  Blog   Focus  on  being  the  best  you  that  you  can   Follow  your  passion  and  create  an  online   be.  Be  transparent  and  make  your  work  a   plavorm  that’s  genuinely  reflec+ve  of   journey;  a  process  people  can  go  on  with   yourself,  your  interests  and  your  beliefs.   you.   That  will  ensure  you  never  lose  that  passion   for  your  subject  maVer,  and  that  your   readers  will  respond  to  you  in  a  similar   fashion.  Staying  true  to  yourself  always   pays  off  in  the  long  run.  

Blogging Bri`  Michaellian   Work  Smart  Lifestyle   @mamabriV   Did  You  Know?   Plavorms  used  by  the  top  100     blogs:   49%  -­‐  Wordpress   How  To  Build  Your  Blog  Community:   Three  Top  Bloggers  Share  Their  Secrets   14%  -­‐  Custom   If  you  want  to  build  a  loyal  community   7%  -­‐  Movable  Type   around  your  blog,  get  clear  about  who   you  are,  what  makes  your  voice  unique   6%  -­‐  Drupal   and  what  your  core  message  and  values   are.    Once  you  understand  this,  you  can   4%  -­‐  BlogSmith   develop  an  editorial  calendar  that   naturally  aVracts  the  type  of  person  who   is  looking  for  your  message.  

Social Media PosiGve  Social  Exposure  =  Consumer  SaGsfacGon   “Social  media  is   The  Rat  Pack  was  originally  thought  to  be  nothing  more  than  a  lounge  pop   culture  fad  of  the  1960’s.  Comparably,  sites  like  Facebook  and  TwiVer  were   helping  brands  build   ini+ally  perceived  as  liVle  more  than  fads  or  +mewasters  for  teens.  Today,   many  companies  s+ll  struggle  to  aVribute  sales  to  social  ac+vi+es,  yet  the   trust,  loyalty,  and   influence  of  social  ac+vity  on  consumers  is  undeniable.   brand  recogni+on.”   A  survey  of  tech  buyers  by  IDG  found  that  a  whopping  95%  of  companies  use   at  least  one  social  media  site  and  that  exposure  to  a  product  on  that  site  had   a  posi+ve  effect  on  their  likelihood  to  purchase  by  44%.  Social  exposure  also   posi+vely  affects  a  consumer’s  overall  sa+sfac+on  with  a  company,   willingness  to  recommend  the  company  to  others,  and  brand  loyalty.   Social  media  is  helping  brands  build  trust,  loyalty  and  brand  recogni+on,   among  other  measurable  benefits.  A  recent  study  from  Nielson  finds:   •  92%  of  global  consumers  say  they  trust  earned  media  above  all  other   forms  of  adver+sing.     •  58%  of  trust  messages  on  company  websites.   •  50%  find  content  in  emails  they  consented  to  receive  to  be  credible.   In  this  sec+on,  you  will  find  +ps  and  best  prac+ces  to  help  you  successfully   navigate  the  social  media  marke+ng  landscape  and  more  effec+vely  convey   your  brand’s  story  to  your  prospects  and  customers.    Image  via  ShuVerstock  

Social Media Jay  Baer   Sco`  Abel   Convince  &  Convert   The  Content  Wrangler   @jaybaer   @scoVabel       YouGlity:  Why  Smart  Companies  Focus   Finding  Time  To  Make  Social  Work  For   on  Helping,  Not  Selling   You   Change  your  marke+ng  objec+ve  from   Cant  find  +me  to  innovate?  Nonsense.   selling  to  helping.  If  you  sell  something,   Your  daily  rou+ne  is  riddled  with   you  make  a  customer  today.  If  you  help   inefficiencies.  Where  to  start?  Priori+ze   someone,  you  may  create  a  customer  for   your  day.  Allocate  specific  +me  for  each   life.  Try  to  make  your  marke+ng  so  useful   task.  Automate  everything  possible.  Start   people  would  theore+cally  pay  for  it.  If   with  your  email  inbox;  harness  the  power   you  make  your  marke+ng  astoundingly   of  rules  to  route  messages  to  folders.   useful,  your  customers  will  do  your   Unsubscribe  from  non-­‐essen+al  bulk  mail   promo+onal  work  for  you.   lists.  

Social Media JusGn  Levy   Citrix   @jus+nlevy     It’s  A  Mobile  And  Social  World  –  How  To  Succeed  In  It   Just  because  a  company  has  an  ac+ve  social  media  presence,  it  does  not  make   them  a  "social  business".    To  evolve  from  having  a  branded  TwiVer  account  and   Facebook  page  into  becoming  a  social  business,  companies  must  engage  all   members  of  their  ecosystem  (employees,  customers  and  partners)  while   developing  integrated  strategies  that  +e  to  business  objec+ves.     Companies  moving  into  this  next  phase  will  need  to  ini+ally  focus  on  designing   flexible  frameworks,  social  governance  and  opera+onal  processes  that  are  the   founda+onal  building  blocks  social  strategies  can  be  built  on.  

Social Media Lin  Humphrey   Aaron  Hockley   PhD  Student   Hockley  Photography   @linhumphrey   @ahockley       The  Connected  Consumer   You’re  A  Be`er  Photographer  Than  You   Realize:  Photography  Tips  For  New  Media   Companies  that  understand  the   connected  consumer  will  appeal  to  their   As  you  make  photos  for  use  in  social   sense  of  self  and  aim  for  authen+c  word   media,  consider  the  size/orienta+on.     of  mouth  from  these  influen+al   Avatars  and  profile  photos  are  osen   customers.  Connected  consumers  signal   square,  so  keep  that  in  mind  when  making   their  innova+on  as  part  of  their  iden+ty  to   the  image.    If  youre  crea+ng  a  photo  for   their  network  through  their  consump+on   your  blog,  consider  whether  square,   and  buying  choices-­‐-­‐smart  marketers  will   landscape  (horizontal)  or  portrait  (ver+cal)   make  the  mechanism  to  share  as  simple   orienta+on  will  look  best  with  your  sites   and  compelling  as  possible.   theme.  

Social Media Mitch  Joel   Twist  Image   @mitchjoel     How  To  Find,  Grow,  Connect  And  Influence  Your  Network   Now  that  everyone  is  on  social  networks,  sharing  and  conversing,  how  do  you  adapt  your   business  to  capitalize  on  just  how  much  our  world  has  changed  and  get  the  edge  on  where  all   of  this  is  taking  us?  I  think  weve  moved  past  disrup+on  into  uncharted  territory.  This  is  a  +me   of  great  upheaval  in  business.  The  challenge  is  that  most  businesses  dont  know  how  to  adapt;   most  of  the  people  who  are  working  for  these  companies  dont  know  how  to  change.     Technology  hasnt  just  transformed  how  we  buy  or  sell  our  wares  to  consumers,  or  how  we   connect  socially.  Technology  has  sent  business  through  a  rapid  state  of  gene+c  muta+on  and   were  s+ll  in  the  middle  of  this  evolu+on.  I  call  this  moment  in  +me  purgatory.  Were  not  in   hell...  but  this  certainly  isnt  heaven  either.  CTRL+ALT+DEL  will  both  clear  the  brush  and  act  as  a   roadmap  through  this  purgatory.  

Social Media Stephanie  Sammons   ChrisGne  Crandell   Wired  Advisor,  LLC   New  Business  Strategies   @stephsammons   @chriscrandell       7  Powerful  LinkedIn  MarkeGng  Strategies   It’s  A  Mobile  And  Social  World  –  How  To   for  Building  Your  Business   Succeed  In  It   Dont  overlook  LinkedIn  as  a  rich  social   B2B  and  B2C  buyers  are  in  charge.    Before   media  channel  for  cul+va+ng   you  start  to  engage  with  prospects,  do   rela+onships,  driving  traffic  to  your  blog,   deep  research  to  understand  their  buyers’   and  developing  new  leads  for  your   journey.  Use  primary  interviews,  focus   business.  No  maVer  what  kind  of  business   groups,  and  round  tables  to  define  their   you  are  in,  geong  involved  in  a   life+me  experience.  Then  align  your   professional  network  of  over  187  Million   company’s  processes  directly  to  this   ac+ve  and  engaged  members  can  help   journey.    You  should  see  a  40-­‐70%   you  get  to  the  next  level.   increase  in  revenue.  

Social Media Ma`  Ridings   SideraWorks   @techguerilla     The  New  Influencers:  Brand  Advocacy  Inside  &  Out   One  of  the  most  valuable,  but  woefully  ignored,  assets  for  advocacy  is  siong  right  under  your   nose:  your  employees.    They  can  be  the  key  to  building  an  incredibly  effec+ve  and  profitable   advocacy  network,  one  that  is  proven  to  move  the  sales  needle  and  drive  brand  affinity.     Building  advocates  from  the  inside  out  is  not  as  much  a  marke+ng  exercise  as  it  is  an  exercise   in  organiza+onal  improvement.    Sure,  there  are  risks  to  be  managed,  guidance  to  be  issued,   and  structured  incen+ves  to  put  into  place.    However,  with  the  right  approach,  these  can  be   easily  mi+gated  and  the  impact  is  far  greater  and  longer  las+ng  than  with  simple  external   advocacy  programs  alone.    If  your  employees  arent  passionate  about  your  organiza+on,  how   can  you  expect  your  customers  to  be?  

Social Media Mark  Miller   Amy  Vernon   Nothing  But  Sharepoint   Internet  Media  Labs   @eusp   @amyvernon       It’s  A  Mobile  And  Social  World  –  How  To   How  To  Build  Your  Blog  Community:   Succeed  In  It   Three  Top  Bloggers  Share  Their  Secrets   Social  media  is  not  a  plavorm,  it  is  a   My  biggest  +p?  Dont  be  stupid.  In  other   concept.  You  can  use  that  concept  to   words,  assume  that  everything  you  say   extend  your  community  and  build   digitally  can  and  will  be  public  at  some   rela+onships.   point.     It  doesnt  maVer  if  its  in  a  private  email,  a   TwiVer  DM,  a  private  Facebook  group.  If   its  going  to  embarrass  you,  dont  digitally   write  it  down.  

Social Media Robert  Scoble   Rackspace   @scobleizer     What’s  Next  With  Social,  Mobile  And  The  Cloud?   We  are  heading  into  an  age  of  context  where  systems  can  predict  your  next  move.  The  New   England  Patriots  are  already  using  these  technologies  to  try  to  predict  when  youll  buy  your   next  beer  while  siong  in  the  stadium.  These  predic+ve  systems  are  built  on  five  exponen+ally   growing  technologies:  wearable  computers,  sensors,  big  databases,  social  behavior,  and   loca+on  data.       As  you  Tweet,  move  around,  check  in,  take  photos  or  do  other  things  this  contextual  web   learns  more  about  you,  your  behavior,  and  tries  to  figure  out  what  you  might  do  next  and  how   it  might  help  you  do  that.  A  great  example  that  shipped  in  2012  is  Google  Now  but  more  are   coming.  Well  discuss  the  impacts  that  these  predic+ve  technologies  will  have  on  all  of  us.  

New Media Law Even  a  Small  Legal  Blunder  Can  End  Up  In  the   Headlines   “Are  you  staying  on   The  original  Ocean’s  11  finds  the  Rat  Pack  smack  dab  in  the  middle  of  a  Vegas   the  right  side  of  the   heist.  While  that  example  may  be  extreme,  it  is  important  that  in  your  online   marke+ng  ac+vi+es  -­‐  when  your  business  involves  pos+ng  content,  offering   law?”   commentary  on  current  events,  commissioning  studies  -­‐  that  you  stay  on  the   right  side  of  the  law.   Media  law  may  not  seem  a  pressing  concern  in  everyday  business  in  the  typical   organiza+on.  Yet  every  so  osen,  a  legal  blunder  in  the  online  space  makes   headlines.  Staying  on  top  of  new  media  laws  can  help  you:   •  Protect  your  company  from  li+ga+on.   •  Prevent  missteps  outside  the  law  in  regards  to  labor  and  employment,   intellectual  property  rights,  securi+es  and  consumer  privacy.   New  media  law  is  indeed  navigable  and  that  the  risks  inherent  to  doing   business  in  the  current  online  environment  are  manageable.  All  ac+vi+es  in   business  pose  risks,  yet  the  payoffs  are  poten+ally  huge.     In  this  sec+on,  legal  experts  will  share  their  advice  on  new  media  law  and  the   intersec+on  with  social  media,  copyright,  contracts,  collabora+ons  and  more   as  aVendees  aVempt  to  navigate  seemingly  murky  legal  waters  in  the  age  of   new  media.  Image  via  ShuVerstock  

New Media Law John  Corcoran   Brian  Wassom   The  Smart  Business  Revolu+on   Honigman  Miller   blog   Schwartz  and  Cohn,  LLP   @johncorcoran   @bdwassom       Social  Media  and  the  Law:  Emerging   Social  Media  and  the  Law:  Emerging  Legal   Legal  Issues  and  ObligaGons   Issues  and  ObligaGons   As  the  social  media  landscape  con+nues   Personal  iden++es  have  value.  Don’t  use  a   to  evolve,  legal  issues  will  develop  and   person’s  name  or  photo  to  promote  your   companies  ac+vely  engaged  in  leveraging   business  if  you’re  not  sure  you  have  the   social  media  will  need  to  stay  on  their   rights  to  use  it.   toes.  Always  remember  to  disclose   affiliate  rela+onships,  avoid  using  other   companies  trademarks  or  copyrights,  and   respect  employees  separate  personal   social  media  accounts.  

New Media Law Art  Neill   New  Media  Rights   @newmediarights     Legal  Ease  –  What  You  Should  Know  to  Stay  on  the  Right  Side  of  the  Law   Having  a  working  knowledge  of  copyright  when  sharing  video  on  the  Internet  is   important.       The  chance  youll  actually  be  sued  for  an  isolated  infringing  video  on  the  internet  is  low,   but  geong  your  video  taken  down  can  have  all  kinds  of  other  consequences.  You  could   get  an  account  strike.    Account  strikes  may  prevent  you  from  becoming  a  YouTube   partner,  for  instance.  Two  or  three  strikes  can  get  an  account  completely  banned,   erasing  the  +me  and  money  youve  spent,  and  the  goodwill  created  by  your  channel.     Knowing  your  rights  can  keep  you  crea+ng  rather  wrapped  up  in  legal  disputes.  

Mobile Mobile:  AnyGme  Anywhere  Access  For  Consumers   “How  can  your   Sammy  Davis,  Jr.,  would  have  marveled  at  the  technology  available  today.     Marketers  of  his  era  certainly  didn’t  need  to  worry  about  digital  downloads,   business  get  ahead  of   smartphones  or  tablet  shopping.    Fast  forward  to  the  realm  of  our  New  Media   Rat  Pack:  according  to  a  study  by  mobile  manufacturer  Ericsson  by  the  year   consumers  who  are   2020  there  will  be  over  50  billion  connected  devices.     already  constantly  on   Mobile  phones  have  become  smarter  and  consumers  hungrier  for  informa+on   to  help  them  make  beVer  buying  decisions.  Recent  findings  from  Smart  Media   the  go?”   Tips  include:   •  The  average  response  +me  to  an  email  is  90  minutes.    The  average   response  +me  to  a  text  message  is  90  seconds.   •  61%  of  people  said  that  if  they  tried  to  access  a  website  that  wasn’t   op+mized  for  mobile  they  would  visit  the  website  of  a  compe+tor.   •  1  out  of  every  8  smartphone  users  will  search  for  beVer  pricing  on  a   product  or  service  while  at  the  store.     Mobile  use  is  growing.  People  access  the  web  from  retail  stores,  from  work,   while  in  transit,  and  almost  anywhere  imaginable.  How  can  your  business  get   ahead  of  consumers  who  are  already  constantly  on  the  go?     In  this  chapter,  you  will  learn  how  to  op+mize  content  for  mobile   consump+on.  Learn  how  to  cater  to  the  connected  consumer  in  2013  and  Image  via  ShuVerstock     beyond  with  these  +ps  and  guidelines.  

Mobile Dan  Keldsen   Brian  Wong   Informa+on  Architect   Kiip   @dankeldsen   @brian_wong       The  Art  of  Mobile  Business   The  Art  of  Mobile  Business   If  youre  looking  to  engage  employees,   The  in+macy  of  the  mobile  device  can   customers,  partners,  suppliers,  or  anyone   help  you  build  closer  rela+onships  with   else,  keep  in  mind  that  its  a  two-­‐way  street.   consumers  by  crea+ng  a  connec+on  that   If  you  want  to  GET  engagement,  you  need  to   is  less  interrup+ve  and  more  personal   GIVE  engagement,  and  keep  your   than  ever  before.   engagement  loops  constantly  running.   Without  a  plan  to  feed  engagement,  be   prepared  for  your  engagement  efforts  to   starve  and  wither  away.  Heres  a  hint:  mobile   may  be  the  key.  

Content Marketing Win  Big  With  Killer  Content  MarkeGng   “92%  of  U.S.  adults   Just  like  a  gourmet  meal  in  Las  Vegas,  your  content  marke+ng  plan  is   made  up  of  many  ingredients.  Marketers  are  using  content  in  all  the   read  content  online,   ways  you  might  expect:       spending  more  than   •  •  Blogs   Social  Channels   seven  hours  per  week   •  Press  Releases   •  Email  Marke+ng   looking  for  content.”   However,  content  marke+ng  also  extends  to  mobile  apps,  events,   gamifica+on  and  elsewhere.   Ninety-­‐two  percent  of  U.S.  adults  read  content  online,  spending  more   than  seven  hours  per  week  looking  for  content  (this  is  higher  among  the   younger  age  groups).  Further,  Americans  read  three  to  four  ar+cles  per   session  and  watch  two  to  three  videos  per  session,  on  average,  though   they  note  this  number  is  higher  among  males  for  both  ar+cles  and   videos.   In  this  chapter,  you  will  learn  how  to  hone  in  on  the  content  you  should   be  crea+ng.  You  will  discover  content  planning  strategies  to  help  you   directly  +e  content  marke+ng  efforts  with  business  objec+ves  and   consistently  create  interes+ng,  meaningful  content  for  your  audience.  Image  via  ShuVerstock  

Content Marketing Ann  Handley   Lee  Odden   Marke+ngProfs   TopRank  Online  Marke+ng   @marke+ngprofs   @leeodden       The  Scoop  On  Content  MarkeGng:  From   Myth-­‐BusGng  Social,  SEO  &  Content   IdeaGon  to  Influence   90%  of  B2B  marketers  include  content   Give  your  content  wings  and  roots.  Focus   marke+ng  in  their  mix  and  while  content   not  on  just  crea+ng  content.  Instead,   investment  is  on  the  rise,  numerous  "myths"   focus  on  crea+ng  content  thats  worth   distract  marketers  from  achieving  success.   sharing.     For  example,  the  idea  that  content  marke+ng   The  best  content  marketers  involve  their   is  simply  adding  more  content  can  result  in  a   customers  at  a  fundamental  level,  by   tremendous  waste  of  resources.  Quality,  not   puong  their  customers  at  the  heart  of   quan+ty  rules  the  day  to  beVer  aVract,   their  larger  story,  and  allowing  them  to   engage  and  convert  new  customers.  That   share  it,  all  across  the  social  web.   said,  a  quan+ty  of  quality  works  just  fine.  

Content Marketing Guy  Kawasaki   Did  You  Know?   @guykawasaki   Top  B2B  Content  Marke+ng     Tac+cs:   87%  -­‐  Social  Media   BusinessNext  Keynote   83%  -­‐  Ar+cles   Wri+ng  is  an  art  form,  and  a  book  is  an  end  in   itself‹don¹t  write  a  book  solely  because  it  is  a   78%  -­‐  eNewsleVers   means  to  an  end.  The  good  reasons  to  write  a  book   are  the  desire  to  enrich  people¹s  lives,  to  further  a   77%  -­‐  Blogs   cause,  to  achieve  an  intellectual  milestone,  and  to   get  something  off  your  chest.  The  bad  reasons  are   71%  -­‐  Case  Studies   to  make  a  lot  of  money  or  to  increase  your   consul+ng  or  speaking   business.  

Content Marketing John  Meyer   Spud  Hilton   S.F.  Chronicle   @johntmeyer   @spudhilton   badla+tude     An  Infographic  is  Worth  a  Thousand   Road  Map  to  Storytelling:  WriGng  That   Words  (and  Clicks)   Turns  Visitors  Into  Loyal  Readers   83%  of  all  learning  is  visual.  We  live  in  a   Wri+ng  without  a  point  is  just  typing.   data  driven  world  that  is  proliferated  with   Finding  the  angle  or  premise  of  a  story  can   marke+ng  messages  and  new  content.     be  as  easy  as  asking:  1)  Why  do  I  want  to   Learn  to  tell  a  story  through  visuals  to  cut   tell  this  story?  2)  Who  are  the  readers?  3)   through  the  cluVer,  but  never  lose  site  of   What  message  or  point  do  I  want  readers   your  narra+ve.   to  take  away  from  this  story?  

Content Marketing Did  You  Know?   Chris  Ducker   Top  goals  for  content   @chriscducker   marke+ng:     51%  -­‐  Lead  Genera+on   45  Things  New  Media  Content  Creators  Can   38%  -­‐  Brand  Awareness   Outsource  to  Virtual  Assistants  to  Help  Grow  Their   Business   34%  -­‐  Though  Leadership   As  content  creators,  working  smart  instead  of  hard  is   77%  -­‐  Sales   something  we  should  be  engrossed  with.  Working   with  virtual  staff  allows  us  to  concentrate  on   71%  -­‐  Customer  Aquisi+on   CREATING  the  content,  so  our  virtual  assistants  can   BtoB  Research  Insights  2012   then  focus  on  the  marke+ng  side  of  things.     This  equates  to  more  +me  spent  crea+ng  content  that   truly  focuses  on  solving  problems  and  shaping  lives,   rather  than  just  producing  marke+ng  fluff.  

Content Marketing Sam  Fiorella   Sensei  Marke+ng   @samfiorella     A  Look  Into  The  Future  Of  Influence  MarkeGng   Influence  Marke+ng  Tip:  Change  your  data  points  and  focus.  Word  of  Mouth  (WOM)  was  once  an  effec+ve   amplifier  of  brand  messages  and  influence  over  a  target  audience.  However,  it  has  been  disrupted  by  the   overload  of  data  and  opinion  in  social  media  channels,  that  are  readily  shared  and  eagerly  consumed  across   a  dizzying  array  of  devices.  Social  influence  scoring  plavorms  have  aVempted  to  sort  out  who  is  truly   influen+al,  yet  the  lack  of  context  and  limited  data  sources  u+lized  have  resulted  in  crea+ve  campaigns   dictated  by  plavorm  and  the  influencer,  not  the  decision  maker.   To  be  effec+ve,  marketers  must  move  past  these  plavorms  and  reorient  their  focus  on  the  consumer,  their   decision-­‐making  process  and  where  they  are  in  the  purchase  lifecycle.  These  new  data  points  will  create  a   new  influence  marke+ng  universe,  where  campaigns  revolve  around  the  customer,  not  the  influence   plavorm.  Influence  marke+ng  can  be  held  accountable  to  transac+ons,  not  just  amplifica+on.  

Video OpGmize  Your  Video  Strat

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